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Hidden Object: Coastal Hill MOD APK (Free Shopping) 1.23.19

Hidden Object: Coastal Hill MOD APK
– Solve mystery games, puzzles, seek and find the items hidden in a twilight city!

App NameHidden Object: Coastal Hill
Publisher Amevis DMCC
MOD InfoFree Shopping
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About Hidden Object: Coastal Hill

Hidden Object: Coastal Hill takes the idea of hidden object games to a new level, going beyond the usual puzzles and mystery adventure games. Get ready for an exciting task as you explore the mysterious secrets of this beautiful city. This game is unlike any other because it has beautiful places to explore, unique puzzles, riddles to solve, exciting quests to complete, a spooky house to fix up, and the ability to make your character.

Remodeling a House: Turning a Haunted Manor into a Home

Take on the role of a skilled interior designer as you work to fix up an old mystery house. As you move through the levels and parts of the game, you need a place to stay while you look for hidden things in many different bright spots. With its mysterious past and hidden treasures, this house is the perfect place to start your exciting journey, full of mind-bending puzzles, brain teasers, and i-spy games. Get ready to be amazed by the secrets this house hides.

Create your own Avatar and show off your style

In Hidden Object: Coastal Hill, you can make your game character, which gives you a unique experience. You can make a character that fits your style by choosing from different hairstyles, shirts, skirts, boots, and accessories. Carefully selected clothes and outfits make you look better and give you power-ups and bonuses that give you an edge while playing hidden object games. You’ll solve the unsolved detective case by getting more energy, coins, experience, and exclusive customization during seasonal events.

Team up with friends and compete in exciting games

The game explains how clubs can help you find matches with friends. Please set up your group, invite your friends, and talk to them while you compete with other players for valuable gifts. Take on tasks, adventure quests, and logic problems to move up the leaderboard. The top three guilds get prizes for finishing these tasks well and for being good at finding hidden items and telling the difference between two things. With their unique search-and-find puzzles for adults, these puzzles will push your brain to its limits. Remember that you’ll get more points the more hidden object games you play.

Find out the secrets of Coastal Hill in an exciting mystery story

Coastal Hill is known for being quiet, but now there is a secret that no one can explain. An exciting trip starts when you arrive in this hidden city with strangely familiar places. Engage in mind-bending hidden mystery puzzles, solve complex logic puzzles, and talk to interesting people to find hidden secrets and solve the town’s mysteries. Get ready for hours of strange gameplay tied together by an exciting adventure plot with many twists and turns. Each person has an engaging personality full of dark secrets. Please put your mind to the test and figure out what’s happening before it’s too late!

Gameplay that pulls you in and unique achievements

Hidden Object: Coastal Hill attracts players with its beautiful graphics and many awards. Some awards are easy to get, like in other i-spy games, but others require a lot of thinking. Prepare to play a real brain game, where each step gives you a sense of progress and accomplishment.

A Journey of Exploration and Design in a Relaxing Puzzle Game

The game not only has hidden object tasks, but it also has several quests that you can do to move forward and improve your home. You can add a personal touch to your game by designing your house in different ways and themes. The best thing about the game is that it keeps getting bigger and better, with lots of new places, quests, and things to do that are great for exploring with friends and making for a memorable and fun time.

Take on challenging puzzles to move forward: Discover the city’s secrets

The hidden-object remote part of Hidden Object: Coastal Hill is what differentiates it from other logic puzzles and adventure games. Are you up for finding out who stole from the city? Use your smarts to figure out how to solve tricky puzzles and find out who did it. As you make your character, you can look for secret riches in beautiful settings, solve puzzles and riddles specific to the genre, go on exciting quests, and slowly bring the house back to its former glory.

You can decorate your home however you want; make it your own

Please wear your makeover hat and journey to return a run-down house to its former glory. As you try to build a cozy home, looking for secret things is an integral part of the game. Between chapters and finding hidden objects, you can relax and plan in this luxurious house, which has a lot of lovely decorations. You can choose from various designs and colors to create different atmospheres in your home that show off your style and taste.

Make your unique look with fashion: Show who you are

In Hidden Object: Coastal Hill, you can create your in-game character down to the smallest detail, which lets you show who you are. The clothes you wear not only make your character look different, but they also change how you play. By leveling up, you can get more gold and experience, which you can use to buy more items for your character. During special events, you have access to many different ways to customize your character, giving you a wide range of clothes to look at. Let your imagination shine and set a fashion trend on your hidden object trip.

Work with your friends to finish complicated tasks: Make strong alliances

The game prizes the top three groups for reaching adventure goals and overcoming challenges, such as logical tasks. This shows how essential teamwork and collaboration are. To win the game, you and your guildmates must work together to find secret items and differences. Play a series of fun and exciting puzzle games with search and finding themes that will put your mind to the test in a fun and exciting way. Remember that the more hidden object games you beat, the more points you’ll get toward the end goal.

MOD APK version of Hidden Object: Coastal Hill

MOD feature

Buy energy and free bonuses (does not apply to in-game currency purchases).


Hidden Object: Coastal Hill is unlike any other game because it has exciting gameplay, complex tasks, a world you can change, and a personal story that keeps you interested. Immerse yourself in a world of unique items and go on an adventure that will test your intelligence and keep you busy for hours. Are you ready to discover the secrets of Coastal Hill and become a master of hidden object games? The trip is waiting!

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