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Dan the Man MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.11.60

App NameDan the Man
Publisher Halfbrick Studios
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Introducing Dan the Man

Although it does not possess a flashy appearance and graphics, for a long time, game products using pixel rendering have always been enthusiastically received by gamers. We can not help but mention titles like Soul Knight by Chillyroom, or even the legendary Minecraft. In 2016, Halfbrick studio – the creator of fruit ninja and jetpack joyride released “Dan the man”. The game immediately attracted a huge number of gamers and became quite popular after that with more than 10 million downloads and a rating of nearly 5 stars on the Google Play platform. Join us to explore more about this game in the following article.

Action Platformer gameplay

The title of the game – “Dan the man” – is quite confusing to look at. So, what exactly do you need to do in the game? Well, it is actually pretty simple: You are the good guy who is on a mission to eliminate all the evil forces trying to harm the humanity. But wait, there is much more to look at.

Dan The Man Gameplay

When entering a level, you will see the buttons to move left, right, jump up and attack. Your task is to move from the beginning to the end of the map, destroy all enemies and rescue the people that are in danger. You need to be very skillful to minimize the damage received and still defeat all enemies. This requires you to think carefully and calculate the possible scenarios to get the best results.

On the way there are scattered coins, porcelain pots and healing apples. Pay attention to collect all of these because they are very useful in the current level and the latter stages of the game. Sometimes, there are secret areas in a level that contain very precious reward. However, it is hidden carefully so you need to pay attention a lot in order to reach those juicy gifts.

Different gamemode, different gameplay:

In Dan the Man, there are 3 main gamemodes for you to freely experience. Each has a different way of playing and of course, different rewards. Let’s go deeper and find out more about those 3 alternatives of playing.

Story mode

First of all is the story mode, also known as the classic mode of the game. You can choose 1 from 3 available stories with ascending difficulty: Main story, Frosty Plains and Fright Zone. Each story has smaller levels inside that contain not only weapons, enemies, allies, but also many easter eggs for you to find out yourself. There will be a summary at the end of the levels that will displays the discovered eggs. So, if you missed one or two, you can absolutely re-run the level and find it harder. After one or two finished levels, there will be a chest that is available for open, which contains valuable rewards inside. Fun facts of the game also lie there, so be sure to check it out.

Survival mode

Next, we have the must-have of all games: Survival mode. In this mode, you will have to clear all enemies inside a limited space with a timer. You will be automatically moved to a different area after you have cleared all enemies. Notice that you will not be healed after the area move, so it is advised that you should minimize the damage taken. If you ran out of time or are defeated, you will return to area 1 with all the coins you have gained. What’s more? There will be special enemies that will drop a token upon death. You can use that token on the vending machine to trade for rewards. You can choose between easy survival, normal survival and hard survival.

Adventure mode

Last but not least: Adventure mode. This mode is half the combination of the two other modes, half its own special. You can choose between a variety of different characters’ adventure that range from a shark to Abraham Lincoln. In each adventure, there are a set number of stages that need to be completed in order to claim the prizes. You will need to finish a level 3 times to claim the ultimate reward. Be careful, the level gets harder each time you re-run it, so brace yourself!

Dan the Man characters

Main currency of the game

Every level among all the modes will give you a certain number of coins that can be used to level up your characters or buy power-ups.

Each character has 6 skills with different animation but quite the same effect to the enemies. Leveling up those skills will affect the character’s overall level and can make your adventure easier and more enjoyable. Also, as you have reached a high level in an area, the game will require you to reach a certain level to participate in. So, be sure to get those ability upgraded regularly!

Coins can also be used to buy power-ups that will provide you with great help in clearing out the enemies. You can choose from 4 different powers: Protective shield, Berserk, Extra time, and Midas touch. Powers should be carefully chosen based on the scenario to reach its full potential. So, be sure to weight the pros and cons thoroughly.

Pixel graphics

If you’ve been waiting for a high quality 3D game with epic graphics, this game is probably not right for you. The developer built it with a simple Pixel graphics style. Dan the Man’s Pixel graphics will remind you of childhood games many years ago. However, the character’s creation, animation, and background of the game are still quite detailed and impressive.

APK mod of Dan the Man

We bring you the latest mod of this game. Here are the mod features:

  • Unlimited coins: You can use unlimited in-game coins to unlock equipment, upgrade your character and much more.


Dan the Man although using 2D pixel graphics and simple gameplay, it is quite addictive as it urges people to explore the levels carefully. This game will not only help you to reduce stress but also enhance your observing skills and thinking speed. Why don’t you download it right away and try it out!

Download Dan the Man MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.11.60

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