Need for Speed™ No Limits
Need for Speed™ No Limits

Need for Speed™ No Limits MOD APK (Unlimited Coins and Nitro) 7.4.0

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App NameNeed for Speed™ No Limits
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins and Nitro
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About this MOD

Unlimited Coins and Nitro

Need for Speed No Limits ​​is a great game series by the publisher EA Sport, which is one of the great monuments of the world of racing games. The most famous version in this chain is Need for Speed No Limits. EA put their faith in the Firemonkeys game developer to make the breakthroughs. You may know, Firemonkeys is a well-known developer of the Real Racing game series. It now takes over the development of No Limits, which is similar to Need for Speed: Most Wanted in 2012. EA favored the launch of games exclusively for Android and iOS platforms, showing EA’s great ambition to dominate the racing game genre on all platforms.

The content

Like in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit, the main content of Need for Speed No Limits revolves around the race of the supercars. The game puts players in a world with numerous supercars that possess crazy speed and personality styles thanks to many customizations. In the game, the player’s task is to compete with other gamers around the world for glory. In addition, gamers must avoid police pursuit.

Need for Speed No Limits also gives players an easy-to-use map of racing events so they can choose and follow their journey. When a player wins a race, new events will be unlocked. Through a few small events, players can start challenging the stronger racers for more amazing rewards and a higher position on the ranking board. During the game, the more events you open, the more difficult the game will be. At this time, you will face much stronger racers, requiring you to have good skills to win the game.

The gameplay Need for Speed No Limits

The way to play Need for Speed No Limits is still the same as it was in the last game. In this game, players have to conquer every track and curve and overcome all opponents to win. Besides, the game gives players 3 control options. The first mode is very simple, in which the player uses the device’s sensor, to control the direction of the vehicle by tilting the screen. The second mode is touch control with a button on the screen. The last one is using the virtual steering wheel.

Besides, we have to mention the Nitro engine system, which allows players to accelerate at critical times by swiping on the screen. Players can fill up on Nitro by flying or drifting on the track. However, like the previous versions, the feeling of driving when accelerating with nitro is not really “impressive,” partly reducing the excitement of the player.

Key features

Vehicles customization

Need for Speed No Limits not only appeals to gamers with the speedy racing stages on the street but also satisfies racing game fans by owning a huge collection of cars from many famous brands such as BMW, McLaren, and Porsche.

In addition, players can also personalize their racing vehicles. Compared to other mobile racing games, Need For Speed No Limits possesses a modern customization system. The Mod Shop and Black Market, in particular, have over 250 million different combos, allowing players to easily customize the appearance of racing cars.

Besides, the racing equipment in Need For Speed No Limits is also extremely rich, including Engine, Turbo, Gearbox, Wheel, Ecu and Nitro. All of these types of equipment play an important role in upgrading vehicles for challenging racing situations.

More than 1000 challenges on the track

The game offers over 1,000 challenging races for you to experience as well as show off your skills. Victory will bring players glory, happiness, and amazing rewards.

The exciting racing modes

Need For Speed: No Limits gives gamers many interesting racing modes, including Tournament, Event, Car Series, Tunal Rival… These game modes can help you play games all day without getting bored.

Diverse events and tournaments

Need for Speed: ​​No Limits offers various events for players to choose from according to their preferences and needs. The underground events are crucial to expanding the plot and assisting the player in becoming the racing champion. The Car Series is one of the main sources of REP as well as an opportunity to compete with other players in real-time.

In addition, Need for Speed: ​​No Limits also has many tournaments for gamers to enjoy. This is your chance to race against real players, competing for high rankings and rewards. However, the tournament only operates for a limited time, each of which will require specific models that you must own to participate. Also, the daily tasks (called “Daily Assignments”) tell players what they need to do and often cover many different parts of the game. You should check this item often.

The simple control mechanism

An easy concept to explain to gamers is adaptability. We don’t have to tilt our smartphones to control them anymore. At the moment, we need to “swipe and touch” on the screen to control the racing car. It is very user-friendly and simplifies gaming for gamers.

Also, the navigation system is turned down to a minimum, making it easy for players to control their vehicles. Also, the acceleration will be done automatically. You just need to control the car to the left, swipe up to use the Nitro Vapor Tube, and swipe down to perform Drift Gear. Thanks to this, the player can master his racing car and defeat the opponents ahead. This gameplay is more entertaining and relaxing than other popular games like Asphalt 8.

The high-quality graphics and sound

Moreover, Need for Speed: No Limits shows great graphics. In the game, the developer made the most of the capabilities of mobile devices. Also, in-game 3D graphics can match games on PC/Console. Furthermore, the background or cars all have a significant investment. The player will be able to feel the speed of the car by the blurry scenery on both sides of the road, or clearly see the shiny shell of the car reflected by the light. All these points make Need for Speed: No Limits become much more vivid and realistic than other games of the same genre.

In terms of sound, No Limits brings extremely impressive experiences. The vibrant background music, and the roar of the loud and powerful engine … made the gamers more excited in the races.


Need for Speed ​​No Limits is definitely a great racing game, which gives players a lot of attractive features and interesting gameplay as well as beautiful graphics and a quality sound system. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now! If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game! 

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