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War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD APK (Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy) 9.4.1

Win the Great Iron War! 3D mech robot shooter in PvP mode!

App NameWar Robots Multiplayer Battles
Publisher UPWAKE.ME
MOD InfoMenu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy
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About this MOD

1. MOD Menu
2. Speed Multiplier
 // Increase Movement Speed

3. Set Jump Height // Increase Jump Distance
4. No Gravity // Removes Gravity
5. Bots don’t shoot // Bot controlled robots won’t shoot


About War Robots

War Robots is the game for you if you like to shoot many bad guys in a future setting. Playing as a giant robot commander, your goal in this game is to defeat other player-controlled robots. Test your mettle in massive player-against-player clashes against other gamers worldwide.

Participate in the Terrible Battles

Start-up tutorials will help you learn the ropes of controlling your robot and using the various in-game controls. A button on the left contains your robot’s movement and is fired at enemy bots by pressing a button on the right. Then, you’ll dive headfirst into a real battle across various perilous virtual landscapes and against compelling, risky players who can strike any time. The objective of the fight is to destroy the opponent with the robot’s weapons. The match ends when either player’s robot is destroyed.

Use all of your abilities to their fullest potential

Every match calls for an equal measure of offense and defensive abilities. The key to taking the initiative in every scenario is learning when to attack and when to protect. You’ll need more training to become the game’s most brutal robot, but the effort will be worthwhile. You can get valuable insight into your opponent’s style of play, which will help you swiftly develop and use that knowledge in future matches against opponents of similar skills.

You Can Pick From a Variety of Robots

War Robots has more than 50 powerful battling robots, each with its unique look and set of skills. Each kind of robot is distinct in appearance, color, and power. Before purchasing a robot, it’s essential to consider all the options available to you carefully. You’ll need to shell out more cash for higher-tier robots.

Tune Up Your Robot

In this game, you may equip your robot with various weapons and modules, letting you experiment and discover the perfect fit for your play style. Ballistic missiles, plasma cannons, and massive shotguns are just some of the weapons at your disposal. Use them to obliterate your enemies, protect what you value, or annoy them. Join a powerful clan to find reliable partners (and friends!) in the game, or start your own. Independent thinkers have their modes of expression, such as Arena and Free-for-All.

Learn the History

Every update adds new features and content to the War Robots universe, and the ever-expanding community is always willing to provide a hand. The game’s plot is compelling, and it expands upon the game’s background in exciting ways. The game’s backstory may be investigated, and players can have meaningful conversations with one another.

MOD APK version of War Robots

MOD feature

Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy


Ultimately, War Robots is a futuristic take on the shooter genre that is both interesting and entertaining. The game has more than 50 different robots to choose from, modifiable weaponry and modules, and engaging gameplay. There’s always a way to show off your individuality as a musician, whether you want to perform alone or in a band. Therefore, try War Robots if you want a fun and challenging first-person shooter.

Download War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD APK (Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy) 9.4.1

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