TapTap MOD APK (NO) 2.12.0

App NameTapTap
Publisher X.D. Network
Require4.4 and up

TapTap offers hundreds of thousands of new, upcoming, and popular games on Android. This marketplace app is available on our blog and is free to download.

About TapTap App

Android is the most popular mobile operating system currently with more than 3 billion active devices globally. Not only possessing a user-friendly interface and many unique features, but Android also has a huge application store than any other operating system. Google created Play Store, the official app marketplace for Android, which publishes legitimate apps from developers around the world.

On the Play Store, you can easily find the right content. However, it seems boring because Google’s strict policy makes many interesting apps and games impossible to publish. Or perhaps because of their algorithm many great apps are not recommended on this platform. If you are looking for another Android app marketplace that is more user-friendly and intuitive, Taptap might be the right choice.

TapTap acts as a special app marketplace for the Android platform where you can find popular, trending, and upcoming games. TapTap was founded in 2016 by X.D. Network, a technology corporation based in China. Originally a product focused on the domestic market, TapTap is now globally available and used by hundreds of millions of Android users. The application supports many different languages. Besides Chinese, you can switch to English, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian.

Similar to the Play Store, you can use TapTap on many platforms, including the web, Android devices (including Tablets), and almost Android emulators such as Blue Stack, NOX.


Key features of TapTap

TapTap is one of the popular app marketplaces on Android. Let’s explore its outstanding features right below.

Bringing in popular local games

TapTap relies on reviews and other interactive signals from users to rate a game. Therefore, games that are good and attract many players always have a place in the list of the most popular on the platform. Similar to the Play Store, TapTap displays a ranking of trending and popular games based on your country. You can see the games that are trending in your country or check the charts in other countries such as the USA, Japan, Korea, India, and Taiwan. There is, of course, a global leaderboard that displays the aggregate ratings of all games on the platform.

One good thing about this platform is that it relies on reviews from real users to rate a game. With good quality games and lots of positive feedback from players, they will rank up on local and global leaderboards. The developer also uses filters to remove spam and untrusted reviews. Besides, the ratings are also based on the user interface language so that the information is always clear and easy to understand.

Don’t forget to visit the Discover tab to see what’s happening in the world mobile gaming community. You can check out Editor’s Choice to check out a list of the best games that have been handpicked by the editors. Besides, there is a TapTap Exclusive catalog for exclusive products that will be released soon on the platform.

Upcoming Android Games

Compared to Play Store, TapTap does better in introducing new games. On this platform, you can easily find new and upcoming games on Android. You can even preload some exclusive games from TapTap. They are special releases that you can only find on TapTap.

With some games in beta, developers usually only release them in certain countries. If you are not on the list of supported IPs, you cannot find them on the Play Store. However, on TapTap, all games are publicly released. There are no limitations so you can download and install games easily.


Huge and friendly community

One thing we like about TapTap is the community feature it has built into every game page. This feature closes the gap between developers and their players. On this platform, developers not only release their products, but they can also send announcements, news and receive feedback from players.

When you download a game from the Play Store, you only receive new notifications from the developer when the latest update is available. If you want to check other information about new events or new products, you must follow the developer’s social networking channels like Facebook Page, Twitter, IG… It’s quite annoying. There are tons of new information appearing on your Newsfeed every day and there is no guarantee that game news will also show up. Don’t worry because TapTap can take care of this problem.

More than just a legitimate app marketplace, TapTap also acts as a miniature social network where developers can share new information about new products, updates, events, and much more. Each game on TapTap has a group dedicated to it. This is where players can join and post discussions with like-minded people.

Easy to download games

Similar to the Play Store, TapTap allows you to easily download games from the platform. The download speed is always stable. Visit the My Game tab to manage all the games installed on your device. Here you can also check which games are getting new updates. Just click “Update All” to automatically download and install all updates.

If you’ve finished downloading a game from Taptap but haven’t installed it yet, just open the “Download” section at “My Game” to install it whenever you want.

Friendly interface

After you download TapTap APK and install it, you see the main interface of the application with simple and intuitive functions. The application interface includes 5 tabs, including:

  • Home: Browse games personalized for you. There is also a list of upcoming games and a ranking of popular games. The Ranking section not only shows popular local games, it showcases upcoming games that allow you to pre-register.
  • Discover: This tab displays a list of new and popular games on the platform. You can also browse games by genre such as Action, Simulation, Survival, Actions… If you don’t see your favorite game, don’t forget to type it in the search bar.
  • Moments: Similar to Newsfeed on Facebook. This tab is where new game updates are posted. You can follow a favorite game to prioritize showing their stories on the news feed. Besides, you can browse groups of popular games and groups that you have joined.
  • Notifications: Notifications about new news, game events. Besides, here you receive notifications when someone replies or likes your comments, someone follows you and someone reposted from you.
  • My Games: Manage all the games you have downloaded and installed. You can update new versions of the game here.

Overall, TapTap’s interface is quite simple and intuitive so it shouldn’t be difficult to get started.

Safe and legal

When compared to other app marketplaces, TapTap also proves to be a safe app marketplace. TapTap is a user-friendly marketplace with a wealth of resources. It allows you to find new, popular and upcoming Android games. All content before being published on the platform is thoroughly checked by the editors. It ensures that you don’t accidentally download viruses and malicious games.

Are there any alternatives?

While TapTap is a great app marketplace for gamers, it doesn’t seem to succeed in expanding its user base. One thing that you can easily notice is that there are no Android applications on this platform. Besides, the game installs are original. In case you want to download premium apps and game mods, we recommend HappyMOD.

Besides, there are many other app marketplaces that can replace TapTap such as AppValley, Apptoide, APKpure. They are all reputable platforms that provide free games and apps for Android.


After more than 5 years in the market, TapTap proves it to be one of the great app marketplaces for mobile gamers. For those who are looking for new, upcoming, popular games in their local area, TapTap is a good choice. Download the application via the link below.

Download TapTap MOD APK (NO) 2.12.0

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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