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If you are looking for something to help you train your brain, you shouldn’t miss out on NeuroNation. With many challenging games, you can improve your memory and your mind better.

What is NeuroNation?

It is the product of a group of neuroscientists from the Free University of Berlin and coaching experts. They worked and studied brain enhancement for seven years before launching this app. They asked if the human brain and memory can be trained and improved. And it is a great product that deserves the sweat and tears of scientists. It’s like having a fitness trainer understanding your strengths and points and creating a well-organized schedule for you, including the sessions mentioned above.


Key features of NeuroNation

Focus on improving a particular skill

If you want to focus on improving a particular skill over a long period, it is your best bet. The app promises to improve your concentration, thinking, memory, or speed. First of all, you need to register for an account and choose the skill you want to improve. It will then offer a test to test your current level. In the picture below, you can see the attention skills test.

From this result, the program suggests sessions of 5 exercises that are suitable for you. At the end of the lesson, click Next to go to the next class, or click Select Exercise to choose the lesson you want. You can also track your progress in the rating menu.

27 exercises that challenge your brain

NeuroNation has a small number of exercises, only 27 activities, but just as exciting and different degrees of difficulty. A game can have dozens of different levels that players can unleash to challenge themselves. Also, there are very new types of Exercise in brain training that require high memory, thinking, and understanding to be solved well.  It focuses on different aspects of brain training: memory, concentration, intelligence, balance, fast reading, learning. Each course lasts several weeks and is adjusted based on how you took the test at the beginning.

Color Graze

 Players get the characters below the screen. When the game starts, rectangular tiles appear one after the other in the center of the screen. If it says Color in the box, you need to select the character with the same color as the part.  And if it is Meaning, you need to choose the name that has the region’s meaning. The difficulty is that many people say “color” + some color, but we only cross out the letter three times. 

Color is while it must be the background color of the word after Color. For example, in Color + black, the word black is colored orange; you should have selected the orange character, then you should fill the characters with the Color black only 5 seconds to choose it! So you practice slowly to shape your reflexes. Don’t be anxious to spend a high level early on; this type of post is easy to level off. Just practice first.

Flash Glance

The game again shows the numbers in the large circles above. The player must find one of the small floating circles under the same number as the big circle. It was easy at first, but slowly more numbers appeared on the four sides, not in any order, then there were extremely annoying “tricks”: turn the numbers upside down every few seconds. Move the circles, downsize the numbers to fool the eyes, and confuse players. Within 5 seconds, without finding anything, the screen “jerks” you up and switches to the next gear. Hence, it would help if you were quick and alert. But first, we play levels 1,2,3 to get used to it.


Gamers will get the underlying character cells with the value corresponding to any letter. Moreover, the program will bring the characters to the center of the screen and ask you to choose the appropriate message. In the beginning, there were letters and letters in the cell. But later in the box, only letters are left. After a while of playing, new characters gradually appeared. You need to have tips about remembering, not just remembering words and pictures, such as placing the box’s location. I remember correctly; this game has 13 levels. This Exercise trains not only memory but also logical thinking and activates both hemispheres at the same time. In my opinion, this game is the best on this list.


Chain reaction

It allows you to a chain of continuous operations. First of all, you get a cell with any calculation. You click the numbers in the calculator below to print out the results. If the correct product is displayed, the program automatically switches to the second cell. You will get the consequences before you edit the numbers in that cell.

Example: +3, you get the result before plus 3. This process continues continuously. There will come a time when you come across a unique character that represents a number. The program displays the value of this letter on the left, and you must remember its value as it will appear the next few times. As with the two exercises above, you only have 5 seconds to solve them.


This is the most challenging part of the game. You should see a matrix that contains only images. Each cell includes a photograph. You have 8 seconds to remember your location. After 8 seconds, the shapes disappear, and the cells’ position is changed, either back and forth or swapping or both.

The game will randomly ask for a character’s location, and you will need to choose the correct cell it is in. Carefully follow their tracks using logic to know where to go, where to go, and not to get caught. At first, there were only two pictures. If you play well, the number will increase to three and then to four, which means the level of difficulty will rise again.

Join the community and practice together

Not only can you invite friends to join in and compare your results, but you can also practice and break the old limits of your brain together. Did you know that up to 15,000,000 members worldwide train their thoughts with NeuroNation? Start your brain training journey by joining this community. You will be more motivated and happier every day.

MOD APK of NeuroNation

NeuroNation premium

If you want to train with all 27 exercises, you can upgrade to the premium version. This premium version offers you a comprehensive set of 27 motivational practices every day. You don’t have to worry because there is a lack of Exercise or levels to train your brain. When you register for this version, you also get the full personalization you want.

Moreover, you can analyze your strengths and potentials and conscientiously. New lessons and training games are also published regularly. So you can take part in new exercises and courses. Ultimately, this version offers extensive customer support and quick help with questions. Plus, this version has a price of $ 19.1 / month if you subscribe for one month. You may need to pay $ 37.95 / year ($ 3.16 / month) if you subscribe for one year.

MOD info

FULL version Unlocked


You won’t know how your brain improves with the exercise cells this app offers. Let download NeuroNation to your device now and enjoy the facilities that this application offers. If you like, you can use the premium version to enjoy even more features.

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