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Left to Survive: zombie games MOD APK (Menu/Damage, God mode, Ammo) 6.3.1

Life among dead after apocalypse on earth. Zombie survival & multiplayer game

App NameLeft to Survive: zombie games
Publisher UPWAKE.ME
Size1.18 GB
MOD InfoMenu/Damage, God mode, Ammo
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About this MOD

MOD 1:

  • damage multiplier
  • god mode
  • no reload

MOD 2:

  • Unlimited Ammo


About Left to Survive

The planet Left To Survive is a post-apocalyptic wasteland where humanity must battle for its existence against hordes of zombies. Starting expeditions, interacting with the game’s heroes, and competing in PvP battles and helicopter raids are all ways players may help humanity recover and rebuild in this game.

Battle for Survival Against Invading Zombies

Zombies have invaded the planet of Left To Survive, and players must assume the role of heroes to save humanity. The Survival Campaign is the initial phase in eliminating the global threat the zombie apocalypse poses. This story-based gameplay option sends players on missions to rescue the world. Players must use their shooting abilities to survive in this challenging and exciting game mode.

Extensive Selection of End-of-the-World Armor

Players have access to an arsenal of powerful weapons and protective armor in their quest to rid the planet of the undead. Assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, and shotguns are just a few options. The equipment improves the hero’s abilities, and players may improve them further by leveling up and evolving their weapons and armor.

Rally the Heroes for the Gunfight

The zombie apocalypse survivors are introduced to the players, each with talents and abilities. These experts can make the player’s base stronger and their journey simpler. Players must grow and increase the heroes’ abilities to give the survivors fresh hope and a new home.

All Systems Go for an End of the World Base Attack!

One of the most essential parts of Left To Survive is raiding enemy bases. Players must use their aircraft to sneak into enemy bases and steal supplies, but they should not expect a “warm” reception. Stealing resources from the enemy will be complex because towers and local soldiers guard their bases. Players must arm and improve the helicopter with a formidable weapon to make a successful raid.

Throw Down in Competitive Matches

In player vs. player matches, participants can compete to prove they are the best shooter in the game. The game provides an excellent venue for players to test their shooting skills against one another, learn from one another, determine who among them is the greatest, and prepare for their eventual encounter with zombies. The action game has solo and two-on-two survival modes for players to enjoy. During the world’s end, they can band with members of their clan to take on other players as a team.

Set up a secure foundation, and you’ll have a better chance of surviving

Players must construct a haven for themselves and fellow survivors if they want to see a bright future. Players may make their base a haven by providing food and supplies, equipping heroes with unique skills, and customizing weaponry. It has to be fortified so that it can withstand attacks without being looted.

The Game’s Overall Plan

The world-ending zombie apocalypse in 2024 is the backdrop of Left To Survive. The world’s most populous areas are attacked by a deadly virus carried by airborne droplets. In this game, you play as Michael, a survivor who must save civilians and rid the world of the undead. Everywhere you turn, enemies are waiting, but you’ll be prepared with potent melee and ranged weapons. Players can engage in PvP battles on their own or as part of a team, in addition to fighting zombies and improving their camp.

When zombies are present, everyday life takes on new dangers

Zombies suddenly start attacking the human world because they think it’s tasty. As a result, undead shamble around near collapsed structures in an environment that smells like smoke and rotting flesh. Everyone who makes it out of the end of the world alive becomes a gun-toting hero who fights to restore order and stop the end of the world. Players must utilize their weapons to destroy the undead as a way of life.

Newest Weapons to Aid Heroes

Left To Survive equips gamers with cutting-edge defensive weapons to help them complete their objective of eliminating the hordes of zombies that have overrun the streets and cities. Players can draw handguns, machine weapons, and sniper rifles from this hidden cache. Weapon selection is left up to the player, who may make the most of their abilities in any situation.

Power Up Your Hero

A player may improve their hero in this game by combining various components with building customized equipment. The helicopter is a special equipment that allows players to increase their weapon’s level and their hero’s strength. Players can use the aircraft to conduct surprise strikes from above, dealing significant damage to their opponents.

The Founding of a Shared Mission for Heroes University

All the lucky ones who make it out alive become reluctant heroes in Left To Survive’s universe. To form a unified force, players might seek them out and begin discussions. Everyone is unique and has their own set of skills, weapons, and talents. Collectively, they will be able to leverage the skills of their members better and end the threat posed by zombies to humankind.

Planning for an Effective Fight

Launching surprise attacks is the best way to eliminate the zombie threat and prevent them from regrouping in their home country. The helicopter is at its most helpful in allowing players to survey the area from above with an unbiased perspective. Players can devise sound, strategic plans and immediately put them into play. The window of opportunity to amass zombie weaponry has opened, but they may have to rush into fierce and furious combat with their opponent to take advantage of it. Scavenged items can be brought back to the player’s base.

Establishing Safe Military Installations

Left To Survive encourages and helps players construct military outposts for protection, security, and sanctuary. After returning from battle, players and other survivors might seek refuge at the military base. Everyone congregates there to plan their next move. The members’ weapons are safely stored in the hidden compartment of the specific military installation.

The Game’s Main Attributes

The player must fight off waves of zombies to survive. If the end of the world ever happens, you’ll have a lot of armor choices with this. In this action game, players can assemble a team of heroes. In case of a zombie invasion, the engines have been checked and are primed and ready for base raiding. Players can take part in head-to-head competitions against one another. Finally, to ensure their continued existence, players might construct a fortress.

MOD APK version of Left to Survive

MOD feature

Menu/Damage, God Mode, Ammo


Left To Survive is a thrilling, action-packed game that takes players on an epic post-apocalyptic adventure. Players can adapt to and prosper in this post-apocalyptic environment thanks to the vast arsenal at their disposal. The game’s compelling story, strategic fights, and player vs. player matchups keep players interested and challenged. The player’s experience is improved by the option to construct a military base and band together with other heroes. Left To Survive’s actions, strategy, and survival are well-balanced and enjoyable.

Download Left to Survive: zombie games MOD APK (Menu/Damage, God mode, Ammo) 6.3.1

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