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App NamePlay Together
Publisher Haegin Co.
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoMega Menu
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The time of social distancing is too long and you don’t know what to do to relieve stress during this time? Try Play Together – A super cute game with fun educational features in a lively open world.

About Play Together

Play Together is an open-world adventure game with no binding goals. You are free to act, connect with others or even do whatever you love. Overall, it is similar to the classic game – The Sim Mobile. However, its gameplay and graphics are more lovely and entertaining than you think. HAEGIN is the maker of this fun game. In addition to entertainment purposes, this is also an educational game to help children develop multidimensional thinking. Children will learn how to make money, use time wisely, and spend money effectively.

Play Together has no plot. It is simply an online game where you have the opportunity to connect and meet friends from all over the world. There are many interesting activities in the game that we bet you will enjoy them. They are mostly mini-games to help you relax and make as much money as possible. Then don’t forget to pay for items and accessories to personalize your character and enjoy the fun in the game world.

The game is currently only available for Android and iOS platforms. If you want to play it on Windows PC, you need to use an Android emulator like Nox or Blue Stacks.

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Key features of Play Together

Play Together takes you into a fun-filled virtual world where you meet new friends and play simple games with them. There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover in this game. Let’s see.

Fun gameplay

Upon entering the cute world of Play Together, you will be transported to an imaginary island called Kaia. On this island, there are many interesting things for you to explore. First, you will choose and design your character. After that, you can explore the city and go to many places such as a fishing lake, school, shop, etc. Moreover, you can earn money and connect with more friends while playing various mini-games. This earning will help you buy many useful items in the store to decorate your home and make yourself more beautiful.

Also, while exploring the city, you can interact with everyone you meet. This is a special feature of the game, helping you make new friends or even finding your future lover. Overall, the game allows you to choose how your life plays out. If you want to have a good life, play mini-games or do many quests to earn a lot of money and enjoy life.

In general, all activities in Play Together have the sole goal of making more money to buy items or upgrade your house. There are many different activities in the game for you to explore and play with others so we bet you will always have fun.

Customize your original character

Character customization to your liking helps you express your personality. The game provides a lot of hairstyles, skin colors, looks, and colorful faces for you to change for the character. If you want to change your character’s costume, go to the store. Here, you can find many different costumes such as princess, astronaut, clown, fireman, etc. However, the price of these costumes is so high. Thus, you need to spend a lot of money to own them. Moreover, if you don’t like your character’s style, you can completely customize it in the in-game store.

Play Together_ custom-characters

Decorate your house or buy a new one

At the start of the game, everyone gets a house. The interior is also quite simple: a bed, a chair, and a lamp. To get more furniture and different decoration items, you need to join quests or play mini-games. When receiving the decorations, make your home splendid. A special feature of Play Together is that you can directly interact with household appliances and even cook right at your house. The house shows your style in the game. So don’t forget to decorate it in the unique way you want.

If the original basic house does not satisfy you, you can buy a new one. Currently, Play Together has nine different houses for you to choose from. These include Dream house, Milky house, Circus Tent, Small house, Doll house, House with Orange Roof (2F), Cuckoo house, Magic Castle, and Morden house.

Each house has a different shape, size, and interior. Some houses have 2 floors which means you have more space to decorate and install utilities. The original interior for each house is also not the same. Some houses have sofas and cabinets, while others have swimming pools… To buy a new house, you need to pay in cash or diamonds.

Raise and train your own pets

Your house will not be boring when you can keep pets. For your first mission, you get a common egg from the pet store employee. Now you need to hatch the egg to get a new pet. The special thing is that this egg will follow you everywhere. Hatching an egg is not a simple job when there are requirements that you need to meet. For example, when the egg wants to sleep, there is a “zzz” symbol above it and you need to quickly put it on the bed. Or when it wants to take a bath, it will emit blue smoke. Take good care of your egg because it contains a cute creature that will accompany you throughout the game.

Pets in Play Together have two types: normal pets and rare pets. You can buy eggs to hatch them at the store. There are almost all kinds of adorable animals that you can raise such as pigs, cats, dogs, roosters, and even a zombie. There are options available to upgrade your pet. To upgrade them, you need to use hearts. When a pet levels up, it changes shape and new effects are unlocked.

Join mini-games with other players

Minigames are things that attract and have high interaction between players. You can join a lot of fun games that have different designs and requirements. You can invite new friends or your friends to join these games. Some games may require control skills such as jumping over a series of pads and moving towards the endpoint. Sometimes you need to use the knowledge you learned in school to complete art tests or try to get an A+ in math,…

When you complete these games, you will receive bonuses or rewards. interesting items. Besides, while playing, you can chat online in real-time with new friends. These friends come from many countries around the world. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you to exchange, make friends and improve your foreign language skills.

Explore the square and interesting locations

A square is a place you cannot miss when participating in Play Together. It is not only a place that contains a lot of things for you to explore but also a place to make friends from all over the world. Public transports such as cars, subways or buses also appear here. The square also has many shops for you to shop, restaurants for you to eat, or dating events for you to participate in. You will also get the starting quests and daily quests here. Don’t worry because you will be given detailed instructions on how to perform these tasks. These missions will help you earn money and collect items.

Besides, players can also visit the school, have fun fishing, or go swimming. Sometimes, you can participate in special activities such as sitting in the back of a Ferris car, riding a hot air balloon, or running an obstacle course. If you have a lot of money, do not hesitate to buy a car to go around the city. Partying with friends at the beach camp is also a fun activity you can try.

Play Together-gameplay

Graphics – Sound and Character control

Practically speaking, the graphics of Play Together are more suitable for boys than girls. Graphics in the game are designed bright, friendly, and very eye-catching. The character looks like a chibi with a funny appearance. The sound in the game is also very impressive from the dance music, real footsteps to the cute background music.

Besides, controlling the character with the joystick is also very flexible. Players can swipe back and forth on the screen to change the view around. If you want to move or jump, just press the arrow keys. These operations are quite simple and anyone can play right away without learning.

MOD APK of Play Together?

MOD info

Play Together is an online game. So you always need a network connection to play the game. All your activities are checked on the developer’s server. As a result, mod versions for this game are currently unavailable.

If you find somewhere that advertises a mod version of Play Together that allows unlimited use of diamonds or cash, don’t believe them.


Play Together is a game that helps kill time and effectively entertain. Interaction with other players through quests or minigames also increases the player’s enjoyable experience. Download this game now and enjoy the fun.

Download Play Together MOD APK (Mega Menu)

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