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App NameMoncage
Publisher X.D. Network
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoPaid
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Are you confident in your imagination and logical reasoning ability? Challenge your skills by uncovering the secrets inside Moncage’s mysterious cube.

About Moncage

Moncage is a cool puzzle game developed by the maker of Muse Dash, X.D. Network. Join the game; you admire not only the unique beauty of the mysterious cube but also challenge your imagination. The segments presented are closely connected. It challenges the delicate mind to complete the logic chain. Plus, it is a game filled with complex but interesting puzzles. A big picture is waiting for you to find the small details to complete.

Moncage mod apk download

The plot of the game

The world of Moncage revolves around a mysterious cube with many exciting illusions. Each side offers a different and unique scene that is a window into a new and unique world. It could be an old factory with lots of machinery. It could be a bedroom filled with documents or a secret island. This cube stimulates your curiosity. Every detail it hides makes it impossible to ignore. Therefore, uncovering the mysteries and elements in it is what you want right now.


Although the faces of the cube are different, they are interconnected. Your task in Moncage is to uncover hidden links to solve puzzles through illusions. The first face in the cube is an old camera. Slide to rotate and tap to zoom in/ interact to get an overview of the cube’s faces. It would help to link the parts included in each face to form a complete item.

For example, on side two, you will see the top half of the truck. When you rotate to side 3, you will see the other half. Connect the two parts of this truck, and you’re done. You can tap to interact with the details while connecting them. Continue with the other sides of the cube until you can find no more items. With each item found, a new scene will appear in that face with further details. One piece of advice for you is to stay calm and carefully observe everything on each side. If you rotate quickly, you can easily miss these items.

Multidimensional world

Each face of the cube is a different space and world. It has other effects and images for you to experience. The cube in Moncage is like a miniature world that you can rotate to many angles. On the 1st side, it could be an old studio; on the 2nd side, it could be a factory with many buildings. In particular, when successfully connecting an item, it will lead you to a new scene and story. Interoperable things are also different in each aspect. Just zoom in / zoom out on one side; everything will change immediately. You have to constantly use your imagination and optical illusions to connect the parts. All effects are made to give you an incredible visual experience.

Moncage features

Discover stories

Each puzzle solved contains stories you never expected. As long as you find enough items, you can discover extraordinary stories. If you pay attention, you will see that the first image is a camera. It contains game content revolving around the memories that are kept. Each puzzle you need to solve is the detail in a photo. When enough points are discovered, it will transport you to new scenes. Here you can explore recorded stories. The world in Moncage will rotate all time, so it will not interrupt your playing experience.

Medal Collection

You can know the limit of your puzzle skills through this puzzle game’s achievement system. The game offers 15 achievements for players to puzzle and conquer. For each achievement achieved, you will receive unique designed medals. It is a separate story that you have successfully discovered during the puzzle process. These medals are also the best proof for you to show off to your friends. Try to collect the complete set of 15 medals to see the full range of these unique designs.

Guide system

You don’t need to worry about maneuvering or passing puzzles in Moncage. The game provides a specific instruction system on how to control the cube. The focus of the sides in the cube is well highlighted. Every time you successfully connect the items, it will glow for you to better shape. Besides, the control instructions also appear regularly to give you suggestions. If you can’t find the solution, watch the videos to unlock the missing items. It is the fastest way to get to the next chapters.

Moncage gameplay

Eye-catching graphics and soothing sounds

Every scene that appears in this game will make you say “Wow.” It is detailed with many unique images. You can simultaneously view multiple sides of the world in a single cube. The effects when successfully connecting an item are also stunning. In addition, the sound in the game is gentle enough to keep you focused. Although it requires you to think logically, it helps you reduce stress effectively.

MOD APK of Moncage

MOD info

Paid/ Patched: now you can install this game for free.

How to istall Moncage APK

This application has a new build format, so you need to install it through SAI (Split APKs Installer). Detailed installation instructions are in the application.


The mysterious cube in Moncage will lead you to many unique scenes. Download the game now and challenge your imagination through solving puzzles with Mind-Boggling optical illusions.

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