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WebComics is an online comic and novel reading application. It is now available on the web and other platforms, such as smartphones and tablets. With hundreds of thousands of titles updated daily, this app brings the world of comics to your smartphone. Download the latest WebComics mod at APKmazon to enjoy Premium features for free!

Introducing WebComics app

WebComics is an online comic and anime viewing platform developed and published by WEBCOMICS HOLDINGS HK LIMITED. Besides the web platform, you can use this service on officially supported apps for Android and iOS. WebComics is different from many comic reading applications on the market because all content on this platform is legal and copyrighted.


Currently, WebComics is one of the most popular comic reading platforms for young people in the US and many other countries! With a community of more than 10 million users worldwide, this application provides a playground for those who love reading and creating comics. WebComics is completely a legitimate application because all content presented on this platform is copyrighted. Are you a comic book artist? You can publish your works on this platform to earn money.

WebComics currently only supports four main languages: English, Thai, Indonesian and Chinese. So if you are using another language, you should consider choosing another application like MangaToon or Wattpad. In fact, the developer has also added comic book categories for other languages, but it’s not really rich. However, if you often read English comics, then this is a great service for you.

Key features of WebComics

On mobile platforms, WebComics currently has apps for Android and iOS available. On the Play Store alone, this app has received more than 10 million installs. The rating is 4.4 stars. Get ready to explore the amazing features of this app with us right now.

Enjoy millions of copyrighted comic titles.

WebComics allows you to read more than 10,000 comic books and novel titles from famous and amateur authors worldwide. The list of comics is updated daily, so you can easily browse the latest comics on the platform. As we mentioned, all content in the app is copyrighted, so you can be sure to enjoy them with the best image quality.

Like every comic reading platform, WebComics categorizes stories based on their content. You can find all kinds of stories, from action to romance. Besides categories, each story on WebComics has some tags.

The Discover tab is where you can discover all the comics and novels on WebComics. There is a Must-read list to suggest the best comics on the platform. They are the most viewed and most loved comics by users. Besides, you can browse comedians by specific categories or tags.

Not only that, there is a catalog of exclusive comics on WebComics. Here you can read new and exclusive comics only available on this platform. The developer has announced that they have partnered with many famous authors to release their manga titles on this platform exclusively. All content is also updated as soon as possible. So if you become a member of WebComics, you can enjoy all this exclusive content.


Smart comic suggestions

WebComics uses an intelligent filter to suggest a list of comics that are right for you. For this filter to work properly, you must choose your interests and birth year. With the preferences option, you have two options: Action & Fantasy or Romance & Drama. After completing the form, you are redirected to the application’s home page. The list of comics here will display based on the interests that you have previously selected. You can change your preferences by clicking the switch in the top right corner.

Besides, you should enter a keyword in the search bar if you didn’t find a suitable comic title in the app’s suggestions. You can enter the story’s title or the author’s name to get matching results. In this search section, you can see the keywords that are being searched a lot on the application. When you finish a chapter, WebComics often shows a list of comics of the same genre you might like. Besides, on the introduction page of each comic on the application, there is always a list of comics of the same genre. Thanks to the smart suggestions that WebComics offers, you will never get bored reading comics on this platform.

Intuitive comic reader

WebComics has built a fantastic visual comic reader that gives you the best reading experience on the app. The big difference between comics and manga is that the pages of comics are usually very long. So in most cases, a Comics page usually won’t fit on a phone screen. That’s why you can only swipe up or down to read vertically. Besides, the application also allows you to touch the screen to move the page slowly—Single-tap the screen to access options for the reader. You can change the brightness, show comments, move to a specific page, or report a chapter error.

Two reading modes

Like most other mobile comic-reading services, WebComics has two reading modes: Online and Offline. In Online mode, you can easily search, browse and read any comic on this platform with LTE or Wifi connection. You should always use a stable network connection for the best image quality.

When there is no network connection or the signal is not good enough, you can still enjoy the comics on WebComics using Offline mode. The application allows you to download your favorite comics and then read them anytime without an internet connection. Loaded comics will be saved in your device’s memory (so make sure you’ve accepted the storage access permission requested by the app).

Note that there are some comics in WebComics that require premium rights to read. So you need to upgrade to premium or use the mod we provided.

Great community

Not only is it an online comic reading platform on mobile, but WebComics is also a place to connect people with similar interests. First, you need to log in to connect to the community. Quick login options with Facebook or Google accounts are available.

Like a social network, each account on WebComics has a profile page. This is a place for you to share posts about your favorite comics.


MOD APK of WebComics

What benefits does the WebComics Premium plan bring? Check out the content below to see if it’s worth your upgrade. Besides, we bring you the latest mod of this application.

What does the Premium package have?

WebComics provides millions of copyrighted comics to users. However, many of them are not completely free. You can only read the first few chapters for free, then have to use coins or diamonds to unlock the entire comic content. You can use coins to buy any story on the platform. However, a simpler and more economical way is to upgrade your account to a premium. Unlocking all comics and novels on WebComics and becoming a premium member brings even more benefits. Please see below for details:

  • Gems and Coins Pack: Depending on your subscription membership plan, you can get bundles of gems and coins for free. If you subscribe to premium for a year, you get a pack of 700 gems and 21,000 coins.
  • Premium free comics: Read more than 1 thousand Premium comic titles for free only on the app.
  • Read in advance
  • Avatar frame
  • Ad-free
  • Exclusive logo

MOD features

Premium Unlocked: With this mod, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Premium package without payment.


For those who are a fan of comics, WebComics is a great platform you cannot miss. Not only can you read thousands of the latest comics, but you also have the opportunity to connect and chat with a community of millions of people with similar interests around the world. Download the latest mod of the application via the link below to experience the Premium benefits completely for free.

Download WebComics MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.3.31

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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