Crunchyroll MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.48.3

App NameCrunchyroll
Publisher Ellation
Require4.1 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD features
  • Unlock the Premium feature
  • No Advertising
  • Analytics Disabled (You can continue to use the old version of the application without performing the update.)
  • All the Episodes with crown icon won’t work as its a server side feature.
  • Ads/Services ad-breaks disabled
  • Signature check disabled
  • No forced update
  • Size 10.7 MB/Os11 Size 11.6 MB

This is the best Anime streaming app on the market. Crunchyroll updates the content every day to bring you the latest Anime.


Anime is getting more and more popular among young people. Many people with Netflix Premium come for anime more than watching other original series. If you are one of those, why not invest in a better offer?

We have Crunchyroll, which is a movie platform for only anime. You can have your favorite genre streaming for 24/7 and quickest updated episodes. Find out a lot more about this app below!

Crunchyroll Premium APK download

About Crunchyroll- Best platform for Anime streaming

Crunchyroll is from the United States, but its content promotes a big Asian cultural specialty – Anime and Manga. Even if you are not a fan, you must know about Ghibli Studio, and its famous series such as Spirited Away or My neighbor’s Totoro.

However, the anime world has expanded much more than you’ve thought. Crunchyroll is an example. It was a website with a lot more vibrant than movies and manga. However, this area appears so attractive that they made an app out of it.

Thanks to the website’s factual background, the app has become one of the favorite platforms. It’s ideal for whoever is in favor of this Japanese artwork. If you are looking for a movie app, then this one will be a bright candidate, which we suggest.

It is offering a good deal of content. Furthermore, there will be promising development based on the website. Who knows if you are ahead of time for choosing it?

Don’t compare so harshly with Netflix or any other long-termed platforms. We have below a concrete viewpoint about its features. Let’s see if you would like to register for a premium subscription.

Special Features in Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is well-known for its massive anime and manages the collection. However, what you experience is beyond. Let’s take a quick look at special offers.

A massive collection of exclusive anime series – the world’s largest

Since Crunchyroll concentrates on anime and manga culture, its collection is both impressive and massive. Anime movies are not exclusive, but you can have them streamed on other platforms such as Netflix, POPS, or even some free websites.

However, this platform is collecting both new and classic content in the anime world. As a result, it becomes the concentration for the fans.

It’s mostly made for those who like new anime since they have a lot of upcoming options. Following up the page, you’ll be updated with the newest anime trends as well as creative content. As long as the industry keeps growing, the collection here will thrive week by week.

Crunchyroll features
Awesome features

Stream everywhere with Internet

As typical movie streaming platforms, Crunchyroll requires a stable Internet for streaming. You can access the movies anywhere you go as long as you’re connected with enough data flow.

The visual quality is no less than any platform you’ve known of. More specifically, since the video is a kind of cartoon, it shouldn’t be a problem loading.

Like other channels, you have a few options for resolution. You can change it to 360p as we usually do with a slow Internet connection upon the situation. As a result, you obtain lag-free videos only as long as you fulfill the connection’s mission.

Quick update for a new episode

If there is anywhere for you to update with anime and manga trends the fastest, it must be Crunchyroll or the authorized sites.

For international fans, it’s harder to access content with direct Japanese. It’s common to wait for a week until the new subtitles generate and cast on the video. Why wait longer when Crunchyroll only takes an hour?

Crunchyroll is offering subtitles in a different language besides the original Japanese. There is English for global fans to enjoy and other popular languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese. The only downside is that there is no support for Asian languages like Chinese or Korean yet.

On the bright side, it could be a chance for you to learn a new language with your favorite type of movies. Also, you can take the language lessons slow with motion manga – a new way of enjoying comics.

Motion manga

There are many apps to read free manga for free. Crunchyroll, with the focus on movies, cannot compete with the vast source out there. However, it’s offering an exclusive presentation which is a motion picture.

In this way, you can have hands-free manga time with no need of flipping page by page. Moreover, you don’t even have to read the script when they have audio attached. It’s not only to maximize your reading time; motion manga could be an alternative for anime when you want a brief, entertaining session.

