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Journeys: Romance Stories MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) 3.0.17

Interactive love game simulator. Make exciting choices and impact the story!

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About Journeys

The Other Guys created the intriguing and engaging fantasy game Journeys. Players get to explore the environment in this game and, depending on their actions, encounter various storylines and scenarios. The game’s interactive episodes cover multiple genres, from romance to mystery to drama to love, and more are added weekly. The game is structured to provide players agency over the story’s progression, with various branching paths available in each episode.

Pick Your Adventure and Character

Players may customize their in-game characters’ appearance with a wide selection of clothing options thanks to the game’s interactive and engaging narrative series. Players may form their connections with the game’s characters and write their storylines in settings ripe with romance, intrigue, drama, and suspense. Beautiful character designs and environments give Journeys an original live-action feel.

Available Role-Playing Game Narratives

Each episode of Journeys is presented as an interactive and immersive experience, offering a different multi-choice story. Recipe for Love, Linda Brown, Don’t Forget Me, Vampire Princess, Love Squared, Mafia Soul, Singles Cruise, and Not So Innocent are just a few of the tales included. Linda Brown, a multiple-choice game, is also included in its seasons and chapters.

  • In Recipe of Love, players assume the character of a budding young chef who uproots her life in New York in pursuit of her goals. The protagonist is sought by two brothers who act as guides in the cutthroat culinary world.
  • Linda Brown: The player follows a young, talented singer from New York as she embarks on an exciting adventure on her trip to Rio for a friend’s wedding. In the narrative, the singer’s affections are contested by a mystery millionaire and a passionate charitable doctor.
  • Don’t Forget Me has the player’s character’s lover mysteriously vanish on their wedding day. The protagonist believes they identify their long-lost boyfriend in the affluent partner of their new employer, despite the passage of many years.
  • The protagonist of Vampyra is a young, gifted writer trying to make it in the industry. The player is extended a mysterious invitation that might land her in the middle of her life’s most high-stakes, publicized affair.
  • Princess by Accident has the player meeting a dashing motor racer who takes her on an exciting journey. The player must choose between their love life and the acting profession.
  • In Love Squared, the protagonist pair has settled into a rut in their marriage. They try new things and see if their neighbors are open to discussing taboo subjects.
  • The daughter of a mafia boss, the state attorney in Mafia Soul, investigates the family business. The player must learn how far they are willing to go to maintain their standing with the law while simultaneously being a mafia member.
  • The player is introduced as the new assistant producer of the “Singles Cruise” reality dating game show. The player oversees the backstage drama as single men try to find love on a cruise ship.
  • In Not So Innocent, we follow a young and quirky heiress as she serves probation for a ‘crime’ she committed while acting recklessly. During this time, she meets León, and players have the opportunity to learn if they can allow love to blossom despite their differences.

Establishing One’s Name

In Journeys, users may shape their online character by customizing their avatar’s clothing and cosmetics. The game’s vast wardrobe options—from formal wear to chef garb—enable players to act appropriately and gain new acquaintances in various circumstances.

Strive to Win the Love Of The Pretty Girl

Two brothers fight for the love of a young woman by teaching her to make a tasty noodle dish and a gorgeous cake, respectively, in the short novel Recipe of Love. This dramatic and romantic tale takes players into professional cookery competitions.

Confrontation with a Foreign Culture

Linda Brown, a female vocalist at the top of New York’s influencer charts, leads gamers on an exciting voyage in Rio. A blind millionaire and a doctor with a big, loving heart are both vying for the singer’s affection, and the player has to figure out how to beat them both.

Ignoring the Missing Friend

The elaborate storylines of Journeys are meant to maintain players’ interest and excitement. In the Don’t Forget Me narrative, the player’s soon-to-be-husband mysteriously vanishes on their wedding day. The player is convinced that Jack, the new boss’s lover they encounter years later, is the mysterious man who disappeared years before. The player must decide whether to say nothing and let them enjoy their happiness or whether to search tenaciously for their lost companion’s memories.

How effective are your current agreements?

A young writer with skill but no luck is the protagonist of Vampyre. A strange invitation is sent to the player, opening the door to stardom and a potentially fatal love affair. In this game, the player must decide whether or not to prioritize romantic relationships above professional advancement.

Involve a Raptor in Your Romance

The protagonist of Princess by Accident stumbles into a ripped racing champion who whisks them away on an action-packed quest. The player’s choices in Journeys will force them to choose between romantic pursuits or professional advancement.

MOD APK version of Journeys

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Journeys is a fantastic role-playing game that immerses players in various original scenarios. The game’s dynamic and branching nature lets players craft their narratives as they journey through landscapes ripe with romance, mystery, drama, and suspense. The game looks and feels like a live-action series thanks to its amazing graphics and compelling character designs. Everyone may find their niche in Journeys, whether looking for love or a job.

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