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App NameKingdom Rush Frontiers
Publisher Ironhide Games
Require4.2 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Kingdom Rush Frontiers takes you on countless exciting challenges to defend your kingdom against attacks from enemies. Download the latest mod of this game for free at our blog.

Introducing Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush is a classic tower game series from Ironhide Game Studio. The first title of the series was released in late 2011 and quickly received a lot of positive feedback from players. So far besides the original version, there have been 4 other titles in this series that have been released. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the second title in the series, released in late 2013 on Android and iOS.

Based on the feedback from players for the first version, the developer has made many upgrades on Kingdom Rush Frontiers to make it a perfect tower game on mobile with great gameplay. It became the standard for many later released mobile tower defense games. Although Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a paid game on the Play Store, it has already reached over 1 million purchases. The reviews are mostly positive.

If you’ve played tower defense games, you’re certainly not familiar with the things you need to do in Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Everything revolves around battles to protect your kingdom against attacks from enemies. Will you be able to lead your army to victory in these thrilling battles?

Traditional tower defense gameplay

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a fast-paced tower game. If you’re used to the slow pace of Plants vs Zombies levels, we bet you’ll have a bit of a panic at the start of this game. Levels go pretty fast as enemies are everywhere. They are ready to attack your watchtowers whenever you let your guard down. Although fast-paced, the gameplay of Kingdom Rush Frontiers basically retains the characteristics of a traditional tower defense game.

For those who have not played a tower game before, your mission in Kingdom Rush Frontiers is to stop attacks from enemies who want to enter the kingdom’s capital. The game allows you to show your leadership skills by building watchtowers at important locations on the map to destroy enemies. Besides, do not forget to summon powerful warriors or even dragons to prevent powerful attacks from enemies.

Defend your kingdom

Your kingdom is under attack by invaders. As a leader, you have to protect it. The enemy’s army will attack in many different directions, but they have only one goal, the city gate. If you let them destroy the gate and enter, you will lose.

So your only task in this game is to keep the enemy far away from the gate. To do this, you will need watchtowers and a strong army. Besides the normal soldiers, you will face a lot of different powerful enemies such as wolves, dragons, orcs, monsters…

Challenging levels increase as you progress. The strength of the enemy also increases after each level so you will definitely encounter difficulties. On some levels, you have to fight the boss. They are powerful creatures with terrible health and very difficult to defeat. Will your army stand up to the attacks of the enemy? Is your kingdom safe? It all depends on your leadership.

Build watchtowers

Besides the army consisting of soldiers and dragons, you have another powerful weapon against the enemy, the watchtowers. On the map, you need to place the watchtowers in a suitable position so that they can deal great damage to the enemy. These towers cannot be destroyed by opponents. However, if you put them in the wrong place, you can “revoke” them or move to a better place.

Each level has a different map structure and enemy moves. Therefore, you need to use the right tactics to place the watchtowers in key positions to be ready to destroy the enemy. Each fortress provides a specific strength and its attack range is also limited.

It means you should choose positions where its attack range is maximized. Do not place too many watchtowers in one location because if your enemies move out of the tower’s attack range, they can reach the gate easily.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers has 30 different watchtowers divided into two types: basic towers and special towers. Each type has distinct characteristics. The basic watchtower includes 4 groups including:

  • Ranged (Long Range Attack Tower where archers are summoned): there are 5 levels: Archer, Marksmen Tower, Sharpshooter Tower, Crossbow Fort and Tribal Tribal Axethrowers.
  • Melee (Melee attack by producing units): there are 5 levels: Militia Barracks, Footmen Barracks, Knights Barracks, Assassin’s Guild, Knights Templar.
  • Magic (Magic attack): there are 5 levels: Mage Tower, Adept Tower, Wizard Tower, Archmage, Necromancer.
  • Artillery (Bomb Attack): there are 5 levels: Dwarven Bombard, Dwarven Artillery, Dwarven Howitzer, DWAARP and Battle-Mecha T200.

In battle, you get gold coins for killing enemies. You can use this money to summon new troops or upgrade watchtowers. As we mentioned above, each type of watchtower has up to 5 different levels for you to upgrade. When a watchtower is leveled up, it gains new attributes. Besides, its shape also changed.

Manage your team of heroes

Towers deal damage and reduce the number of enemies, but that is not enough. Sometimes you get in trouble when the enemies move too fast and they are out of the attack range of the towers. This is the time when you need heroes.

The team of heroes is the last stop to protect your kingdom. Unlike watchtowers, heroes are not limited in range. He can move to any location on the map, as long as there are enemies there. In Kingdom Rush Frontiers, you are allowed to summon heroes at any point during the battle. Watchtowers can work automatically but you need to control your heroes directly. You just need to touch the hero then tap the location on the map to move him there.

Each hero is characterized by stats including HP, Attack, Armor, and Speed. Depending on the hero type, these stats are different. For example, heroes who use magic always have low HP and Armor but usually high Attack. Besides, each hero equips 2 different skills. Activate skills at the right time to help you deal great damage to enemies.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers currently has 14 heroes. However, only 4 of them are free. If you want to use the rest, you need to buy them from the game store. During the battle, heroes will gain experience points to level up. The max level for heroes is 10.

Many challenging levels

Compared to the Stream version, the content of Kingdom Rush Frontiers on mobile has been omitted quite a bit. It has only one game mode, the campaign. However, the difficulty of the challenges remains the same.

The game is divided into many different stages with unique maps. Before starting the game, you are allowed to choose the difficulty level of the level, including Easy/Normal and Hard. You can change the difficulty at any time in the game settings.

Various maps

Each level in Kingdom Rush Frontiers brings a new map. However, all maps are not available initially. If you want to unlock a new map, you need to complete the previous level. One of the most interesting points in Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the change in the maps. Different terrains present new challenges so you must always change your tactics.

Currently, Kingdom Rush Frontiers has 12 maps equivalent to 12 campaigns that you need to conquer.

MOD APK of Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Mod info

  • Load slot 1 with a lot of gems!
  • Unlock all heroes
  • Unlimited Gems

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