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Aniyomi MOD APK (Optimized/Lite)

There’s a broad selection of anime and manga available now. The Aniyomi APK provides access to a vast media archive. In this way, you can monitor the status of your list and adjust it as required.

App NameAniyomi
Publisher Javier Tomás
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoOptimized/Lite


Smartphones have become a vital part of our lives in today’s society, allowing us to achieve beautiful things that were previously inconceivable. With so many applications accessible, we can instantly access a world of entertainment, education, and more. Aniyomi is the ideal app for anime and manga fans to install.

While other streaming applications include anime and manga titles, Aniyomi takes it further. This free software features an outstanding library of thousands of anime and manga titles anybody may enjoy. Users may effortlessly view and read their favorite titles with the help of numerous add-ons.

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About Aniyomi

In entertainment, anime and manga have ingrained themselves deeply into the lives of many individuals. The engaging narrative, interesting characters, and unique visual styles have grabbed the hearts of fans throughout the globe. Due to the enthusiasm and commitment of these followers, the sector has experienced exponential growth over time.

The world of anime and manga has been elevated to a new level thanks to the groundbreaking software Aniyomi. Fans may watch anime shows and read manga in one convenient location, providing an all-in-one experience. But that’s not all; the app also offers additional functions to improve user experience.

Fans have access to a vast collection of anime films and manga series, thanks to Aniyomi. The user-friendly layout of the app makes it simple for them to browse through new titles. Aniyomi allows users to watch anime from various extensions without subscribing to different platforms, unlike other streaming applications.

For manga enthusiasts, the app offers an excellent selection of titles. With the numerous choices available, readers may tailor their reading experiences. Fans can keep track of their list of anime and manga titles on MyAnimeList, Kitsu, AniList, Bangumi, and Shikimori.

Aniyomi, in conclusion, is a paradise for anime and manga fans, providing a smooth and practical experience for enthusiasts to indulge in their passion. Download the app for free to explore a universe filled with intriguing people and gripping plotlines.

Keeping Up with the Latest Anime Episodes

Keeping up with the most recent episodes of their favorite series is essential for die-hard anime fans. Aniyomi is aware of this requirement and fills it by providing a unique feature that stands out from other anime apps: support for tracking from numerous sources.

Users can quickly follow and update their preferred anime films using Aniyomi from several sources, guaranteeing they always have access to the newest episodes as soon as they are published. The software offers various sources by supporting tracking with well-known services, including MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, MangaUpdates, Shikimori, and Bangumi.

Using this function, customers may stay current with anime trends and ensure they never miss an episode of their favorite programs. Users can manage their watchlists, receive reminders when new episodes are available, and monitor their progress.

The Ultimate Boredom Buster for Anime Fans

With Aniyomi, you may indulge in a world filled with many anime and manga series that provide something for everyone. Immerse yourself in various genres, including mystery, action, humor, and adventure.

Aniyomi has everything, whether you’re in the mood for a short anime episode or a thorough manga read. Thanks to the innumerable titles available from different studios and authors, you may watch your favorite anime and manga whenever you want.

Thanks to Aniyomi’s vast selection, you may easily enjoy the top anime and manga titles on your list. Explore several extensions to find new, intriguing titles that will keep you occupied for hours.

Many advanced customizations for the best reading experience

With the personalization tools on Aniyomi, you can completely personalize your experience with anime and manga. To personalize your reading and viewing experience, experiment with various reader kinds and color filters.

You may customize many app parts with Aniyomi’s settings by choosing from various options. Aniyomi includes everything you need, whether you want to adjust the text size or turn on dark mode for a more pleasant viewing experience.

MOD APK of Aniyomi

MOD info

  • Optimized/Lite


Aniyomi is a fantastic software for anime and manga fans. It provides many free anime and manga titles from many sources, allowing users to view and read their favorite material in one location. Aniyomi is a must-have software for anybody wishing to enjoy the most significant anime and manga experience on their mobile device, thanks to its support for several tracking sources and comprehensive customizing options.

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