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T3 Arena MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.24.822248

App NameT3 Arena
Publisher XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

XD Network Inc just released a fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer shooter called T3 Arena. You can hardly take your eyes off this game with attractive 3D graphics, engaging gameplay, and a multi-skill hero system.

About T3 Arena

Shooting games on the market today are often time-wasting and come with many complex missions. It makes players bored quickly and takes too long to complete the levels. T3 Arena was released with many new elements and brought many memorable experiences for fans of fast games. The game has fast gameplay with 3-5 mins in each match. It also has many attractive game modes for players to show their abilities and teamwork. In particular, it has two game modes, online and offline, for you to experience. You can get used to the combat system and offline missions first. Then join the fight with other teams and friends in online mode.

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The gameplay of T3 Arena is not complicated. When participating in battles, you need to try to move, choose the right skills, and shoot at the right time. The aim assist system of the game will help you determine the target faster and more accurately. Besides, with the 3×3 shooting mechanism, each match will have the participation of two teams. Each team will have three members with different hero systems. It would help if you relied on the hero’s attributes and strength to combine reasonable tactics.

Also, the goal of fighting in battles has changed. Some modes like Team Deathmatch require the fighting sides to find a way to destroy the first 20 lives. Another mode is Crystal Assault which requires teams to successfully eliminate the opponent’s diamond while keeping their diamond safe. You and your teammates need to work together to win the fastest opponent.

Pay attention to collecting support items along the way

Support items are essential and help you in many situations. During moving on the map, you will encounter many different things such as blood, first aid items, weapons, ammunition, armor, etc. These items help your hero regain strength to continue fighting. Try to expand the range of movement to collect more of these necessities. Besides, it would be best to change ammo immediately when you have finished killing a target. A gun with full ammo will keep you ready to fight and counterattack.

T3 Arena features

Various heroes with unique skills

T3 Arena owns a special hero lineup with a unique design. Each hero will have their weapon, fighting style, and special skills. Besides, the position of the heroes is also different when combining the squad. Some of the essential functions are the vanguard, significant damage, support, etc. With this difference in fighting style, you need to know the information of the heroes to combine a reasonable battle mode. Some heroes you might like are Shell, a perfect hacker; Labula, a cute alien with short-range attack ability; Ossas with great long-range sniper skill; Kazama, Skardi, etc. Just combining the correct hero positions, your team’s ability to win will increase.

T3 Arena heroes

Equip the hero with effects and attack skills

Each hero in T3 Arena will be pre-set with two skills, including ranged and melee attacks. These skills support the hero’s flexibility in combat. Depending on the situation and the distance from the opponent, you can customize to use the appropriate skill. Also, the game allows you to change the position and arrangement of these skills. Besides, you can unlock many other skills for your character as you level up.

Select the collection and business card for information about your character’s skills and weapons. There will be small items in the group: business cards, energy drinks, and gourds. You can choose the victory celebratory effects in these items to decorate the character. Every time your team wins, they will appear and add to the fun atmosphere.

Bonus points and level up rewards

The number of bonus points you receive after the end of the game will be based on the number of achievements you have achieved during the game. Bonus points include honor points and battle pass points. The higher the score, the easier it is to level up. Besides, when you level up, T3 Arena will reward many attractive rewards. These rewards are not only gold coins, items, or materials to upgrade characters but also new heroes. When you reach certain levels, you will unlock advanced heroes or even new features in the game. All the rewards you get will be displayed at the gallery. You can follow them and don’t try to get all these rewards.

Chibi graphics and funny sounds

The graphics of T3 Arena are more memorable than the shooting games you have ever played. The character system and map designed in Chibi and 3D style bring modernity and a new perspective. The characters are developed in detail with their unique style. In particular, the battle and celebration effects of the characters are also fascinating. Besides, the sound in the game is quite fun and catchy. The melodious music and battle sounds give you a sense of excitement.

MOD APK of T3 Arena

MOD Info

  • Unlimited money
  • All Unlocked

Note: T3 Arena MOD APK is not available yet. We will update it as soon as it is available.


If you are looking for a fast-paced 3×3 shooting game with fancy graphics, T3 Arena is perfect. Download this game now, form a team of 3 and sweep all other players.

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