EXIT – Trial of the Griffin
EXIT – Trial of the Griffin

EXIT – Trial of the Griffin MOD APK (Paid/ Unlocked) 1.1.0

Can you uncover the secrets of Greifenstein Castle and escape?

App NameEXIT – Trial of the Griffin
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About EXIT – Trial of the Griffin

Do you love adventure games? If this describes you, you will be thrilled to learn about EXIT – Trial of the Griffin, the newest installment in the critically acclaimed EXIT – The Game series. This exciting adventure will take you back to 1837 when you are entrusted with breaking a curse and rescuing the Countess from the infamous Greifenstein Castle.

The Story and Its Context

The game’s plot is centered on the Countess, who has extended an invitation to her castle because you are an expert in her field. You have decided to accept her offer despite the cautions of the villagers and the bumpy carriage trip through the foggy woods. Yet, numerous stories are floating about what happened to the Countess, and many people think the castle is haunted.

As you step inside the castle, you are plunged headfirst into its many unsolved secrets. You must demonstrate your worthiness by passing the Countess’s tests to break the curse and liberate the Countess. When you explore the many halls of the castle, you will start to find artifacts that past players left behind. This will mark the beginning of your quest.


The EXIT: Trial of the Griffin video game is a challenging single-player experience requiring you to think creatively and solve tricky riddles. You must investigate the Countess’s private quarters, search through the books in the library for hints, and search the castle courtyard for enigmatic artifacts. As you go through the game, you may run into challenging riddles in the family tomb, and you may even have to think about things unrelated to the castle or the game.

You will need to use a variety of auxiliary objects that have been left over from past players to accomplish what you set out to do. In addition, you will have the chance to unearth fascinating things and relics, which will shed light on many of the mysteries and secrets surrounding the castle. You will also interact with spirits in this game. They will assist you in solving puzzles such as figuring out how to utilize witchcraft recipes, opening folios, medallions, and caskets, and how to use the peculiar hourglass.

More Features

As the second app in the multi-award winning game series “EXIT – The Game,” EXIT: Trial of the Griffin allows you to demonstrate your skills in a digital setting, which is one of the game’s most exciting aspects. Since the game is designed for single-players, it is the ideal journey for people who like the challenge of working through puzzles on their own.

Twenty ingenious, multi-tiered puzzles are included in the game, each presenting a unique challenge to even the most experienced gamers. Because everything may be a component of the game, think creatively about how to complete each task as you make your way through the program. The immersive environment of the game is generated by a combination of hand-drawn visuals, a narrator’s voice track paired with music, and an evocative soundscape. This setting will transport you immediately into the historical ambiance of Greifenstein Castle.

MOD APK of EXIT: Trial of the Griffin

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The EXIT: Trial of the Griffin escape room adventure is a tense and thrilling game ideal for those who like playing adventure games. This game will keep you engrossed for a considerable amount of time due to the intricacy of its narrative, the difficulty of its riddles, and the immersion provided by its setting. Be ready to go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as you explore the hidden depths of Greifenstein Castle by getting the game now and downloading it for free for Android.

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