Download DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) APK v2.5 for Android, iOS

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  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 15M
  • Latest Version: 2.5
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: March 13, 2019

Nowadays, people can experience the famous PS2 games not only by handheld devices but they also can use their smartphones to experience even with a smoother feeling. Basically, it may sound ridiculous but this is completely a true thing. Recently, a PS2 emulator for smartphones was officially released. it can be said that this is one of the most extremely useful emulators at this time. And it is called DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator).

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DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) was recently released by producer DamonPS2 at the end of December. Although Sony’s PS2 was no longer as popular as in its first year and it is now replaced by the PS4, XBOX, many gamers still want to experience the old-fashioned PS2 games. And DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) is a perfect choice for you, this is a great application eminently great just released but quickly get the attention of users. Here are some of the most prominent features on the DamonPS2 PRO emulator (PS2 Emulator) along with how to download apps to your devices.

DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) X – How to play PS2 games on your smartphone

DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) – PS2 emulator on smartphone

This application was released by DamonPS2, a well-known manufacturer, not long ago. It is currently only available for Android devices just with a small amount of $ 9.9. And those who are using iOS devices will have to wait a little longer to use this great emulator. DamonPS2 claims that the DamonPS2 PRO emulator (PS2 Emulator) can run over 1,000 titles on the PS2 smoothly on smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 +, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Xiaomi Mi6, Huawei. P10 and other devices with processor chips equivalent to those devices.

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DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) will be a paid application with a small cost of $ 9.9. This is really a small number in comparison with what it will give you. Even if the manufacturer promised that if you feel dissatisfied with their application or have any problems, they will refund the money you spent to buy it. As for how you control it, the application will set up all the controls on the PS2 with the virtual keys on your phone’s screen, so you can experience it. Familiar titles are easy. In addition, it also has many other advanced features such as Cheat Code, Widescreen Patch, Frameskip, Mipmap, Save / Load Game State in the Cloud Network. If you want to have these great features, you will need to pay a new price. Its new price is 9.99 $.

The application will constantly update the new version to fix the basic bug in the previous version as well as to add new other interesting features for the players. Here are some of the unique features of the DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator):

  • Experiencing more than 1000 popular titles ever on the PS2
  • Smooth experience on most high-end or high-end smartphones
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use
  • Application copyright, high security
  • Just connect 3 / 4G or wifi to play games easily
  • Recreate the PS2 titles in the most authentic way
  • Along with many other interesting features …
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Download DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) APK V1.1 for Android, iOS

With the DamonPS2 PRO simulator (PS2 Emulator), you can now retrieve your memories from PS2 games. Moreover, the most interesting thing is that you can easily experience this app on your smartphone. You will have two choices for yourself – live experience with virtual keys on the screen or connection to a handheld controller via the Lightning cable. And here is the link to download the DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) application for your device.

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