Humata AI MOD APK (Plus Unlocked) 1.0

App NameHumata AI
Require9.0 and up
MOD InfoPlus Unlocked

About Humata AI

Unleash the Power of AI: Revolutionize Document Management with Humata

In the digital workplace, efficiently navigating mountains of documents is a constant challenge. Humata offers the ultimate solution – AI-powered technology that effortlessly interacts with your files, saving you precious time. Read on to discover how Humata can optimize document management for teams and revolutionize research and analysis.

Seamless Collaboration with Interactive Documents

Tired of static PDFs and Word docs that lack interactivity? Humata transforms them into living documents that your team can engage with.

Ask questions about the content, receive summarized answers, and easily trace sources. It’s like having a research assistant built into every file, ready to provide insights on-demand.

Whether you need to quickly grasp key ideas from a technical paper or want passages from legal contracts explained in simple terms, Humata delivers. Collaborate smarter, not harder.

Accelerate Research with Automated Summarization

Trying to analyze endless documents? Humata comes to the rescue by auto-generating summaries of the key ideas and facts.

For researchers and academics, this is a gamechanger. Humata acts like “ChatGPT for research papers”, efficiently reviewing literature so you can focus on groundbreaking discoveries.

Students can rapidly absorb knowledge before exams as Humata summarizes course materials down to the essentials. By automating the grunt work, research breakthroughs happen faster.

Maintain Oversight with Complete Chat History

Transparency is critical when leveraging AI assistants. Humata provides complete visibility by tracking all interactions in a searchable chat history.

See every question asked and the linked responses drawn from source documents. This traceability builds trust and allows oversight to ensure accuracy.

For regulated industries like finance and healthcare, Humata offers reliable audit trails. And for dynamic teams, chat records foster alignment through information sharing.

Flexible Organization with Custom Document Groups

Taming document chaos is a breeze with Humata’s custom grouping feature. Organize files intuitively based on projects, topics, or any system that fits your needs.

HR professionals can group resumes by department. Product developers can assemble technical specs by feature. The possibilities are endless.

Finding relevant documents in a vast database used to be a pain. With Humata’s clever categorization, your team stays on top of records with minimal effort.

Harness the Power of AI for Multilingual Documents

Humata’s AI capabilities extend to decoding text in over 80 languages. Now your team can work seamlessly with documents globally.

The integrated OCR technology reliably processes image-based files, think scanned PDFs and photos of handwritten notes. By removing language barriers, Humata opens new avenues of opportunity.

And the translation feature clarifies confusing jargon and technical terms, making foreign language documents accessible to all team members. Let Humata break down multilingual communication walls holding your business back.

Customize for Each User with Answer Personalization

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to document analysis. With Answer Personalization, Humata tailors responses to each user’s needs.

For example, highly technical answers provided to engineers get translated into layman’s terms for non-technical staff. Lawyers receive legally compliant responses while clients see simplified explanations.

Humata acts as the perfect intermediary, adapting complex documents for each recipient. Eliminate misalignment and keep everyone engaged with personalized AI assistance.

Enterprise-Grade Security to Protect Sensitive Data

Humata utilizes enterprise-level security, crucial when dealing with confidential company records.

Encryption-at-rest secures inactive documents. Granular user access permissions prevent unauthorized access. And integration with secure identity providers like Okta facilitates Single Sign-On for streamlined security workflows.

For regulated industries, Humata enables compliant collaboration with air-tight protection of sensitive materials. Security built for the enterprise, customized for your workflow.

The Complete Package: Productivity, Security, Scalability

Humata combines the latest AI, seasoned data security, unlimited capacity and easy customization in one game-changing document management package.

Whether optimizing HR onboarding, accelerating pharmaceutical research, or facilitating client services, Humata boosts productivity enterprise-wide. And with robust access controls, even highly confidential materials stay secure.

As your needs grow, Humata scales up seamlessly thanks to the cloud-based architecture. And the intuitive interface means minimal training.


The bottom line is that Humata represents the future of efficient document management. Its AI-powered features like automatic summarization and multilingual support create a seamless workflow, while robust security protects sensitive data. Teams can finally conquer the document jungle rather than letting it consume them. With game-changing assistance from AI technology, Humata gives professionals and researchers the gift of time and mental space to focus on big picture goals and innovations. Any organization weighed down by documents can find relief in Humata’s transformative solutions. Join the productivity revolution and sign up to experience smarter document management today!

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