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Mellow Dark - Icon Pack MOD APK (Patched) 27.3

A Source of Dark with Shapeles Freestyle Premium Icons 400.000 User On PlayStore

App NameMellow Dark - Icon Pack
Publisher Göktuğ ULAŞ
MOD InfoPatched
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About Mellow Dark

The smartphone application Mellow Dark allows users to modify the backgrounds and icons pre-installed on their devices. It provides users access to a comprehensive library of resources that can be used to customize their widgets, boasting over 5,650 handcrafted icons and 500 cloud-based wallpapers.

Icons Created Using Vector Graphics

Mellow Dark’s extensive library of unique vector icons, which number more than 3,200, is one of its most notable characteristics. Because each icon is built by hand using Adobe Illustrator vectors as a foundation, they are all one-of-a-kind and highly detailed. They are available in a range of styles, making it possible for users to pick the icon that best suits their aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, the combination of color schemes utilized in the icon collection is intended to make the heroes stand out more and contribute to the collection’s sense of originality.

Smart Calendar

Additionally, the app includes a dynamic calendar function that, combined with the icons on the primary screen, results in an exemplary dynamic calendar interface. Thanks to this functionality, users can more easily manage and take charge of their work and study schedules. The user can change the calendar’s color and design, giving them the ability to achieve complete coherence between the calendar and the icons they use.

Wallpapers That Need to Have Programming Done to Them

Each symbol comes with a background picture explicitly created to draw attention to the work of art. The wallpapers have been designed as a palette with an aesthetically pleasing color scheme, and they distribute color patches across the room. Users can select many wallpapers simultaneously, allowing them to enjoy a unique wallpaper each time they open their smartphone and eliminating the possibility of duplicates. However, users also have the option to alter their wallpaper from the gallery on their mobile device rather than necessarily adopting the recommendation that is integrated into the app.

Simple to Use With a Fast Search

The app includes a search function that is very user-friendly and helps users find the icons they desire in a concise amount of time. When a user enters a keyword into the app associated with the intended format or content, the app generates a list of options for the user to select from. After the icons have been applied, users can preview them to choose whether or not they are happy with the results. If this is not the case, they might continue their search for the ideal symbol.

The Features of the App

The Mellow Dark dashboard software comes packed with various features that make it even simpler to personalize your experience. It features vector graphics, and users can access multiple icon application techniques, including 22 launcher cards, 13 direct applications, and six manual procedures. The search tool included in the dashboard app makes it possible for users to see and search for all icons provided along with icon names. In addition, there is a function that allows users to request intelligent icons and a cloud-based wallpaper selector. The frequently asked questions and other resources in the help area are designed to assist users with any problems they may experience.

Size Recommendations for Icons

Mellow Dark is compatible with various launchers; however, the recommended icon sizes change depending on which launcher is used. The suggested length for Apex Launcher is also 120%, the same as for Nova Launcher (Prime), meaning both launchers recommend the same size. When using Go Launcher, the “Big” size is the one that is recommended.

Important Notes

Users should consider the possibility that LG Launcher will not provide complete support for this app before purchasing the software. In addition, Go Launcher does not support icon masking. Therefore, icons not part of a theme will have a superimposed circle. Users can remedy this by going to Preferences > Visual Settings > Under Icons and unchecking the box that says “Show Icon Base.”

Regarding Authorizations

Mellow Dark has asked for permission to access cloud wallpapers, Muzei support, icon request, applying icons, applying wallpapers, and other app functionalities. These permissions may be seen in the program’s About menu. Users can look at the source code for the app’s dashboard, which is open source and hosted on GitHub.


Mellow Dark is a good choice for those who want to modify the icons and wallpapers on their smartphone, which is why it is included in this pack. The software has over 400,000 users and provides a wide choice of handcrafted icons, cloud-based wallpapers, a savvy calendar, and an easy search option. The application is compatible with a variety of launchers and provides support for the long term.

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