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Publisher Habby
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoImmortality/ increase the experience

What will you do in a city full of zombies to survive and protect yourself from infection? Equip modern weapons to destroy all zombies surrounding you and become the last survivor in (MOD Money/ Immortality).

About from Habby (the creator of Archero) is an engaging action game with a cute design and engaging gameplay. As the last survivor, the player will face waves of attacking zombies. It is a real challenge to prove your survival. It can kill you anytime if you are not flexible and agile enough. These waves of zombies appear continuously to test your fighting ability. MOD APK features

The plot of the game

This city no longer retains its relaxed look. Fierce waves of zombies have invaded and turned everyone into their comrades. In the test of lucky dreams, you are the last survivor. Your responsibility and role in are significant because only you can rescue this city. Your potential and possibilities are limitless, and you must use the most modern weapons to fight this kind of zombie wave. The important thing is that they attack you continuously; if you let them bite, you will die.

Gameplay does not make it difficult for players with complicated gameplay. Instead, tap the screen to move your character and try to avoid the zombies around. Your task is to move around to loot as much bio-fuel as possible. Collecting bio-fuel is similar to how you reload your gun. The more bio-fuel you collect, the more powerful your zombies will be.

Don’t forget to keep moving and avoid letting the zombies attack you. Depending on the type of zombie, their score will vary from 5 to 15 points. The score you get for killing these types of zombies will be integrated directly into your level bar. Besides, the game has statistics on the number of zombies killed and the total amount of gold you receive.

Choose new skills to learn.

Your level status bar will increase when you successfully kill a certain number of zombies and collect enough bio-fuel. Every time your level bar goes up one level, you can choose a new skill choice. Depending on the level, the skills you can learn will be different. For example, a Type-A – drone will support you to fire many missiles; a forcefield device generates a dissolving forcefield, etc.

These skills are continuously updated each time you complete a level in However, you can only select and equip a skill once. Each skill type will have a different advantage and help you kill zombies on target or in a large area. The number of skills that you can equip at a level is 6. Therefore, you need to study the skills to quickly sweep the waves of zombies.

Fight with different types of zombies and monsters.

Despite the simple gameplay, the types of zombies and monsters you face are not as simple as you think. They come in a variety of sizes and attacks. The number of monsters you have to fight is up to 1000. For giant monsters, you need to use more ammo to kill. They will move continuously, and every time they see you, they will attack immediately to kill you as quickly as possible. Be careful with the attacks of these monsters because of their damage.

Moreover, you also have to face fast-moving mini zombies. They attack continuously in 4 directions and make you unable to turn back in time. Pay attention to monster warnings and attack zones. Typically, these monsters only attack within this range. Therefore, you can observe the range to move correctly and limit the monster’s attacks. geatures

Unlimited combos with Roguelike skill

You can’t fight waves of zombies with a single weapon. Therefore, offers players Roguelike, a skill that allows you to combine many different weapons simultaneously. You can equip two to three weapons simultaneously for multiple purposes. Choosing weapons aimed directly at targets and wide-area combat is best. With this combo skill, the damage level and the number of zombies you can kill will increase rapidly. It helps you reach your goals faster and complete new levels efficiently.

Many rounds with different difficulty levels

You can’t just experience one round with fixed zombie types. Instead, offers a variety of rounds with different challenges. The number of zombies in each round will increase based on the level you are reaching. Also, their vitality is more intense and will take you longer to destroy them. Obstacles on the road also appear more. It means that the target that the weapon you aim at will have a split. It will limit the ability to kill zombies precisely on target. Besides, the number of points you need to complete a level also increases. geatures

Lucky train

Besides completing levels to learn new skills, you can get these skills by participating in a lucky train. This wheel contains many skills and valuable items for your battle. You will get some initial free spins. After using up these spins, you can use the gold to try your luck again and get rewarded.

MOD APK of is a fun adventure game with lots of unique features. You will be immersed in intense battles with zombies to protect the city. If you want the best playing experience with, don’t forget to download its latest mod. The mod feature gives you many special benefits, including:

  • MOD Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in the game to buy items and unlock new characters.
  • ad-free: All ads have been removed. Now you have a completely comfortable playing experience.
  • Increase the experience: Your character gains experience points for killing enemies. It is used to unlock new skills or upgrade characters. With this mod function, you have more experience points when fighting.


Use all your agility combined with the skills that provides to sweep away all the zombies that threaten your life. Download this game now and test your fighting skills now.

Download MOD APK (Immortality/ increase the experience) 2.5.4

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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