Anime Personal list

Crunchyroll gives you a private space to save the titles you love or want to spend later. To view and personalize this list, you need to tap My lists on the bottom navigation bar. There are three items here, including Watchlist, History, and Offline. While the Offline list is the movies that are preloaded to open while the phone is not connected to the internet (and need a premium account to unlock), the Watchlist includes the titles you have bookmarked and want to watch. At the same time, History contains all the movies you have seen before. You can easily add the series name to the list by going to the Browse screen, click the three dots next to the corresponding movie title, and selecting Add to Watchlist. In my plans, you can easily manage all the content on Crunchyroll.

Offline streaming

To be a handy app, Crunchyroll offers offline streaming also. However, you must subscribe to the premium package to make use of these functions.

Considering the price, Crunchyroll is much more affordable than Netflix, and with the fans, they are apparently into a more significant collection. So, why not?

You can have almost everything the same, including downloading and offline streaming. The interface looks almost the same as Netflix’s representation with video, the description below, and download button episodes.

To make it easier to find downloadable movies, the app also proposes related content in the “more like this” section. As you can find on Netflix, such a tool is rapid access to desired videos.

Anyway, let’s take your time off with your favorite anime. Either with or without the Internet, Crunchyroll always gets ready to bring you the best.

Crunchyroll interface
Crunchyroll’s interface

There are not so many movies on Crunchyroll, but they have made the space total anime-holic. Since the collection is all about this type, they classify them into different groups of content.

Anime fans include those who like everything, as well as people who are picky about plots. No matter which audience you are, concrete classification on the site could help you find the way to your wanted episode.

There is action, adventure, and even horror or supernatural movies. Among 15 groups, there must be one that you can invest your time in. Next to it, you can find it by name in the “all” section. Names are in English for your reference.

Easy Browse

The Browse screen is where you can find all the 1000+ anime titles that Crunchyroll has to offer. Of course, you can’t just scroll through this endless list only to find a movie by its name, so the developer codified these titles into 15 genres: Action, Adventure, Humor, Drama, Fantasy, Music, Romance, Science Fiction, Soft, Sports, Supernatural, Horror, Seinen, Shoujo, Shounen. Of course, if you insist on browsing movies on this vast list, you will still be satisfied. Lists can be sorted by rhyme, by popularity, or by publication order. You can also filter the list to find only movies or movies, find voice-overs, or just subtitles. Or, when you have a name in mind, type it in the search bar, and you’ll immediately see the results.

Manageable favorite list

It’s not that we can watch the movie immediately when we find out about them. Many ways lead us to an anime, such as reviews on fan pages, narrated recommendations, or on Crunchyroll.

The app offers “My List” as a personal folder to save your later-watch items. Indeed, you can manage them the way you want, download or online stream in the future. Even though the app proposes a very niche market, you still need to organize your list if you are a real anime addicted.

Intuitive movie streaming interface

The YouTube app inspires Crunchyroll’s video player interface, so it’s very user-friendly. You will easily recognize the position and functions of the buttons such as 10s back, 10s forward, play/pause, skip to the next episode, set video, and switch to full-screen mode. In the settings section, you can change the subtitle language, the image quality settings. It should also be emphasized that you don’t need a premium account to watch the Anime at 1080p, which is a very generous gesture from the developer as serving movies at high quality always consumes a large amount of tape information and storage space.

When not in full-screen mode, you will see a summary of the episode’s content through the description below, links to other episodes of the same season, and the option to share on social media episodes you are watching.


Finally, the settings section contains options related to how the app interacts with your smartphone. You have the opportunity to upgrade your account to Premium (or manage a premium account if you have already upgraded). Or you can also set the default subtitle language for English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, or turn subtitles off completely. (Unfortunately, the app does not support Vietnamese subtitles yet, so this will take a lot of time before Crunchyroll can enter the Vietnamese market). You can also set the app to use the Wi-Fi network to watch and download movies, turn on / off adult-only content, or manage notifications. Finally, the app also allows us to determine the personal data it collects.


Even though Crunchyroll originates from a reputational website, it’s not perfect for everyone yet. There are still features that narrow down the number of subscribers. But before coming to that depth, let’s first see the advantages it brings to the table.


