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Become a talented Mayor to manage and grow your city in SimCity BuildIt!

Introducing SimCity BuildIt

Ever since its first public launch, the city simulation game genre has immediately received a lot of attention from the public.  Let’s face it, who does not like the freedom to build a nation of his own? Certainly, for the followers of this genre, names such as Hay Day, Monster Legends, etc. can be recognized easily. The well-known publisher EA has also invested in this section and launched the SimCity BuildIt game and achieved impressive numbers – more than 100 million downloads and nearly 5 stars rating on the Google Play Store.

SimCity BuildIt is the mobile version of The Simcity brand, the most popular city building simulation game series of all time. Let us explore more about this awesome in the following article.

Key features of SimCity BuildIt

There are many activities that you can perform in this game. Build your city and keep its inhabitants happy. Let’s explore the outstanding features of SimCity BuildIt right now.

Become a talented mayor

In the game, you will play the role of a true mayor with a little bit of engineering skill. Your city will have everything a real-life city has. Yes, you did not hear that wrong, you can have literally everything in your mobile-based city from the biggest constructions like the megamall, roller coaster to the minimal such as grass or pavements.

There are 3 main sections of your city: Residential area, Commercial area, and Industrial area. Your city can function normally only if you have all those 3 sections to work smoothly individually. Well, that is the engineering part, in this game you have to think like a true mayor as well, a mayor that wins his citizen’s hearts. Apart from the buildings that will help your city develops, facilities which please the needs of the citizen are also vital. Clearly, you want to attract as many people as possible to stay in your city rather than letting them go away, right?

SimCity BuildIt gameplay

Build your own city

In real life, building a house takes a lot of time and resources, and it is not very different when it comes to SimCity! If you want to start building something, you will need to check the map and decide where to place it first. Then, pick the model of the building that you like the most and drag it to the designated position. After that, you will need to gather the required materials from the Industrial area, which we will come back to later. Only when the last step is finished does the construction start working.

If you cannot find the required materials, try and shuffle for a list of new ones! By that, you can avoid having to manufacture the rarest things and it is sure to be a pain in the neck.

You can always move and relocate the buildings, no matter if it is finished or not. Well, this might be the biggest difference between SimCity and in real life. One day you log into the game and realize you don’t like the layout of the city, change it until you like it.

The population will gradually increase to a point that some of the buildings are outdated. This is when the demolishing gets to work. Just tap and hold the area that you want to demolish, tap the bulldozer, and voila, it disappears. Note that you will not receive any refunds.

SimCity BuildIt citizen

Citizen’s happiness

There is a smiley face icon at the top left of the screen that shows the citizen’s happiness. If the higher the percentage is, the more money you will get. If the percentage drops too low, chances will be that the citizens will abandon their homes and leave the city, which you clearly want to avoid facing.

There are a lot of reasons to explain why the citizens are unhappy. It can be due to boredom, out-of-date facilities, traffic problems, etc. you name it. However, you can always check for the problem just by tapping the icon. Be sure to keep the number high.

Other parts of the city

Your city is more than just residents! You need a place to produce materials for houses to build and commercial buildings for the citizens’ life to be easier. These 2 sections of the city may sound less important, but they do contribute enormously to the development of your city.

The building parts are quite similar to the way that residences are constructed, which we have mentioned above, so let’s skip to the differences. You have to make sure the buildings in these 2 parts of the city to be always working in order to produce as much as they can. This can be monitored by the status that appears at the top of each building. If there is smoke coming from the chimneys or things like that, they are working effectively. However, if there is a “zzzz” coming, you will need to get them back to work as soon as you can.

Resource extraction and trading

In SimCity BuildIt, if you want to build new buildings or structures, you need to have all the necessary resources. Each building requires different types of resources. Besides exploiting the resources available in your city, you can trade items with other players. When the population in your city reaches 10 thousand, you can build a Global Trade HQ. This is where you can use Simoleons to buy items from other players.

In the game’s world, there are millions of different cities built and managed by other players. Like you, Sometimes they want to sell resources for cash, or trade with other players to find the right materials for the buildings they want to build. At Global Trade HQ, you see a list of items for sale from other players. This list is always being refreshed. Tap on an item you want to buy then you’ll visit the seller’s city.

Trade Pot is where you post your resources for sale. They can be anything that you don’t feel the need to store anymore like wood, iron, rice, bread… In general, if you want to make money and develop your city faster, you need a reasonable trading and exchange strategy.

Disaster recovery

If you’ve ever played Simcity 4, you probably know Dr. Vu, the villain and scientist with crazy research. He lives in a tower located west of your city. It’s really hard to judge whether he’s an enemy or a friend. Whatever Dr. Vu’s goal, his quests are a way for you to increase your number of golden keys.

You may not believe it, but unleashing disasters on your city is a way for you to increase the golden keys you own. Dr Vu Tower offers you different types of disasters that you can apply to your city such as tornadoes, meteor showers, alien attacks… All of them have a single purpose of doing random damage to buildings in the city. After rebuilding a structure destroyed by a disaster, you will receive a golden key as a reward. If you want to unlock more disasters, you need to upgrade the tower with Simoleons. It costs about 2 million Simoleons to upgrade Dr. Vu’s tower to max level.

You should check the parameters of a disaster before applying them to the city. Each disaster is characterized by the following indicators:

  • Reward: The number of golden keys you get after fixing the damage
  • Vu Points: The number of Vu points you get when unleashing a disaster. Vu points are used to upgrade Vu towers.
  • Damage: The number of buildings affected by this disaster when you free it.
  • Repair cost: There are three levels: low, medium and high.

You can upgrade disasters to increase the above stats. The higher the level of the disaster, the more damage and rewards you get.

Main currency of the game

You will be spending Simoleons in SimCity as the main currency. This can be easily obtained by collecting taxes from the citizens. You can also do other things such as do cargo shipping, selling things, etc. Simoleons will be the currency that you use to construct new buildings or upgrading them, so make sure to make the best use of them. Besides, SimCity BuildIt introduces a few other currencies. You can use them for a number of different purposes. Detail:

  • SimCash: This is the premium currency in the game. Compared to Simoleons, it’s harder to find. You can earn Simcash by completing construction and upgrade quests, or buy them directly with real money in the store. There is no option to convert between Simcash and Simoleons. SimCash is used for important tasks like quick upgrades or buying special items.
  • Golden Key: It can be seen as a special currency. You use the golden key to build some specialized buildings such as Nursery School, University, Bus Terminal, Balloon Park, Beach Volleyball Center… The number of keys earned is quite limited. You can get them by building cargo ships, overcoming natural disasters, winning a mayoral contest, or watching advertisements. You can also buy gold keys with SimCash.
  • Platinum Key: This is a super rare item that can only be obtained by winning the Mayor’s Contest. Similar to gold keys, you use platinum keys to build special buildings such as Tower, OMEGA Casino, Oslo Opera House…

MOD APK of SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a great simulation game to relax. There are countless interesting activities for you to explore in the game. If you want to boost your gaming progress, we bring the latest mod version of this game. Mod features will make you satisfied.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Cash and Simoleons: You get a lot of cash and simoleons as soon as you enter the game
  • Note: Please disconnect from the internet when playing.


SimCity BuildIt, based on the numbers, is now loved by both fans and non-fans of the city simulation game genre due to its creativity and exciting gameplay. So, why don’t you try it out, who knows if you will be a huge fan?

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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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