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App NameRagnarok Origin
Publisher GRAVITY Co.
Require6.0 and up
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The legendary Ragnarok of the 2000s is back with a new look in the mobile version – Ragnarok Origin. Uncover the secrets of royalty from the past in this open space now.

About Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin is created based on Lee Myung-jin’s manhwa Ragnarok. Don’t you remember the famous PC Ragnarok series in the 2000s? Currently, Gravity Interactive has brought it back with the mobile version. This popular online multiplayer role-playing game is in closed beta. Already more than 400,000 players registered to play first. If the registers exceed one million, the publisher will increase the number of first-time login gifts.

In this latest mobile version, you will experience many attractive features. The new world is expanded with many exploration activities for you to try. The number of quests and role-playing activities has also increased significantly. Also, you have the opportunity to participate in challenges to develop the character’s strength. Moreover, the game’s graphics and sound truly bring players the most realistic experience. Let’s find out what to expect in this open-world RPG.

Ragnarok origin mod apk download

The plot of the game

The Ragnarok Origin’s story begins in the early modern period of Europe. Its space revolves around ancient palaces and European-style castles. Although the scene looked peaceful, human curiosity was not. The royal past has always been a mystery and creates a lot of curiosity. How was the historical story written? What happened in the kingdom development cycle? What secrets lie behind the splendor and tranquility of this kingdom? Only when you begin your journey to find the truth will all the evil begin to show up.


The gameplay of Ragnarok Origin focuses on developing the uniqueness of Ragnaro’s old version. Instead of just doing the available quests, players have the opportunity to experience an even deeper story with a diverse NPC system. In the beginning, you can choose your character’s gender and change their appearance. Then, it will lead you to a vast and gradually changing world over time. Your mission during the role-playing is to perform the required quests and uncover mysterious events.

The photo walls in the palace will give you inspiration and predictions of the journey. Sprakki will be the one to guide you through the first missions. Also, she instructs you on important quests for you to receive rewards and level up. The more missions you complete, the more unlocked combat skills and fascinating challenges you can play. In addition, the game offers a unique battle system and teaming to increase community interaction.

Ragnarok origin gameplay

Unique combat system

Ragnarok Origin features an attractive combat system such as PvE, Arena Combat, PvP, Player Vs Monster, or Player Vs All. PvE challenges come in varying degrees. You will experience the feeling of going clones, hunting World Bosses, fighting monsters to level up, or fighting monsters out of the map. When participating in these battles, use the skill buttons on the right side of the screen. Also, before entering the match, change the skills accordingly for effective combat.

During play, the game also provides training courses for you to increase your skills. You can choose one of the jobs: Swordman, Mage, Acolyte, Thief, Archer, and Merchant. Each job will have different training sessions and times. When completing the training, the system will give you a certificate and reward.

Big open world

The open world in Ragnarok Origin looks like a fantasy world. Players do not only perform tasks in one place. Instead, the map system is designed to be open and diverse for players to experience. Each map has a different graphic and sound design to increase the adventure for players. The design of the whole city and the land has its uniqueness. When you move to a new map, you will meet different NPCs and new friends. Different NPCs also offer interesting quests for you to complete.

Customize your heroes

The character’s design is made in 2D. Thus, you can observe them in all three directions: front, back, and side. The game allows you to change the appearance, costumes, or even parts of the character’s face. Plus, the classes and characters’ skills are also very diverse. Every time you level up, new skills are unlocked for you to experience. Besides, you can interact with your characters in a 3D environment. Therefore, it is easy to customize characters and control them smoothly. By integrating 2D and 3D graphics platforms, the characters in the game are different from other role-playing games.

Ragnarok origin features

Community connection system

NPC characters appearing on the street and players in Ragnarok Origin will help you discover interesting stories and quests. Just get close and touch these characters; you can get the quest right away. They will also tell you secret stories to get you more information. Besides, while fighting, don’t forget to team up with other players. They will support you to fight and complete tasks faster.

MOD APK of Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin is currently in beta so it’s only available in the app market in a few countries, including Singapore, Korea, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and North America. So don’t be surprised if you can’t find it on your local Play Store. Don’t worry, you can download and install it for free at our blog.

Does Ragnarok Origin mod exist?

Currently, the mod is not available. We will update it as soon as it is available.


Ragnarok Origin has vivid graphics, an attractive spatial setting, and significantly improved character images compared to the early versions. You will regret it if you do not experience this fantasy world role-playing game. Sign up for this beta version now!

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