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Rugos Premium - Icon Pack MOD APK (Patched) 27.3

Rugos Premium Chreased Effected with High Quality Vector Base Icon Pack

App NameRugos Premium - Icon Pack
Publisher Göktuğ ULAŞ
MOD InfoPatched
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About Rugos Premium

Rugos Premium is an excellent icon pack program that includes more than 5,650 icons that have been hand-crafted, as well as 500 or more wallpapers that are cloud-based. It is compatible with various launchers and provides its users with long-term support. Its icons are ultra-high definition and 256 pixels in size.

The Features of the App

The Rugos Premium application has various features that simplify navigating and personalizing the user’s device. Because each symbol’s vector visuals are created by hand using Adobe Illustrator as a reference, you can rest assured that the overall design of each icon is of the highest possible quality. The intelligent icon request function of the app enables users to make suggestions for adding new heroes to the pack, and the cloud-based wallpaper picker feature of the app assists users in finding the ideal wallpaper for their particular device. The application also features a help area that is comprised of frequently asked questions and other essential pieces of data.

Size Recommendations for Icons

The app team recommends specific sizes for various launchers to guarantee that the icons are the correct size for their respective launchers. The suggested length for Apex Launcher is also 120%, the same as for Nova Launcher (Prime), meaning both launchers recommend the same size. When using Go Launcher, the “big” size is the one that is recommended. However, it is essential to remember that Go Launcher does not support icon masking in any way. Therefore, a circle will be drawn around the icons that do not correspond to a theme. To resolve this issue, users should navigate to Preferences > Visual Settings > Under Icons and uncheck the box labeled “Show Icon Base.”

Important Notes

Users should keep in mind that there is a possibility that LG Launcher will not receive complete support before purchasing the application because of this vital fact. In addition, the permissions necessary for cloud wallpapers, Muzei support, icon requests, and the application of icons and wallpapers are explicitly geared at performing these particular tasks. The program’s dashboard codes are open-source, meaning users can inspect them on GitHub.

Include New Icons and Address Bugs in the Icon Application

Users of Rugos Premium’s updated edition will discover many new icons included in the pack. These high-quality icons were developed in response to requests made by previous users. Users’ issues when trying to apply different icons have also been fixed in the new version. These issues were present in the prior version. Users can have peace of mind knowing that the icons will be placed accurately, as this version will not have any incorrect icon placement.

You can customize the icons for the features of your device

The high-quality hand-crafted icons included in this app are just what you need to transform the appearance and behavior of your device. Users must have a launcher compatible with Rugos Premium’s publisher to utilize the application. The application is compatible with various launchers, and users can download the one that best matches their needs. Users will also need to alter the icon pack associated with the program to apply the icons. When modifying the size of these icons, the creator provides specific recommendations for you to consider.

User-Friendly Interface, as well as the Capability to Locate Any Icon That You Desire

The app application offers a user-friendly layout that allows users to easily explore the application and locate the icons they are looking for quickly and easily. Within the gadget, users can access a series of more than 4000 icons representing a variety of functions and categorize them through keywords to make it easier for them to locate the icons they need.

Icons of Superior Quality Made Available for Your Use

Remarkably, Rugos Premium provides access to such a large number of icons. The amount of available choices for users is high, and it will continue to rise over time in response to the feedback they provide to the developer. Users can use icons of any size without experiencing any discomfort as a residue of the longstanding quality of these icons, which have a threshold of 256 pixels. It can be used with a variety of launchers.

Choose the Backgrounds That You Like Best

The wallpaper tab of this app provides customers with a wide selection of wallpapers, each of which features a unique design. The application gives users access to a wide variety of icons and backgrounds, which enables them to continually update the appearance of their smartphone while still adhering to their tastes.


Users who wish to personalize the appearance and behavior of their device will find that Rugos Premium is an excellent application to utilize. Users have access to a vast array of materials, including icons that have been hand-crafted and wallpapers that are stored in the cloud. Because of the application’s user-friendly layout and straightforward navigation, it is simple for users to locate the desktop backgrounds and icons that they desire. Users can suggest new heroes be included in the pack and continue to take advantage of the application’s features thanks to the long-term support feature and the intelligent icon request function.

Download Rugos Premium - Icon Pack MOD APK (Patched) 27.3

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