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The Sims Mobile takes you into a virtual world where you live the life you want.

Introducing The Sims Mobile

The question of “what will it be like to live someone else’s life” surely has sparked inside our heads a couple of times at the first stages of life. Therefore, this is solely the main reason why television shows and animations are appreciated widely by audiences from all ages as it gives us a new perspective. With this trend, the game genre of simulation is also getting more and more famous with a huge phenomenon such as Stardew Valley by Sickhead Games, the infamous Fallout Shelter by Bethesda Softworks, etc., and later, the Sims Mobile by EA. The game quickly gained recognition and received over 50 million downloads and a 4-star rating on Google Play Store.

The Sims Mobile is inspired by The Sims 4 and The Sims Freeplay. The game has all the characteristics of a life simulation game with friendly gameplay and an interesting storyline. So, what has made this game stand out from its same-genre production? Let’s find out more in the following article.

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Key features of The Sims Mobile

Although it is a version exclusively for the mobile platform, The Sims Mobile retains the characteristics that have made The Sims series so popular. Besides, there are a few different improvements to suit the mobile playing experience. Let’s explore the outstanding features of the game right now!

A way to escape from the real world

Games are pretty much made for one main reason – provide the players with an escape from the real world and let them submerge in the fantasies they had as a little children. And surprisingly enough, The Sims series is quite the perfect one for you to do that. The game is like a small dollhouse, but more modern of course, for you to interact with the characters and do things that are hard to execute in real life, if not saying impossible.

At this point, you may think that this game is only suitable for kids, and the adults will get bored just 5 minutes joining the sandbox. Luckily enough for us to say that you are completely wrong! The Sims are made to fit every age’s interest, you will find it hard to put your device down after spending some time with it. In fact, there are more people at the age of 20 or higher who enjoy the game than kids!

Create your favorite main Sim

When you log into the game for the first time, ever, you will have to create your first and main Sim in order to get to the other parts of the game. The Sims Mobile allows you to choose between 2 options: Randomly generate a Sim or customize the Sim yourself. Without saying, surely you would want to create your own character to play with, right? It is quite common knowledge that players will enjoy the game the most when they feel like they are in charge of something. Therefore, controlling the character that is altered based on your interest and sense of fashion will allow you to feel the game to its fullest.

The Sims Mobile took the concept of “customize” to the fullest as they let you choose even the smallest detail on your character such as the length and width of its ears! Although it may sound ridiculously funny at first, however, by doing this, your customized Sims can be carved to the finest. After doing this quite long process, it is time to roll in the game and have fun!

The Sims Mobile gameplay

Spend your time in the virtual life

As you have completed creating your character, you will be dropped into the sims world – your own house, to be exact. The game has quite a sandbox vibe, which means you don’t really have to rely on missions and tasks to enjoy. Simply do whatever you want and live the life that you desire. In the game, you will be able to take control of up to 4 characters – known as Sims – at a time. The sims can be involved in actions such as chit-chatting with NPCs, cooking, cleaning, even marry each other, or even creating a rival relationship toward one another. Basically, The Sims Mobile lets you do almost anything that can be done in real life in a more easy and straightforward way.

Although it’s up to the player to decide how they want to play the game and freely act on their own, the game does provide instruction on almost everything that can help players to level up their Sims quite fast. To control your Sims, simply tap where you want to head to, and the character will move automatically. The same thing is applied to the actions, which you only have to touch which NPC you want your Sim to be interacting with, which door you want to open, which shop, or house do you want to go to, etc. The possibilities are truly endless!

Hobbies & Careers

Just like in real life, your Sim also has hobbies and a suitable job to earn money. Hobbies are unlocked when your Sim reaches specific levels. For example, when you reach level 7, you unlock the cooking hobby, the Writing hobby is unlocked when you reach level 15… Each hobby gives your Sim different skills.

For example, when you unlock the Writing hobby, your Sim can sit for hours at a writing desk composing poems or even completing a set of novels. Each hobby also requires different equipment that you need to buy from the store. For example, if you want to write, you need to buy a pen, ink, writing desk, and typewriter. Meanwhile, if you want to become a famous vlogger on social networks, you have to invest a lot of money to buy technology devices such as Streamer Station, Microphone, Camera, Green Screen, Bookshelf… In short, nothing is free. In The Sims Mobile, you are required to spend money to serve your personal interests.

Having the right job is also a way for you to love the world in The Sims Mobile more. This game lets you become anyone from an ordinary office worker to a successful businessman. There is no such thing as a bad profession, they are the way for you to enjoy life in the game in the most authentic way.

Build up intimacy with other Sims

Needless to say, we cannot live without interaction with other people in real life, even if it is just the smallest glance. The same thing is applied in the game, too! No matter what you do, it is of utmost importance to have conversations going with different Sims and NPCs to increase your life values and lifestyle rank. By doing so, you will increase Conversation Points with a specific Sim that you spend time talking with and level up your Conversation levels.

As you have raised the Communication level to 4, you can have a wedding with this Sim and do things that a couple in real life would do such as have kids, moving in together, etc. To sum up, living life in the Sims world requires a lot of conversations in order to have more interaction options for you to choose from in the game. But don’t forget to do that in real life as well!

The Sims Mobile party

Party with friends

You are certainly not alone in the world of The Sims Mobile! There is a miniature society and different relationships that you are in. If you want to make new friends or strengthen relationships with old friends, creating parties is a great option. The game allows you to have a party twice a week. The first party is definitely for your birthday. You can then create other ones. Don’t forget to invite your friends to your parties.

During the party, you can interact with other players and items to gain experience points. Depending on the audience you interact with, you get career points or interest points. In a party, you can leave it anytime you want to join another group.

MOD APK of The Sims Mobile

MOD info

  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money to buy everything in the game easily.
  • Note: After you complete tutorial, buy any furniture and get a lot of money!


Those are all the important features that you should know before participating in the Sims world. Of course, there are a lot more fun things to discover and do when you have the game on your device. We are sure that the gameplay, graphics, and fun vibe will make it hard to put the device down after you have got into The Sims Mobile. What are you waiting for without downloading and trying it out right away!

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