Color Hop 3D – Music Game
Color Hop 3D – Music Game

Color Hop 3D - Music Game MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Speed) 3.3.5

Upload your favorite songs and trigger the rhythm on music tiles road

App NameColor Hop 3D - Music Game
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Diamonds, Speed
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About Color Hop 3D

Color Hop 3D is a music game that creates an experience that combines gameplay controlled with one finger with carefully picked electronic dance music tunes. The game’s goal is to prevent your ball from landing on tiles of a different color than those it started on. You may improve your ball abilities and become the Color Hop 3D master if you notice how each song is rhythmically and melodically structured.

The gameplay, as well as the features

The gameplay of the app is straightforward yet still exciting. You hop the ball on the tiles of the same color by swiping the screen in the direction the ball is moving to control it carefully while listening to the beat. The game has fantastic electronic dance music (EDM) tunes, exciting moments, and simple control that only requires one finger. It is constantly updated with the newest electronic dance music tunes, which makes it an excellent music game for enthusiasts.

You get fantastic when you combine Color Hop 3D’s distinctive Music Games, Color Tiles, and Free offerings. Fans of ball games will have their reflexes and hopping abilities put to the test by playing this game, which delivers an entirely new experience for them. You can keep up with the flow of your beat and never miss a hop of your bouncy ball by leaping the ball as far as you can on the color road, listening to the moment, and using your exceptional reflexes.

Special Tips

The ball game Color Hop 3D demands players to pay attention to the Color of the correct tile and not be afraid to pull the ball with considerable force. A collection of free EDM tracks is ready for you to download, making this a delightful experience for those who appreciate listening to music.

Concerning Amanotes

Amanotes is the world’s most successful music game publisher, with over one billion downloads, and it is one of their titles. Amanotes enables music enthusiasts to engage with thousands of songs through its many mobile applications. The firm is founded on the principle that “everyone can make music!” and provides a one-of-a-kind experience for players who like electronic dance music (EDM).

The Gameplay and Different Levels

To finish a song in Color Hop 3D, the player must control the ball to collide with the music boxes corresponding to their respective colors. For instance, if your ball is blue, you must exercise control to move it about and deal with the blue squares. Swipe the screen upward to make the ball leap, and then begin a one-touch operation to the left or right to control the ball according to your preferences.

Follow up with the rhythm of the music to ensure that your taps are on time, and depending on how well you do, you may receive comments such as sound, perfect, and others. Your final score and number of stars will reflect the number of “perfects” you achieved during the song. You’ll want to take control of the ball so it can move as far behind the music before you cross the finish line and claim the score that rightfully belongs to you.

The app updates all electronic dance music (EDM) tracks daily, and these changes occur automatically whenever your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Hundreds of songs in the game’s music collection cover various appealing topics, including Christmas, love, the new year, and more. Each song features a lovely melody that allows players to unwind with their preferred music. The game introduces players to a new musical realm filled with various frenetic and breathtaking harmonies.

The game includes hundreds of songs, each corresponding to increasing complexity within the game’s various tiers. To perform any of your favorite songs, you must first conquer the challenge presented by the current subject. You may access new themes by using the stars you get after listening to each one. The higher the level, the more complicated the challenges; the song’s tempo will accelerate to a breakneck pace.

Experience Entertainment Anytime, Anywhere

It is unnecessary to have an online connection to play the music game Color Hop 3D, which gives players the freedom to completely experience this electronic dance music world whenever and wherever they choose. The video game does not require any personal information or account linking, and there are no costs associated with installing it or making any music purchases. The visuals feature bright electronic music with color boxes resembling EDM’s keys. The piece is polished and features many popular songs, making it an exciting game for anyone who enjoys listening to music.

Principal Attributes

The gameplay experience presented by Color Hop 3D is uncomplicated and easy to understand. Players initiate a straightforward one-touch action by swiping the screen up to cause the ball to bounce, after which they may move it to the left or right with a single tap. They can make the musical notes sound and finish each song if they take control of the ball and move it to touch the music squares of the same Color.

If you are connected to Wi-Fi, the game will automatically update itself with the newest versions of hundreds of the finest EDM tracks. After successfully finishing a song, players are rewarded with stars, which can be used to unlock other songs. Numerous levels match the tracks, and the higher the story, the more arduous the difficulty will become. This gives players opportunities for new and exciting challenges throughout the game.

This app provides users with an enjoyable music environment that can be accessed anywhere, even without an internet connection. It does not require any personal information or accounts to be linked, and there is no cost for any gamer to participate. The game’s stunning visuals and high-quality soundtrack combine to make it an engaging experience that players will enjoy for a long time.


Color Hop 3D is a beautiful music game that mixes simple gameplay that can be controlled with one finger with a well-curated collection of electronic dance music (EDM) tracks. The game is easy to understand yet exciting, testing the players’ reactions and ability to hop. Fans of ball games can look forward to an entirely new experience thanks to Color Hop 3D’s excellent EDM music, explosive beats, and simple one-finger control system.

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