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Asphalt is Gameloft’s famous racing game series. Mention Asphalt, people will immediately think of beautiful racing scenes. And one of the most famous versions of this series is Asphalt 8. In this article, we will explore this legendary game!

About Asphalt 8 – The ultimate action racing game

Asphalt 8 is an extremely attractive racing and action game on smartphones. Entering the Asphalt 8 game world, you will experience dramatic racing scenes. The game has a variety of game modes, beautiful graphics, and an extremely impressive collection of supercars. In my opinion, Asphalt 8 is the most perfect racing game on smartphones!

Game modes in Asphalt 8

In Asphalt 8, you will experience many attractive game modes.

  • Classic Mode: This is the normal racing mode. You will participate in a race with 6 other riders to find the fastest finisher.
  •  Elimination: Elimination has gameplay in the form of “last-man-standing”. Within a certain time, the racer with the lowest ranking will be disqualified. This will continue until there is only one driver left – the leader and also the winner.
  • Infected: Infected is a very attractive game mode. In this mode, the riders will be divided into 2 teams: Infected and Non-Infected. The gameplay will be like the infection of a “zombie”. Infected racers will be given nitro to chase and destroy Non-Infected vehicles. Of course, the number of Infected teams will be less. At the end of time, the team with the most numbers wins.
  • Versus Mode: This is a competition mode between car brands. You will need to own a vehicle from the specified brand to play this mode. You will only have one competitor using the head-to-head brand. In this mode, you will experience the rivalry of Lamborghini and Ferrari!
  • Knockdown: In this mode, you will have to find a way to destroy the opponent’s car. Destroy it by pushing them into obstacles, or head-on at high speed while boosting with nitro.-
  •  Gate Drift: This is the mode for those who like Drift. You will have to be very clever to Drift through the portals that appear on the map.
  • Special Mode: In addition, you can also experience many other special modes in Events. It can be Tag-team Race or race according to specific vehicles…

Show off your top driving skills

Driving skills and mindset are extremely important in Asphalt 8. Just because you drive a car with the highest speed does not mean you will win the race. The winner is the one who has the best skills and knows how to take advantage of the car’s strengths. Can you become the best and win the race?

Beautiful supercar collection

Owning a supercar is everyone’s dream. But with Asphalt 8, you can also experience driving those cars in dramatic races.

Asphalt 8’s vehicle collection is located in the Garage section of the main page of the app. The racing cars will be ranked by strength from rank D to rank S. Of course, with the higher rank cars, you will have to spend more money to own them.

I came to Asphalt 8 not only to conquer challenging races but also to “contemplate” the supercars in this game. The car collection in Asphalt 8 is truly amazing. You can own supercars from famous brands like Mercedes, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Koenigsegg… Along with that are their signature cars like the Koenigsegg Regera, Lamborghini Huracan, Chevrolet Camaro, Ferrari 488, Bugatti Divo…

Create your own “virtual racer”

Asphalt 8 allows you to personalize your in-game racer. Please visit the “Racer” section on the main page of the application. Here, you can customize the rider’s outfit such as helmet, clothes, shoes, gloves… However, most costumes require you to pay Credits to unlock.

This game also calculates costume points for your character. This is like a style point when you change the rider’s outfit. At the beginning of the race, the 3 riders with the highest style point will be prioritized to be displayed on the screen. This is like a tribute to stylish racers.

Not just car racing

To increase the fun, Asphalt 8 also has a Motor purchase mode. Of course, to play in this mode, you will have to own the Motor first. Visit the Shop to choose the most suitable motorcycle. You will then be able to unlock your maps to play the motorcycle racing mode.

Customize and upgrade your car

Each car has a distinctive design that is identical to the real-life version. In Asphalt 8, you can customize cars by changing their appearance. The first is to change the paint color. Each vehicle type will provide a few basic paint colors for you to choose from. But if you want your car to stand out more, put decals on them. You can buy decals with Credit in the car paint section. Depending on the vehicle, you will have different decals to use. In addition, you can also change the decal color if you want.

Your car will have specific parameters. These are the parameters showing Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling, and Nitro. It will help you visualize the power of the car. Each car will have certain power and parameters. But you can upgrade to make the car more powerful. The upgrade will cost a lot of Credit and Fusion – 2 currencies in the game. When the car reaches the maximum level, you will have to use the Car-pack puzzle to continue upgrading. Car-pack puzzle pieces are cards that you collect during events or through missions.

“Drift” at famous locations

What makes Asphalt 8 so attractive is the diverse map system. You will experience racing in famous cities such as Nevada, Tokyo, London…

You will also test your driving ability on many tracks such as street racing, asphalt, dirt roads, or racing in a dedicated racetrack.

Sometimes, to increase the challenge, you will be racing on familiar maps but with reversed tracks. That is, you will race in the opposite direction than normal. The finish line will become the starting line and vice versa.

Many special events

In Asphalt 8, you can attend many events developed by Gameloft (game publisher) to earn rewards. Various interesting facts are usually displayed on the main page of the application. When attending these events, you have the opportunity to experience different types of supercars, tracks, and modes. The catch is that when you complete the missions in the event, you will earn a lot of valuable rewards.

Events will have certain deadlines. So take advantage of that time to earn lots of rewards!

Super stunning graphics

Although released for a long time, Asphalt 8 is always in the top action racing game on smartphones. That is thanks to extremely realistic Gameplay along with top-notch graphics.

Asphalt has always been a famous game with beautiful graphics and realistic design. You will experience racing scenes like in the Fast and Furious movie, Need for speed… The game has 3D animations with extremely high detail. You will be fascinated by the impact effects, Drift, Boost Nitro … extremely wonderful.

The racing scene is also beautifully and vividly simulated. Besides, there are realistic weather effects and time effects. All will give you a great experience

What I like is the design of the supercars. They are simulated based on reality with extreme detail. You will feel like you are seeing these supercars in real life. Supercars will have features that perhaps only at a glance, you will easily recognize. The detail is also reflected in the small Logos located on the car. Just being able to “contemplate” these supercars can make me satisfied with Asphalt 8 already.

Realistic and vivid sound

Asphalt 8’s sound is also very detailed and vivid. You will feel the sounds of explosions, car drifts, and the sounds of the outside are extremely realistic.

Asphalt 8’s background music is also Rock Roll style music suitable for the gameplay. It creates drama in each track and brings attraction to players.

MOD APK of Asphalt 8

In Asphalt 8, there are 3 main currencies: Credit, Fusion, and Token. They will have different functions such as unlocking supercars, upgrading cars, changing the appearance of cars… With Asphalt 8 Unlimited Money MOD APK version, you can freely shop and experience your favorite cars. prefer. Now you can Asphalt 8 MOD APK for free at!

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
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If we talk about racing games on smartphones, we can’t help but mention the Asphalt game series. Asphalt 8 is a legend in it. This game has top-notch graphics, realistic gameplay along with a diverse collection of supercars and many game modes. If you are a lover of action and racing games, don’t miss Asphalt 8. Download and install Asphalt 8 MOD APK Unlimited Money on your smartphone and start conquering challenging races!

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