  • Free subscription for those who want to try
  • 14 days for trial, unlike most movies app such as Netflix, which doesn’t offer movies for free or trial
  • Exclusive service for manga and anime fan
  • Motion manga could be a disadvantage as fans are used to flip ad read
  • Well-organized library
  • Allowed personal list
  • Offline streaming for a paid subscription
  • The fastest updates
  • Multiple choices for subscriptions


  • Not available for other genres
  • Lack of some blockbusters such as One-Pieces
  • Too many ads on free accounts.

Some Alternatives

Anime is new to the entertaining world. However, that fact doesn’t make Crunchyroll the only option. This app could be the largest and most promising option, but you can also try others. We have here some suggestions for alternatives.


If you are a fan of Asian dramas, then Viki will be a perfect app. It makes a massive collection of Korean and Chinese movies with pleasure.

Netflix also proposes this content, but you have to pay for it. Meanwhile, Viki does not advertise HD videos. Why not try?


If dramas are not your interest but still anime, let’s shift back to this section. We have just the right spot for free anime – POPS. Like Crunchyroll, it’s a website basis so that you can have free episodes with the mobile app or on the laptop.

With the history quite the same as Crunchyroll, POPS is quite a perfect alternative. But better than that. You can have more content to watch, such as music and manga but in reading representation.

Crunchyroll Premium

MOD APK of Crunchyroll

Premium Crunchyroll

Unlike Netflix or Amazon, Crunchyroll is offering paid subscriptions in different packages. You can opt for an option corresponding to your budget and demand.

Personal demand for entertainment will swing from time to time. So, it’s wise to make paid subscriptions flexible. You can have the most affordable package with ad-free and regular updates – Fan. It’s for those who can have online streaming all the time.

When you need offline streaming privileges, you must pay to be Mega Fan. In exchange for a payment each month, you can share the account with five other users. Simultaneously, you can have fun movie time on six different devices such as TV, phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, or more.

Sharing the account here is undoubtedly more affordable than on Netflix or Amazon, or Disney+. Considering the amount of content, it’s a fair difference. However, considering the value of anime content, you’ll see it as a comfortable deal.

When you’re sure about the path with Crunchyroll, why not sign up for the annual Mega Fan. The total payment can help you save 16% of the total in comparison to separate monthly payments.

The best policy on this platform is trial. It must always be an issue when you decide to pay for something. It’s a good app when it lets you experience the service shortly before the decision, even though it’s an affordable purchase to most people.

With Crunchyroll, each user can enjoy all premium features in ample time – 14 days. You can change your plan to continue the subscription or not, depending on your time finding out about the app. Such a fair plan, isn’t it?

MOD info

Crunchyroll offers an excellent offer for anime fans, except that its language variety seems not so good. Only when you speak English or Japanese, using this app is a total pleasure. If not, then you are into a big obstacle.

Seeing that potential somehow pulls us back to the hesitation of not paying for premium. The good news is that you can have it for free with Crunchyroll MOD.

MOD version is not a legit application positioned in Google Play or App Store. However, it’s equally safe and convenient with all premium features unlocked. You can download them from Google and then install them as software from Unknown’s sources.

The app can update and install itself with some of your manual presses and permits. After a few minutes settled down, you have a free Premium Crunchyroll function without paying anything.

We recommend it just for trial. When 14 trial days are not enough for you to get an insight into the future with the app, MOD can help. However, using the legit version and paid subscription is a way to thank and cherish anime makers. Usually, content there is assured with copyright law before casting to you.

How to install

Lưu ý: Trong trang duyệt anime, bạn có thể thấy những nội dung được đánh dấu bằng các icon vương miện. Nó được gọi là các server side feature. Những tính năng này được quản lý bởi máy chủ của Crunchyroll. Nó có nghĩa là các bản mod không thể kích hoạt chúng. Vì thế, chúng ta không có cách nào để truy cập miễn phí các nội dung này.


Crunchyroll now is not everything. Since the website just started developing the most potential segments, this app will bring more and more value in the future. Who knows if the subscription price could rise at that time?

Seeing the potential of Crunchyroll and the fantastic collection it offers, why don’t you try for free now? As a fan, it’s nothing worse than waiting for the next episode. At least, the app is solving that problem for anime and manga.

With Crunchyroll, it’s more concentrated as well as advanced. You’re into fast and effective source of entertainment. Try it now and enjoy optimal privileges.

Download Crunchyroll MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.48.3

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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