Samsung Internet Browser
Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser APK

The secure, private and optimized mobile web browser from Samsung

App NameSamsung Internet Browser
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In terms of web browsers, Samsung Electronics is well-known for its Samsung Internet Browser. It’s a free and open-source browser that works on Android smartphones, as well as Windows and macOS computers. The browser has many features that make it stand apart from other browsers and provide users with a faster, safer, and more personalized surfing experience.

Key features

The fast-loading time

This is Samsung Web Browser’s major selling point. The browser makes use of several methods, including content restriction, caching, and compression, to make pages load rapidly over both Wi-Fi and mobile networks. To provide its users with a more cutting-edge surfing experience, Samsung Internet Browser supports a wide variety of web technologies.

Ultimate Security & Confidentiality

Moreover, Samsung Internet Browser places a premium on user privacy and data protection. Built into the browser is an ad blocker that is effective against a large variety of advertisements and tracking scripts, shielding users from potential surveillance. It also has several safety measures, such as anti-phishing protection, that can keep users safe from online fraud.

Diverse personalities

Samsung Internet Browser is a fast and secure web browser that also allows for extensive personalization. Users can alter the browser’s visual style with a wide selection of skins, or skins, and backgrounds, and extend its functionality with many available add-ons. Users can save time surfing the web thanks to the browser’s support for a variety of gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Several capabilities exclusive to mobile devices can be found in the Samsung Internet Browser as well. For instance, it has a video assistant feature that can make it easier to watch films, and it also offers a one-handed mode that can make web browsing on larger devices more manageable.


  • Support search of bookmark folders and tab groups: Bookmark folders and tab groups can now be searched for in the respective menus.
  • Support erasing history for a given period: You can now remove your website account for a predetermined time.
  • Intelligent antitracking: Identify domains capable of cross-site tracking and prevent memory access intelligently (cookies).
  • Protected navigation: We will alert you before you visit websites that have been classified as dangerous to protect you from visiting sites that may attempt to steal your information.
  • Content Blocker: Samsung Internet on Android permits third-party applications to apply content-blocking filters, making browsing safer and more efficient.


In sum, Samsung Internet Browser is an excellent choice due to its speed, security, and abundance of useful features. If you’re looking for a new web browser that can improve your browsing experience or provide you with additional layers of security, Samsung Internet Browser is a strong contender.

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