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Fap CEO 1

In today’s life, there are many men who think that career is the most important thing to care about and things like friends, feelings, family will be later. So there are many people who encounter problems with romance, getting married late and even cannot finding a suitable girlfriend for themselves. Even if those people have become talented CEOs, they have a huge treasure but still lonely, cannot finding real love for themselves. Such stories are very common in Asian countries, typically Japan. Therefore, Nutakun game developer has created a love simulation game for unmarried men who are focusing on career development.

Fap CEO 1

Introducing Fap CEO – Adult simulation game

Nutakun has released a simulation game called Fap CEO, not for players who are under 18 years old. This game was released not too long ago, not on Google Play or AppStore, but players can only experience it through the APK version of Fap CEO. This fairly simple simulation game is not so unique but they are loved by many players around the world by meeting their demotion needs, dispelling their loneliness.

Fap CEO 2

This game will bring you to the affair with hot and beautiful girls. This game is developed independently and does not require any cooperation or association, so when you experience it you will not see any ads appearing.

Manage and control hot girls

Participating in the game, you will play the role of a rich CEO, the owner of an idol studio. And your task is to bring in profits from those studios with beautiful girls. With your leadership, you can hire beautiful girls to make a profit from them. You can bring back many beautiful girls to develop for your company, in which each girl has her own appearance and personality. Not just simply hiring them and controlling them, you also have to learn and understand the personality and how to talk to each girl, so that they can easily direct them to get profits.

However, this is a psychological simulation game for you, so you don’t need to focus on bringing in profits, just play to get some happiness and relaxing. With lots of money, you can get to know more beautiful girls, but they are more “fastidious”, you have to text them to flirt with them every day. This will be a good way to learn how to get acquainted with girls and to find happiness for you. If you are right, you can also get their charming selfie pics. You can also talk and confide every night. Just continually upgrade your girls to bring in more revenue from them.

Fap CEO 3

You make money through everyone’s idol video chat with your beautiful girls, so you need to find a way to attract customers. Decorate your studio with clean, unique, luxurious items and even some eccentric things. Each office has a limit, so when you are packed with items, you can sell it and buy a bigger room. Unlock more beautiful and charming girls with the money you earn.

Download Fap CEO MOD APK

Not only does Fap CEO bring you entertainment, but also helps you get used to how to chat, flirt with girls with different personalities. From there you can easily find your love in real life. This is a really fascinating game that you should try, even if you are already in love. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time making money and still have many hot girls, you can choose the version of Fap CEO MOD APK with our MOD money feature below.

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