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When all you need is an abundant music player, Spotify is the one. At the moment, it’s the mobile app containing the largest audio collections, including podcasts and songs. Besides, International singers also find it a reliable channel to publish their albums. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should now!

About Spotify- The best streaming music service

Spotify is a worldwide well-known music player. Among so many options, even compared to Apple Music, Spotify still attracted more than 60 million users in 2015, and a fourth is Premium accounts.

It’s a popular option when people think of listening to music because of flexibility and reliability. It helps users quickly find the songs they asked for using different keywords and multiple versions. It has developed to be an app with a huge song and podcasts collection with some of them exclusive.

Since the beginning, Spotify happened to be a source that respects copyright laws and hard work from artists by providing only registered audios. Here comes to you a variety of genres and audios for listening. Welcome abroad!

Spotify features

Features by Spotify

As a response to people worldwide listening to music, the app has been through several updates. And now, here is what it offers. Users can start with free Spotify with quite handy features to help you come closer to the sounds of the world.

Free music and podcast streaming

You don’t have to pay immediately to use an app like Netflix. Users can get the app free from Google Play or App Store since they work well with different operating systems.

You can search for songs and stream the list for free as long as you’ve got a stable Internet connection. Some ads are coming between songs, but you can ignore them sometimes.

The podcast collection is also one of the abundant lands in Spotify. There are different topics to listen to, from short stories, horror, or romance to political news. Unlike music, you can stream podcasts singly by visiting the channel and pick in the list. Podcasts are new every day, mostly daily updated channels.

Both music and podcasts offer subscriptions to artists or channels. When you add them to your favorite list, the system will notify you first if new audio comes out in Spotify.

Exclusive media products

Since Spotify is a big music streamer and players with a considerable number of users, it connects with some artists. The app gains some exclusive deals in both music and podcasts and makes its collection even more desiring.

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift, you must have Spotify for her latest Music Video. The artist has discontinued her appearance on Apple Music, but the iOS users can continue the subscription-free with Spotify.  

Or, if you have ever heard Joe Rogan’s experience – the most visited podcast channel in the world, you must have used Spotify. His only appearance on the app has drawn a significant benefit.

Not only two of them, but Spotify also offers a wide range of audio items, and some of them coming from the past. It outnumbers Apple and Pandora regarding the numbers of song and podcast channels so that you might find something here, not in other apps.

Since artists and new vodcasts trust and choose Spotify where they debut the products, this platform becomes even more fertile in the future.

More artists, more music

Spotify offers a long list of artists, including highly-rated to less famous names. For now, you can find almost all types of music and different content in Spotify and barely miss the search.

Trust from artists over the world on this platform has brought into it the most extensive collection. Besides, it’s must be the first channel to go for when your favorite singers release new albums. If you choose them as your favorite names at the beginning of using the app, you will get notifications. Or, the artists may hashtag or tweet about the publication on Spotify.

For sure, there are some unfound results. Spotify only allows copyrighted songs and no exception. For the list, the system tends to update popular and new songs rather than coming back time and add the underrated from the past.

Personalized online playlists

You can mark songs as your favorite and organize them in different playlists. Even though you cannot download them or do something other than organizing, it’s enough to save time researching.

After added to playlists, the songs also appear in categories like albums or artists so that you can find them later.

Smart suggestions

Spotify is using AI in suggesting users their possibly favorite items. The app makes use of your claim on favorite artists and genres at the beginning, your habit, duration, and search to figure out your gout at music.

It proposes highly accurate options that connect with your taste. Don’t take them for granted, and you might find a new song for your playlist by listening to your recommendations.

Curated playlists

Spotify offers each user daily mixes, hit collections, or collections to mood. These playlists will differ from user to user, responding to their history with the application.

You can explore Discover Weekly, where new songs might be your taste. The list will add up more and more every week, as the name suggests so that users can expand their collections. This feature will be even better if you spend time listening to Spotify.

Easy sharing social media

Spotify is not a social media, but you have an account and a history with the app. It helps to share your playlist easier than ever.

How do you share your favorite songs with friends? Copy links and paste them into the chatbox? It’s a typical way that everybody could think of, using Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, or other apps.

However, how about multiple songs at a time or the whole playlist?

When you take care of soundtracks for an event, share with people at a party or recommend some audio, Spotify allows you to send links to the whole playlist. The app offers Chromecast and PC version, allowing you to access music from different devices and easy mass sharing.


Currently, Spotify supports most of the popular smart platforms today including Android OS, iOS, MacOS, Windows, SmartTV. So, as long as you are looking for a copyrighted music streaming app on the platform you are using, Spotify is always ready to support. In addition, Spotify allows flexible switching between devices for a seamless listening experience. For example, when you are streaming music on your mobile device then you want to continue listening to the song is playing on Windows, you can easily switch the streaming device in the app, with just some tap.

Spotify Premium Infor

About Spotify Premium, Why should you upgrade it?

The better Spotify is Spotify Premium. It leads you to a more expansive audio and music world with better features. In this section, let’s see if you should invest in a Premium account.

Different packages

Spotify is offering different Premium packages for different users. The content is almost the same, but you can make the best buy out of these choices.

The Hulu package is for students. You can get a 50% discount on the original packages for a maximum of four years. Users must verify their student identity using SheerID. This package doesn’t matter when you study domestically or abroad, as long as you can prove your career with the app.

Hulu is only for four years, and after three times of renewal, you must come up with another plan using Spotify Premium. It’s either Family or Duo or Individual plan.

