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App NameIncredibox
Publisher So Far So Good
Require5.1 - 11
MOD InfoPaid
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Variations of melody and harmony are the foundation for creating unique music. Incredibox is a music app that builds on these elements to bring you unique music creation experiences.

About Incredibox

Incredibox was first known as a music editing website. It provides simple tools to help users create music with a personal tone. Special music from the available team of singers and beatboxers will lead you to a new world. After a few years of release, the platform has evolved into a music app for Android users. It aims to bring music and sound variations to more people. A studio based in France called So Far So Good is the designer and publisher of this music tool. Currently, you can find it for $4.99 on Google Play. Installers always give positive feedback about the uniqueness and relaxation that it brings to them. If you’re curious about how this works, let’s find out now.


Create your tunes

You don’t need an Audio Interface or a DJ controller to start your music passion. Instead, you need to use a few simple steps in Incredibox to create a new tune in no time. Dragging and dropping sound icons into the beatboxer frames at the top of the screen are main operations.

In this music tool, you will find a beatboxer team of 8 members. They are the main characters that create the sound changes in your piece of music. Besides the beatboxer group, a set of different sound icons below the screen will appear. Try picking any sound icon and dropping it on a beatboxer you want. At this point, the sound you selected will be repeated by the beatboxer. To create a complete piece of music, you need to mix melodies flexibly and creatively. If you want to change or remove a tune, tap the beatboxer and remove him. A new beatboxer, who hasn’t installed the tunes yet, will be his replacement.

Try to complete songs to unlock more new and unique tunes. Also, it unlocks new styles for you to experience. The variety in melodies sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish the right tune for your song. Therefore, try them all before choosing. Moreover, you can remix popular songs and turn them into a new one.

Various music styles and attractive rewards

The number of musical styles you can choose from Incredibox is eight. Whatever style you’re a fan of, you can select one that’s suitable for your music. The eight musical styles are summarized as follows:

  • Alpha: The Flash game’s soundtrack is the theme of this selection. The fun and unique tunes of this game will make your song more special.
  • Little Miss: Hip Hop style dominates this selection. Some of the sounds included are Little Miss, Satisfied, and Why This World.
  • The Love: A variation on the French House sound with rewards you can claim as Baby, Follow, and Eagle.
  • Sunrise: This is an option for fans of Pop music. When you finish creating songs in this style, you will receive rewards like Dance, Lil’ Child, and Sunrise.
  • Brazil: The funny street tunes of Brazil will be reproduced when you choose this sound.
  • Jeevan: Indian music will be added to the beatboxer when you select this sound. Sapna, Kofitez, and Kabikabi are the bounty of this theme.
  • Alive: Japanese music is the main inspiration for this sound. Try to complete the track to receive the accompanying sound set including Alive, Busta, and VR.
  • Dystopia: Cyberpunk is the theme throughout when you choose this sound for your music. The reward for those who complete this piece of music is the Riviera.

Dress up your beatboxer

Besides dragging and dropping sound icons for your beatboxer to work, don’t forget to beautify them. With each completed song, Incredibox will give you new beatboxer skins. The more songs you complete, the more skins you can get. Dress up your beatboxers to make them look stylish. For that, your playing experience also increases.

Save and share your music with the world

The music social network that Incredibox creates is more special than you think. It is a place where users share or post their mixes. If your mix is good, it won’t be difficult to become famous. In particular, a ranking of the 50 most outstanding songs is always available. User ratings will be based on views and likes. For more information about the author includes name and country, let look at the description.

Moreover, with the songs you have uploaded, others can enjoy them by visiting the Playlist section. Also, you can do the same thing to enjoy other’s tunes. Also, don’t forget to save your mixes and post them on social sites like Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok.

MOD APK of Incredibox

MOD info

Paid/ Patched: You can download and install this game for free. In case you want to support the developer, don’t forget to buy it directly at the Play Store.


Unlike other music-making and editing apps, Incredibox has a simple interface and is suitable for everyone. Its picture and sound quality are also high. Thus, you can enjoy your music at its best. Download this music app and race the top 50 best tracks right now.

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