QuickEdit Text Editor Pro
QuickEdit Text Editor Pro

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 1.10.7 b217

QuickEdit is a fast, stable and full featured text and code editor.

App NameQuickEdit Text Editor Pro
Version1.10.7 b217
Publisher Rhythm Software
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
Get it onGoogle Play
About this MOD

● No LP / GPM Needed
● LVL Removed
● Firebase Analytics Removed
● Firebase Crashlytics Removed
● Firebase Removed
● DataTransport Removed
● Google Measurement Removed
● Added Intent for JSON files
● Added JSON in Syntax List
● Compression Flags Untouched
● No Third Party Patch
● No Additional Component
● Dex File Size Reduction Rate: 30%
● Size: 5.5 MB
● Release by Kirlif’

Install Note:
– Use either Lucky Patcher or Core Patch module from LSPosed to disable digest/signature verification.
– Install, Enjoy!

About QuickEdit Text Editor Pro

The QuickEdit Text Editor Pro app is a very effective and adaptable text editor designed to work optimally on mobile phones and tablet computers. QuickEdit Text Editor Pro can provide you with whatever type of text editor you want, whether it be a simple text editor for plain text files or a code editor for programming files. In contrast to many of the other text editor applications that can be found on Google Play, this one delivers speed, responsiveness, and stability thanks to the various performance improvements and user experience adjustments that have been implemented. Within the scope of this paper, we shall investigate the characteristics and advantages of QuickEdit Text Editor Pro.

Notepad with a Plenty of New Features and Enhancements

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro offers a modernized version of its notepad program that includes a number of enhancements. It supports syntax highlighting for more than 50 different programming languages, such as C++, C#, Java, XML, JavaScript, Markdown, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Smali, Swift, and many more. It also includes a code editor. Because of this characteristic, it is much simpler for programmers to understand the syntax of different programming languages, which in turn helps them finish their projects more quickly.

Online Compiler

The application also features an online compiler, which gives you the ability to build and run more than 30 widely used programming languages. Some of these languages include Python, PHP, Java, JS/NodeJS, C/C++, Rust, Pascal, Haskell, and Ruby, amongst others. Programmers now have an extra level of ease thanks to this functionality, since they do not require a computer in order to test their code when they are away from their desk.

Excellent Performance with No Signs of Sluggishness

Even when processing big text files with more than 10,000 lines, QuickEdit Text Editor Pro maintains a high performance level and does not introduce any latency. Because to this function, the application will operate without any hiccups, and you will have uninterrupted time to work on your tasks.

Multiple Open Tabs

Simple navigation between many open tabs, with the option to display or conceal line numbers. In addition, users are able to undo and redo changes without being restricted, as well as show, raise, or reduce the amount of line indentation. Text editing and coding both benefit from the increased versatility afforded by these tools.

Fast Selecting and Editing Abilities

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro allows users to pick and change content very quickly. Users have access to support for the physical keyboard, which includes key combinations, allowing for seamless scrolling in both the vertical and horizontal directions. In addition, users are able to directly target any particular line number, as well as swiftly search and update information. This makes it much simpler to traverse through enormous files.

Different Typefaces and Measurements

The application allows users to customize their text editing experiences by selecting fonts and sizes. It is able to automatically identify both the charset and the encoding, as well as indent new lines, saving the user both time and effort.

Files in HTML, CSS, and Markdown Can Be Previewed Here

Users are able to preview files in markdown, HTML, and CSS while using QuickEdit Text Editor Pro. Users are able to inspect the results of their work and see how it would seem on a mobile device or in a browser thanks to this function.

Files from Recently Opened or Added File Collections can be accessed and opened

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro makes it simple to access file collections that have been accessed or added more recently. Users are able to save time and effort thanks to this function, which provides easy access to files that are regularly utilized.

Editing Capabilities Afforded to Rooted Devices’ System Files

When installed on a rooted device, the software also has the capability to alter system files. Users who need to edit system files for the purposes of customization or development have extra freedom available to them as a result of this functionality.

Files from FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive may all be accessed here

Users are given the ability to access files stored on FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive when using QuickEdit Text Editor Pro. Those that store their files using cloud storage services will find this functionality to be an additional convenient complement to their experience.

Useful Application for Editing INI, LOG, and TXT Files, as Well as Hacking Games

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro provides a program that may change INI, LOG, and TXT files and hack games. Those needing to alter game files or customize INI files might benefit from this feature’s added versatility.

Maintains Balance Between the Light and the Shadow

The application is compatible with light and dark themes, allowing users to select the color scheme that best complements their tastes.

Use That’s Tailored to Mobile Devices Such as Smartphones and Tablets

The functionality of Quick Edit Text Editor Pro has been enhanced for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because of this, users can enjoy a consistent text editing and coding experience regardless of the device they choose.

Ad-Free Version

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro also provides a version that does not contain advertisements, allowing customers to concentrate on their job without being distracted by commercials.

The operation that is Reliable on Android 11 and 12

Users of the updated version of QuickEdit Text Editor Pro will discover unique stability where the application’s stability is maintained for the two newly released versions of Android, namely Android 11 and Android 12. Because of this compatibility, users will be able to continue to use the capabilities offered by the app even while using the most up-to-date Android smartphones.

Simple Input and Modification of the Code

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro is the perfect choice for programmers who often work with code. Android smartphone users can edit files they have worked with in the past because the application functions well on those devices. Users can modify their projects whenever and from anywhere, allowing them to use their time and resources efficiently. The numerous capabilities of the application allow for more effective programming.

There is Not Even a Singular Leak in the Number of Lines of Code

The fact that QuickEdit Text Editor Pro allows for an almost infinite amount of lines of code to be added to an application is one of its most appealing features. Users can build enormous projects constantly without encountering any problems because of the app’s ability to manage up to 10,000 lines of code. Users can open many files without the application becoming unresponsive since the code file has many cables.

More than fifty distinct programming languages may be used with it

QuickEdit Text Editor Pro is compatible with around fifty distinct programming languages utilized often today. Users are given the ability to work with any file format of their choosing and to forward content from a variety of platforms thanks to this functionality. The syntax detection function of the application contributes to ensuring that the code is written correctly.

You may Easily Export Files and See the Results

Users can export the file once they have finished their work and save it in any location of their choosing once they have done so. The program allows users to select the folder to keep the file and select an acceptable file name for straightforward searching and use. In addition, the application may assist in unlocking finished items by doing actions such as accessing an HTML file to locate the web page that corresponds to it.

Access to the Data Stored in Online Cloud Storage

Users have more freedom during changing code files because of QuickEdit Text Editor Pro’s robust interoperability with various operating systems and Android smartphones. The software allows users to link to associated cloud storage providers, enabling them to access files from those sources and save them for later editing.


QuickEdit Text Editor Pro is a complete solution for editing and coding on mobile devices. Its extensive feature set and many optimizations make it a fantastic option for personal and commercial use. Compared to other text editor applications on Google Play, this software stands out due to its consistency, speed, and responsiveness. Users can work on any file type of their choosing thanks to support for more than 50 programming languages, and support for cloud storage gives an extra layer of convenience. Users of the app will be able to continue to use the app’s capabilities on the most recent Android smartphones because the new version is compatible with Android 11 and 12. In general, QuickEdit Text Editor Pro is a fantastic program that should be downloaded by everyone who needs a flexible and dependable text editor for their mobile device.

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  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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