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When trending games are no longer attractive enough for today’s players, the unique old games are back on track in a strange way. Legend of Mana is a prime example. You will once again be immersed in the vast world of Fa’Diel, meet colorful characters, and go on unique non-linear quests.

About Legend of Mana

In 1999, Legend of Mana was first introduced on PlayStation and created a massive buzz in the gaming world. The fourth game inherits many unique gameplay mechanics in the Mana series. Currently, the game is not exclusive to Playstation or PC. SQUARE ENIX releases it on Play Store in HD Remaster version. Despite many positive changes in gameplay and storyline, its original pixel graphics and sound are still retained. In addition, the game also adds a Land Make and a non-linear quest system, allowing you to freely divide the Fa’Diel world construction area. You will have an unforgettable experience when you start the game.

Legend of Mana mod apk

Unique plot

The story of Legend of Mana is the sequel to Secrets of Mana. A journey searching for the mysterious Mana Tree only appeared fleetingly in a dream. Believing in this energy, you search and find the empty world map. You are surprised and eager to restore the energy and vitality of the world. What stories will be hidden behind the plots? You can only know its secret when completing the quests. Challenge yourself with more than 60 self-contained mini-quests to lay the first foundation for the lands. You will also be the first to know the story and connection of these lands.


Legend of Mana’s gameplay revolves around attaching landmarks to the world map. You will start the game by choosing the gender of your character. The world of Fa’Diel will also appear before you with descriptions of new lands. It could be a dungeon, a town, a cliff, a high mountain, or any other place. Each land will have essential items and clues. Your task is to collect them to make clues to open the story of other lands.

As you explore the lands, you can approach and interact with NPCs. Each landmark comes with different quests that require you to perform. When completing quests, you will be rewarded with Artifact. It is critical to help you locate landmarks and continue your journey. If you lose your way during a mission, keep an eye on the log. Here you can view current mini-quests, opened stories, or new quests you need to work on.

Legend of Mana gameplay

Real-time combat

If you’ve played through other games in the Mana series, you’ll find many similarities in their battle systems and Legend of Mana. You need to control your character with two buttons in attack operations, including an immediate hit and a substantial hit. Besides, you can also equip your character skills, weapons, armor, and accessories.

During the battle, your character and the monster will not only move in one or two directions. Instead, you and them can move in 4 directions. However, you can only attack them left and right. Therefore, pay attention to the direction of attack and attack to defeat the fastest enemy. Also, you need to pay attention to the health bar to see the remaining survival percentage for you and your enemies. When the health bar drops to 0%, you lose.

System of monsters and bosses

Different missions will bring battles with various monsters. You can quickly destroy small monsters in a few moves. Meanwhile, fighting the boss requires more skills and time. Therefore, the boss battles are more attractive. However, the number of bosses is not much, but only a few giant monsters. Sometimes you will meet them again in fighting in other lands. Furthermore, your enemies can respawn whenever you leave the scene. So, if you don’t want to hit them again, disable the battles that aren’t related to the story.

Legend of Mana game features

Ring Ring Land

Ring Ring Land is a new mini-game added in the remastered version of the action RPG Legend of Mana. It requires you to use Pocketstation to play in this mini-game. The Ring Ring Land game board consists of 31 squares. All these squares are arranged in an infinity symbol pattern. The more lands you explore, the larger the board’s width will be. The main chess pieces in this game are your pets. They will move around the board, fight monsters in the dungeon and receive unique rewards. If your pet loses, they will lose all their health, experience, and items they are carrying.

Audiovisual elements of the game

The graphics and sound in the remastered version of Legend of Mana are pretty impressive. Hand-drawn illustrations on pre-rendered scenes make players feel excited. Its image quality is also somewhat better than Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. You will be attracted by the vast lands filled with colors and extremely sharp.

The characters in the game also keep the same shape, bringing a sense of nostalgia. Besides, the sound of the game also has many interesting improvements. You can choose between the original and remixed game music. It has a new and unique fairy-tale sound.

MOD APK Legend of Mana

MOD info

Paid/ Patched: Now you can download and install this game for free.


SQUARE ENIX has brought global players a new and more unique Legend of Mana. Take your time to download and experience this exciting action RPG now.

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