Spotify Premium Family or Duo plan is for people living together and the payments. They are a cheaper offer since you can split the bill using the high-quality service. Even if you are on the same plan, members in the packages log in to Spotify with their accounts and make their history with the app. Individual Premium must be the most expensive one, but you are free of any personal commitments.

Since Spotify allows users to discontinue or change the Premium package at any time, users will find it handy. You can also make the payment through different channels, by cards, Internet banking, or coupons.

Do you need Spotify Premium? Let’s check out the following features waiting for you:

Ad-free streaming

No advertisements are coming in when you are enjoying the music. It must be the best for music lovers and those who want to make the best tapes for parties. The free packages display ads quite regularly, and you can skip them no more than three times.

Offline listening and a better experience

With the free accounts, what you have when searching for a song is a list with relating results. You don’t get to listen to the song only but a list with it inside. And, the mode is always shuffled.

However, you can do it with a Premium account. Get the song you want, listen to the list from top to bottom, and no shuffle required. Besides, you can download them to listen offline.

Podcasts are the same. You can have whatever piece of audio you’ve love to hear on a jogging route or working out time. The app also gets you a space for downloaded albums for podcasts and music separately. Using Premium, the experience with music indeed gets better.

Easy forward and backward

As you experience the free Spotify, you cannot go backward to the songs or forwards more than three times. Since you’ve got a list to hear, there could be a long route to your designated songs. However, Premium helps you to do it straight. You can pass the song or replay it as many times as you want.

No commitment

Premium registration is every month, except when you buy the three months or a year package. Users can stop using them at any time and end the payment quickly. It’s no deposit, charges, or commissions.

Spotify offers a 1-month premium trial so that users can make better decisions. It’s always friendly and safe when they let you use the service before paying. You can cancel the plan after the free month and continue with free accounts.

High-quality audio

Your music with Premium is 320kbps or Lossless. You will have the best sound quality to do whatever you want. Besides, all features in the free account will be included in Premium.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Wide range of songs, genres, and podcasts
  • Exclusive channels
  • Easy to use
  • Curated mixes
  • Updated library
  • 1-month free premium trial
  • Easy sharing with friends and social media
  • High-quality and copyrighted audios
  • Available both free and premium packages
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems and devices


  • Inequality between hits and underrated songs
  • Automatic addition to personal playlists
  • The lyrics are not diverse.
  • Limited in some countries or regions

APK MOD of Spotify MOD

APKmazon is a team that developed apps mod, including Spotify MOD. We based on the original software and curated some features that users can benefit from. Usually, if you get the app from Google Play, you have to pay when upgrading to a Premium account. However, Spotify MOD is free with almost all premium offers.

Therefore, you can consider it Spotify Premium APK but the free version. There are still some features that you need to upgrade to use, but with MOD APK, you have already got:

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Unlimited shuffle times
  • Unlocked repeat function
  • Audios with a quality of 320kbps
  • Ads-free
  • Dark theme
  • Rights to opt for single songs

However, it would be best if you upgraded to Spotify Premium to use the rest features. Until now, there are no more updates for Spotify MOD yet. Also, this version is eligible for Android devices but no iOS. If you want to explore it on PC, an emulator is a must.

People can download and install Spotify MOD as quickly as other APK apps. But, remember that the original and APK cannot be on the same devices. It would help if you chose to use either of them. However, it’s simple to reinstall this app since you have your account registered by Facebook or Gmail addresses.

How to install

  1. Delete the original version first (if available), then download the APK file we provided
  2. Install it as normal
  3. If you are unable to register a new account on the application, please register with a computer browser
  4. Version works perfectly on every device (armv7, arm64, x86…), issues have been fixed

If you want to log in with your Facebook account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Uninstall or disable the Facebook app on your device
  2. Open Spotify and choose to sign in with Facebook
  3. Log in with your Facebook account.
  4. Done.

Note: We recommend that you sign in with your Spotify account for the mod features to work properly.


Which platforms does Spotify MOD support?

Although the official version of Spotify supports most popular platforms, MOD is only available for the Android operating system. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a mod for Spotify that will work well on iOS, MacOS, or Windows.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, Spotify MOD has been tested by us on many Android devices and it works perfectly fine. The app also doesn’t cause any damage to your device.

Did the mod features work?

Of course. However, there are some server-side features that still require payment to use

Can I get an account banned if I use MOD?

Yes. So, login the app with a random account to use the mod.

Is offline music available in the mod?

If you’re on the Premium plan, you can download music and listen to it offline. However, this feature is not available with MOD.

Where can I update the Spotify mod?

You should bookmark this article because we will update the app’s latest mod when it becomes available. In fact, the mod we provide is already the Final version. So, you don’t even need to perform the updates and can still use it normally.

I can’t access Spotify, what happened?

First of all, check your network connection. Besides, chances are you are in an area not supported by the app. All you need to do is use a VPN to access services from Spotify. We highly recommend ExpressVPN.


Spotify is undoubtedly the leader in the music player market. With 40 million songs and counting every day, the app opened a gate to music lovers and podcast listeners. Besides, it’s a promising land for podcast recorders to launch their names since this channel is worldwide and reliable.

Unlike Netflix, mobile users can easily install the app from trusted sources, experienced free before deciding to pay for Premium. It’s possible to listen free forever if you don’t mind restrictions.  Get it now, and try it for free!

Download Spotify (MOD Premium/ Lite)

Download (32M)


  • Tap the app name to show the download link.
  • Read our Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.
  • Spotify requires Android 4.4 and up, 32M of free memory.
  • We will not be held liable for any damages as a result of the download.
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