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Envision a universe built by the same team that brought you OCTOPATH TRAVELER and BRAVELY DEFAULT from SQUARE ENIX. This is VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile, a role-playing game (RPG) that combines adventure with everyday living. In this engaging mobile game, you will feel the excitement of exploration and the pleasure of everyday life.

Plunge into the Memorable Story

A whole new continent is revealed in the year 211 of the Imperial Era. As a pioneering Antoecian, you discover all the wonders of this new world and revel in the thriving culture of Erebia, it’s capital.

Features Crucial to the Game

Learning Character Takes a Special Recipe for Serious and Fun Activity

See unprecedented growth in your favorite characters! Choose the path of your character’s life from among more than 20 different professional paths and complete more than 100 job-related activities. Do you want to improve your physical prowess by working out like crazy or your magical abilities by taking on complex mental challenges? You get to decide!

Using Strategic Management to Dominate Dungeons

With only a few days’ worths of food, some essential camping gear, and no idea what lies ahead, you must brave the unknown. You must fight creatures, endure lousy weather, and keep perishable food from going wrong as you explore the uncharted regions of Antoecia. Do you plan to turn back or continue when the going gets difficult?

The Three CHAs, a Revolutionary Battle System

You are adding a new spin on turn-based fighting, including mechanics based on jobs and skills. Plan your assault and coordinate with your friends to MASSIVELY increase your chances of success and severely injure your opponents.

Investigating What Makes the Game So Special

The legendary gaming powerhouse SQUARE ENIX proudly presents VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile, an enthralling adventure of migration and colonization. Think of OCTOPATH TRAVELER’s unique brand of experience but with the added attraction of mundane interactions and the struggle to stay alive in a mysterious environment.

Living the Tale of the Game

Learn what happened in the 211th year of the Royal Era, when countries were actively pursuing new territory and trying to keep war to a minimum. Enjoy thrilling migratory adventures as a pioneer settler while contributing to the growth of Erebia. These experiences will be intermingled with tales of everyday living and intense combat.

Improving Everyday Activities

Every day is a chance to grow and develop at VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile. You may improve your physical and magical abilities by learning new talents from more than 20 occupations and 100+ chores. Influence your character’s development and learn about the nuances of the manufacturing process as you play.

Defeating Strange Mazes

Take your heroes far down to explore the secrets of the new continent. Deal with hazardous environments, hostile wildlife, and limited supplies. In such complex settings, every choice you make may determine the fate of your team.

Learn the New and Improved Ba CHA Combat System

VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile gives Turn-based fights a new twist thanks to integrating job skills and character characteristics. Time your attack perfectly and take the opening; strike as one to crush your foes and press on with your journey.

Let Yourself Be Surprised by the Game

The game has an aura of originality about it. Everything about this migratory journey, from its exotic surroundings to the daily routines of its characters, screams creativity. The unique fighting system also necessitates some getting used to it. For the first time in their lives, the citizens of Antoecia will embark on a fascinating migration when they play this game.

A Way to Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Enter the game’s fascinating universe and experience the thrill of becoming a pioneer on Antoecia. Whether you’re looking for the excitement of taking on a new challenge, the pride of accomplishing a difficult chore, or the pride of completing a demanding dungeon, you’ll find it in VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile.


MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


So, why are you stalling? Get on the road to adventure in the VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile. Enjoy the novel combination of mundane tasks, tactical combat, and exploratory travel through an unexplored continent. For a gripping game packed with daring adventures and engaging everyday happenings, download the VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile MOD APK for Android right now. This game is a fantastic place where there is always something new to learn or experience.

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