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App NameCCleaner
Version24.03.0 b800010568
Publisher Piriform
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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CCleaner PRO cleans system junk, optimizes RAM, speeds up your device, and much more. This Windows app has a mobile version available for now. Download CCleaner’s latest mod for free at!

About CCleaner: Cache Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer 

One of the best ways to improve your device’s security is to always make sure it is cleaned from junk files, caches, and more. On the app market, there are a lot of apps that have been released to do this, and they really work. CCleaner is one of them.

One of the best ways to improve your device’s security is to always make sure it is cleaned from junk files, caches, and more. On the app market, there are a lot of apps that have been released to do this, and they work really well. CCleaner is one of them.

CCleaner has reached over 100 million downloads on Play Store with nearly 2 million positive reviews from users. This application offers a lot of unique features that make it easy to optimize device performance and do more. CCleaner is not an ad blocker or anti-virus. It acts as your virtual assistant to clean your system, optimize device performance and improve security. Besides, the application brings a comprehensive data analyzer to help you deeply evaluate your device and the problems it is facing. From there, the application assists you in solving those problems.



Today, smartphones are an important part of many people’s lives. The smartphone not only helps us to keep in touch with people, but it is also a portable entertainment device. Unlike Windows computers, we keep smartphones with us and take them wherever we go. Most of the time, you always have your smartphone by your side. Every machine becomes slow and stale when operated regularly for a long period of time. So, please know how to take care of them as a companion.

After a period of use, the Android operating system creates cache and junk files. They slow down your device. Besides, the fact that users install and use too many applications has created more junk files. It comes with risks of information leaks, viruses, and many other security concerns. Don’t blame the operating system because that’s the way it should work.

Find a solution for yourself to prevent this. The fact that you install too many unknown apps makes your device slow to touch, along with high-security risks. Most people are indifferent to this because there are so many other things in life for them to care about.

However, it will be a big problem if your device is infected with malicious code then your personal information is stolen. CCleaner is ready to help you prevent this. It provides a lot of solutions to handle junk files and speeds up device performance.

Unique features in CCleaner

CCleaner offers a lot of outstanding features to help you optimize device performance. The mobile version uses a different interface from the PC version. However, the features are quite similar. Join us to explore them right below.

Boosts your device performance

One of the most outstanding features of CCleaner is that it can speed up your device with just a few taps. As we said, there are lots of causes for your device to slow down after a while. The biggest cause of this is cache and junk files that are created after you use apps.

Besides, there are many tasks running in the background that you never even know. Don’t worry, CCleaner can handle this. Of course, CCleaner cannot upgrade CPUs, or increase the amount of RAM in your device, but it does many different ways to reduce CPU tasks and free up memory for RAM.

The application helps you to quickly free up RAM memory, kills all background tasks and unnecessary services in the device. After just a few seconds, you will notice a big difference as your device runs smoother, apps are also more stable.

If you are a PRO member, you can use the Long-term Boost option. This feature freezes the apps that you don’t use, thereby speeding up the device’s performance and saving battery power.

CCleaner features

Clean up junk files

When you run any application or game, they automatically generate cache files. They are caching of temporary data. These files get bigger as you use the app more and more. Even if you delete apps, the cache still exists on your device and you probably don’t know about them either. They are a big cause of your device’s memory filling up quickly for unknown reasons. CCleaner can handle these files.

The application will automatically scan all junk files and visible cache in the device and display them according to the list. You can select or uncheck any of these lists, then click “Clean” to get everything cleaned. Once everything is cleaned up, you should see a significant increase in your device’s storage. Thanks to CCleaner, you can also see which applications or files are having the largest size on the device. If you find them no longer needed, you can delete them.

CCleaner allows you to enable the Automatic Cleaning option if you have already upgraded to a PRO account. After enabling this option, the application will run to clean cache and junk files at the time that you have set. You only need to set it up once, then everything will happen automatically.

Analyze your device

If you are a person who likes to play games and explore apps on Android, you must have installed a lot of games and applications on your device. There is a study on many Android users that has shown that more than 70% of installed apps are not used for a long time. Many people don’t delete unused apps because they think it’s unnecessary. However, that is a mistake.

CCleaner can browse and collect data of all games, applications, and media files currently on your device. From there, the app analyzes everything based on your usage habits and then displays it as a chart. Weekly or monthly, you can see the analyzed information displayed on the chart including screen time, apps used most, apps not used, number of running applications, and free memory space. From this chart, you can see which applications you are not using. From there, consider deleting them.

Even when every task has been cleaned up, there are still a few things that need to be done to optimize the performance of your device. You won’t know when your device is overloaded or how much RAM is free after running a game. Don’t worry, CCleaner always checks your system and displays detailed information about device memory, available RAM, and CPU speed. From there, you can better monitor and control the device.

Some other features

  • Cloud Transfers: CCleaner allows you to Transfers your data to the cloud and keep them safe. Currently, there are 2 supported services are Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Photo Optimizer: Compress and optimize photos in your gallery.
  • Security Tips: Lots of tips to help you improve device security.
  • System Info: Displays all information about the device including configuration, network speed, battery capacity, OS version.
  • File Manager: Manage files in the device. Categorized into categories are App, Photos, Audio, Video, and Files.

Why should you use CCleaner?

CCleaner is recommended by many security experts. This app offers great features to speed up your device and many other benefits. Here are the reasons why you should install and use it now.

Easy to use

Basically, CCleaner works similar to the system cleaning applications on your computer many years ago. Everything is clear and easy to catch. You don’t need any skills to use this app. All you need to do is download it from Google Play, open the app, complete the basic settings and then enjoy the app. If you are a PRO member,

If you’re a busy person, don’t forget to turn on notifications from the app. At the right times, CCleaner will notify you when it is necessary to clean the device or alert you to hazards when it appears.

Save your battery

One of the most important elements of cleaning apps is that they are not allowed to interfere with device system performance. CCleaner did a good job of this. Although it works very hard to keep everything under control, CCleaner has almost no effect on device performance. The application also has no background services so it is guaranteed not to drain the battery.

Good support

The developers of CCleaner provide a lot of different channels for you to submit feedback on the application. First, if you are a PRO member you can submit direct in-app support to connect to the technician in the app. With a free account, you can connect to the app’s user community and submit support-request topics. If you have new ideas for application perfection, you can also quickly send them to the CCleaner team.

APK MOD of CCleaner

What is the PRO package?

CCleaner is completely free to download. However, there are a few features in the app that is limited. You need to upgrade your account to Pro to use them. Here are the benefits of PRO account:

  • Remove Ads: Remove all ads that appear in the app.
  • Deep Clean: Removes hidden junk files.
  • Automatic Cleaning: Set the time for the application to automatically run and clean the system.
  • Long-term Boost: Freeze unused apps
  • PRO Battery Life: Full automatic saving profiles
  • Photo Optimizer: Control size and quality of photos
  • Priority Support: Allows sending tickets to technical support.

MOD Features

At APKmazon, you can download the latest mod version of CCleaner. Of course, it’s completely free. The mod feature allows you to enjoy all the features in the PRO package for free.


CCleaner is a super useful application in helping you to optimize the performance of your phone. It easily improves performance, enhances device security, manages applications, optimizes data in device memory and much more. Download the latest mod of CCleaner for free to enjoy the PRO features for free.

Download CCleaner MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 24.03.0 b800010568

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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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