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Battlefield, the legendary FPS game is available on the mobile platform. Get ready to engage in fierce battles in real-time with opponents from all over the world.

Introducing Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield is one of the most popular FPS video game series in the gaming industry. The game was first introduced in 2002 for familiar platforms including Microsoft Windows and OS X. After receiving a lot of positive reviews from the community, Electronic Arts, the father of the series, has continued to develop its predecessors. To date, nearly 20 different titles have been released. It is a fact that all of them are only available for the Windows platform. So when developer EA announced that they were bringing Battlefield to mobile, it was a blast.

Battlefield Mobile is expected to be released at the end of 2021. It is considered an important project of Electronic Arts. Based on the cores of the Windows version, Battlefield Mobile offers great gameplay experiences with familiar game modes, diverse weapon systems, and top-notch graphics. You continue the journey of SEA officers engaged in intense battles in real-time in various game modes. The game is currently available on the Play Store but is running in beta in some countries. In case you can’t find it on the app market, you can download and install it for free here.

Battlefield Mobile apk download

Great gameplay with various game modes

Battlefield Mobile keeps the core elements of the franchise’s success, including competitive gameplay and diverse game modes. The game possesses many important elements to create an unprecedented fierce battlefield, where players must compete with opponents in real-time battles.

In addition to the variety of gameplay, the game offers a diverse vehicle and weapon system for you to freely choose and customize. Vehicles in the game can cover the entire battlefield including air and ground. Based on the random situations in each battle, you can choose a suitable way of fighting. You can move stealthily to kill enemies with handheld weapons, command an ATV to hover in the sky or take control of a tank to destroy buildings.

The diverse game modes are also a plus point of Battlefield Mobile. Each game mode introduces a different battle rule that you need to understand if you want to win. The game modes offer special missions that your team must complete. Quests include Conquest, Domination, or Obliteration. In the Conquest mission, you have to invade all areas of your opponent. Don’t forget to collect your opponent’s weapons, warships, and military vehicles. The Domination mission offers fast-paced gameplay where players must continuously attack enemy headquarters and take them down as quickly as possible. Finally, Obliteration, assassination missions. The stealth element is key in these missions. Players use bombs to destroy enemy vehicles and warships. No matter what game mode and mission you choose, you must build a good team if you want to win.

Impressive graphics

The graphics of Battlefield Mobile are extremely impressive. It can be compared with AAA games that have been published on mobile such as COD Mobile, Asphalt, Real Racing 3. The game puts players on a fierce battlefield with a frantic fighting tempo. You become a soldier who carries an important mission that needs to be completed by fighting other opponents.

Battlefield Mobile has announced the game’s hardware requirements. It is not for Low-end devices. That’s why you find the game’s graphics to be extremely detailed and impressive. The developer has used the most advanced graphics technologies to reproduce everything, including buildings, architecture, character movements, vehicles, weapons, and physical interactions such as fire and explosion. , collision… All those elements have come together perfectly to create an extremely detailed and beautiful map. You can even feel the shaking of the ground as grenades explode, gunfire from everywhere, and weather effects like rain, wind, sunshine…

There is an initial option available that allows you to change the graphics settings level. You can switch to a lower graphics setting if the FPS drops or the connection is unstable.

Battlefield Mobile weapon system

Discover characters

Battlefield Mobile is a team game. It requires players to know how to balance elements in their team such as equipment, roles. The game introduces four character classes corresponding to four different roles in battle. These include Engineer, Recon, Support, and Assault.

These four character classes will have different equipment systems and roles in the battle. Each character class has strengths and weaknesses. So if you want to win battles, you need to understand the information and skills of the character classes you want to use. Below we give you some basic information about the character classes in Battlefield Mobile:

  • Support: Main support in the match. There is a variety of equipment including rifles and shotguns. A special feature is that he can give medical and ammo to teammates, use shields to block bullets from enemies and place explosives in important positions.
  • Engineer: Use Gadgets to give your teammates an advantage. He also has the ability to move around to destroy objects and repair vehicles. Features include grenade launcher, Repair Tool and Armored Insert.
  • Assault: Main shooter. This class focuses on Stealth, trapping and ground action, guerrilla fighting opponents. He can flexibly use most weapons and equipment.
  • Recon: This class plays an important role in battles. He is armed with sniper rifles that allow him to take down opponents from a great distance. In addition, there are available specific equipment to support teammates effectively.

Weapon system

Each character in the game has 4 slots to place his equipment. These include grenades, primary weapons, pistols, and knives. These slots are always on the screen. You can touch any icon to switch weapons and equipment. Weapons in the game are divided into groups including Assault, Shotguns, shotguns, pistols, and heavy weapons. Note that each character class is only allowed to access and use a specific group of weapon.

Battlefield Mobile gameplay

Diverse maps and perfect combat experience

Battlefield™ Mobile introduces diverse maps of various sizes. All of them are built-in detail with typical terrain types. Maps are also an important factor in battles. Understanding the terrain types of each map type allows you to develop reasonable and low-damage play strategies.

The combat environment in the game is very diverse. Besides traditional maps such as cities and military bases, players have the opportunity to fight on completely new environments including deserts, swamps, and rainforests. The change of maps brings a new feeling of playing.


Battlefield™ Mobile promises to create a boom in the mobile gaming community later this year. The game is currently in beta so there are some features that are not currently available. The developer also confirmed that the BETA version of the game definitely offers the best gameplay experience. Please download the game via the link below.

Download Battlefield™ Mobile MOD APK (Full) 0.10.0

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