Jetpack Joyride 1.55.2 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Jetpack Joyride
Updated November 26, 2021 (5 days ago)
Publisher Halfbrick Studios
Require Android4.4 and up
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Introducing Jetpack Joyride

The game genre of endless running has no longer a new concept among the gaming community. It is famous for the intriguing and the urge to play “just one more match”. Though you cannot actually win the game, you will find yourself playing more and more to raise the max score and make it higher than everyone else. Halfbrick Studio is one of the most well-known studios that has produced a bunch of fun endless games such as Fruit Ninja, Fish out of Water,… and then Jetpack Joyride. With the original gameplay and some improvements, Jetpack Joyride easily reached 100 million downloads and a 4-star rating on the Google Play platform. Let’s find out more about this phenomenon in the following article.

Jetpack Joyride gameplay

What is in Jetpack Joyride?

As you play the game, you will roleplay a familiar guy named Barry Steakfries. He appeared in some other Halfbrick’s games as well. However, this time, Barry will be the protagonist. You will find yourself in a lab called Legitimate Research that is up to something bad, steal their project – a jetpack, and run as far as possible. Obviously, stealing is bad, but is it not if you steal from the bad guys, right?

Your main task is to keep Barry to survive as long as possible. However, things are not that easy both for you and Barry. On your way, there are tons of missiles, spinning electric arcs, etc. that will destroy the jetpack and knock Barry out. You can touch the screen to start the jetpack and propel yourself in the air then release to fall back down in order to dodge the obstacle. It seems pretty annoying in the beginning, but you will definitely find yourself playing again and again.


On your way, apart from the deadly obstacle, there will be some of the power-ups that is going to help you get further in the game.

Power-ups, or vehicle, can be picked up as you are running across the lab. It appears as a glowing square with 3 gears inside. Upon collecting it, you will be equipped with a random vehicle that has special powers. There are a lot of vehicle in the game, for example the Lil-stomper is a robot which help you to jump and be in the air for longer, the Gravity suit will allow you to reverse gravity and walk on the roof and many more, you name it.

When the vehicle collides with the zappers or missiles, it will explode and deactivate all near traps. Don’t worry, Barry will walk out perfectly fine and can continue his mad journey.

You can upgrade these vehicles in the shop menu and have even more features attached to it. For instance, the Gold Plating will give your vehicle a shiny and sparkling look, the Magnet will allow your vehicle to attract coins. Skins for the vehicles are also available for purchase, be sure to check out and try it!

Jetpack Joyride slot machine

Slot machine

It might be harsh to hear this, but in an endless running game, you will absolutely die. Unfortunately, it happens the same in Jetpack Joyride. However, just like a reward for you – the persistent runner, you will have a chance to play the slot machine and win huge prizes, from coins to even extra lives.

Tokens to spend in the slot machine are collectable as you run across the lab. It appears as a big coin with an “X” in the middle that floats in a pattern. The number of tokens that can be achieve in one run is limitless, but you will have to be very careful. You surely don’t want to die collecting one and the realize you have nothing at all right?

Set of tasks

There will always be a set of 3 tasks waiting for you to complete. It can be very formal like “Run 2000 meters” to confusing like “High-five with 20 scientists”. Seems pretty funny, but you will be rewarded with huge number of coins if you successfully execute those tasks.

To be clear, each task will give you from 3 to 5 stars. There will be a star-counter that will give you coins upon reaching a certain number of stars. This can also be seen as Barry’s level. He will have a higher rank and title as you move upwards in this counter.

Jetpack Joyride jetpacks

Different jetpacks, all bring joy!

Of course, there are a lot of jetpacks that can be unlocked with coins that all have different visuals and bullets. If you like to slaughter all those evil scientists, equip the Rocket jetpack and grill them as you propel yourself in the air. You are a pacifist? That’s fine as long as you wear the Bubble jetpack that will even brings joy to them.

The jetpacks all have the same thrust strength and have no impact on the gameplay. So, be sure to pick your favorite one and rock the lab!


Although having the same gameplay and concepts, Jetpack Joyride also brings about new elements that will keep you playing and playing again. What are you waiting for without downloading it and join the ride of joy!

Download Jetpack Joyride 1.55.2 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Download (153M)


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