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Booty Farm is a hybrid of a conventional agricultural game with a dating sim. Players will love the experience of managing a farm while seeking romantic connections with its fascinating plot and appealing female characters. The visuals and sound design of the game also contribute to the overall immersive experience. Booty Farm is definitely worth a try if you’re searching for a fun and flirtatious game to pass the time.

App NameBooty Farm
Publisher Nutaku
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Diamonds
MOD info

1. Every Speed up gives Gems
(crop/production and so on)

About Booty Farm

Booty Farm is a distinctive dating game that provides a singular experience. The game’s setting is a tiny village where the player enjoys the good life of a farmer. Booty Farm stands out because of its distinctive dating philosophy. The game teaches players how to win over females so they may succeed at dating in real life. It’s not only about finding love.

The player character in the game is the narrative’s focus, who several stunning females surround the town. The player must learn how to pique these girls’ attention and maintain it throughout the game. Players may engage with the females at Booty Farm in various ways, including going on dates, doing tasks, and receiving incentives.

A fun game but not for kids

Booty Farm is a popular simulation game that Nutaku, a Japanese game development company, publishes. Like other Nutaku games, it has plenty of sensual material and romantic dating, which may make it highly addictive for male gamers.

The player discovers himself as the lone male citizen of the village where the game is situated. As a result, the player is drawn to every woman in the town, allowing him to flirt with, date, and get to know any woman he likes. Many male gamers find this particular arrangement a fantasy come true since it allows them to indulge in their desires online.

Story: A Lucky Twist of Fate

After a string of unfortunate occurrences in the city, the main character of Booty Farm, a known playboy, is abandoned on a remote farm by his uncle. He chooses to try his hand at rustic living in quest of a new path in life.

As he arrives at the farm, he soon finds it desperately needs central Care. He chooses to sell the farm and return to city life because he lacks the means to refurbish it.

Yet, fate has other ideas for him. When he tries to sell the farm, he is surrounded by gorgeous girls who grab his interest. He quickly finds that the area is teeming with beautiful ladies right out of his wildest nightmares.

He decides to stay and refurbish the farm, immersing himself in the beautiful country life enticed by the promise of dating every female in town. The journey starts as he navigates the joys and hardships of dating in Booty Farm. Every encounter, conversation, and tale begins with the fortunate events that brought him to this lovely town.

A traditional farm game with lots of fun elements

A traditional agricultural game with visual novel and dating simulation components awaits players. Farming is one of the game’s two major tasks. However, it’s only an excuse to expand the farm. The player is responsible for sowing seeds, watering, and caring for the fruit and vegetable gardens. As harvest time approaches, the player can sell the crops to another town or produce additional agricultural goods for a higher profit. As the player’s bank account grows, they may extend the farm with enormous breeding spaces and even construct a food factory to process meat, eggs, and milk.

The second most significant aspect of this game is flirting with and dating attractive females, which is a fantasy come true. This is the primary reason behind the player’s decision to remain in the hamlet. The females in the hamlet are informed about farming since they have lived there since they were children. The player can approach them with agricultural queries and obtain advice on various farming circumstances, such as which equipment to use, how to plant, and which crops to breeding.

Trading, buying, and selling agricultural items and equipment allow you to meet the females individually, based on their occupation in the community. Discussions with the females reveal their characteristics, allowing the player to form a stronger bond with the virtual characters. Booty Farm specializes in generating two-way conversations and occasionally contains implicit sayings from the females or the player in a push-and-pull approach common in male-female interactions. These talks also provide gamers insight into the females’ lives.

If the player converses well with a female, she may give them a present. It might be a sensual image of herself or an object that the gamer requires.

Learn the Art of Wooing

Booty Farm is more than simply a dating game. It’s a game that teaches you how to win the hearts of females. If you’re a bashful man who needs some assistance with dating, this portable game is for you.

The contact with the virtual females in the hamlet game is intelligent, owing to their self-learning AI skills. If you say anything irritating to the female you’re talking to, she will express her feelings; if you like her, you may adjust your attitude. You might also do the opposite of what the girl wants to terminate the relationship.

The more you talk to the females, the more they will understand and sympathize with you. As a result, the conversation will take a more in-depth turn. This adaptable interactivity is a crucial feature of the game.

However, the sight of attractive females is the main draw to Booty Farm. As you get in town, you’ll see only dreamy females, as if you’ve stepped into a scene from your favorite picture book. To make matters worse, you are the only guy in your prime in the town. To succeed in Booty Farm, you must master the art of courting to date every lady in the city.

Conquer the pretty girls in town.

Rose, a quiet, curious librarian interested in books and intellectual talks, is one of the most exciting people you will meet. On the other hand, you may encounter Kiana, the village’s party girl who enjoys having a good time. She is always up for a good time, and her flirtatious charm may make you forget all your concerns.

Jessie, a self-assured and self-reliant lady who is also a good mechanic, maybe another female who catches your eye. She maintains all the village’s machinery and can mend anything that breaks. When you get to know her, you’ll realize she’s a softie at heart, despite her gruff demeanor.

As you go through the game, you’ll face additional females with distinct personalities and individual strengths and weaknesses. The females’ exquisite facial features and voluptuous bodies will leave you wanting more.

Booty Farm is not just a game about dating gorgeous women but also about learning how to interact, forming connections, and enhancing social skills. It’s a beautiful method to experience romance and seduction due to its creative use of AI technology and interactive gameplay.

Unlock secret conversations and more.

During chats, players may get to know the female characters and learn about their hobbies, dreams, and expectations in Booty Farm. As they continue through the game, their skill in talking with the females increases, earning them more admiration. Players are introduced to a new female character with a different backstory, attitude, talents, and look with each level.

Players may explore each relationship and experience romantic settings with the female characters by unlocking new trophies and leveling up. Booty Farm provides a lengthy and engaging gaming experience, with each partnership distinct.

MOD APK of Booty Farm

MOD info

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Ad free
  • All unlocked


  • Diamonds increase when you spend.


The ambient design of Booty Farm is delightful and lively, with a visually appealing agricultural area. The game also includes an assortment of seductive rain beauties that are certain to capture the player’s interest. Several exciting farming activities and dating chances are available at Booty Farm. Explore everything this realistic dating simulation game has to offer without hesitation.

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