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Funimate is one of the best video editors on Android right now. Download this app’s latest mod at our blog to enjoy all PRO features for free!


Writing blogs were the past society when images played a significant role in supporting the content. However, we now can easily see the transition to videos. Vlogs have throned social media. As a result, applications to help you make videos are blooming in numbers.

Thanks to the strong development of technology today, you can now shoot and edit vlogs on your smartphones. Video quality captured and published on mobile is already up to 4k. However, most of the default video editors on the device do not meet the needs of the user. Time to look for an alternative!

To be honest, it’s not easy to try them all and decide which is the best. But lucky for you when you have come to this article. We are showing you one of the best mobile apps for editing videos – Funimate.


About Funimate

Funimate is one of the video editors but it stands out by unique features and iconic services. We will dig deep into each item in the following section. But for now, let’s overview the popularity of Funimate.

This platform is both studio and a gallery that means you can do both editing and publishing clips. When you think about it like TikTok, we will not defend. However, there are advantages that you will enjoy here but not in Tik Tok.

You have a less traffic platform to grow and more patient tools to work with. Especially if you are having an iPhone, things are even better.

Special features in Funimate

Let’s boast no more. We know you are dying to know what this app offers. Therefore, let’s move quickly to the following sections where you can find highlights about Funimate’s service in well-organized posts.

Powerful Video Editor

As we mentioned, Funimate is currently one of the best mobile video editors you can find on the Play Store. This app gives you a full range of tools for video editing of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or already have professional video editing skills, you can find what you need in the powerful toolset that Funimate offers.

There are 3 different ways you can start a new project with Funimate. That is:

  • Record video directly from device camera
  • Edit available videos in your gallery.
  • Beat Magic: This option allows you to create videos with transitions that match the beat of the music you select.

Funimate lets you do any video editing like crop, merge, speed change, change brightness, apply filters, blends and more.

Multiple video ideas

How many ideas can you come up with in a video? Well, it’s hard to say because human imagination is endless. And, Funimate has all prepared for you.

There is a lot of content you can conduct in Funimate. Or whatever you have on your phone could go to Funimate’s studio and get ready for retouches. If you say to us that you’re familiar with things in Tik Tok and how easy it is, then try Funimate.

We insist. You’ll find this app working in a simplified interface and a well-organized bar. You shouldn’t find it difficult to finish a video without watching tutorials. For sure, this platform has a much more simplified system than most video editors.

You can carry on whatever ideas you want, no matter where it goes at last. The app provides a ratio for Tik Tok or Youtube or Facebook in case you don’t want to cut an edge after all. And with the support of the following resources, dancing, Vlogs, beauty tutorials or lip sync videos are in your hand as long as you stick with Funimate.

AI Effects

Have you heard of it? We bet you not. Or, maybe you’ve experienced it somewhere but probably too rare. When you use it in Funimate, you’ll be addicted.

AI effects are groups of filters that highlight movements of the body by different lines. You don’t see it as effective yet if you usually just sit and do the talking.

Because AI effects bring out the movements and attitude in those moves, they are the best for dancing clips. Tik Tok hasn’t got it yet so you should take that chance now or never go viral.

Using AI effects is not time-consuming at all but quick and easy. You just need to import or record the video as usual. This application should be the last step when you have made all necessary trimming. After that, find the AI effects on the toolbar and opt for whatever you want.

These movements will look much more impressive with the help of highlights. And soon, the rise of your viewers is no doubt.

Funimate features

QR library

It’s quite the same as VSCO but in the version of a video editor. You can do the retouches and add as many layers until you find perfection. Another worthy item aside from your finished artwork is the formula. The question is do you want to use it the next time?

Who knows? We probably avoid using the same thing because we want uniqueness. But let us you, creating a whole process will take a lot of time. Using the QR code function, Funimate allows you to keep the formula and share it with people.

Funimate community

Tik Tok or Youtube is a popular platform where you post your best clips. However, Funimate offers such a page for you to show off talents. Users on the Funimate page are also editors who share the same passion. You can exchange ideas or learn from them. It’s never too many to have another group to learn.

Huge library for elements

This platform is not only up to date, it’s rich. To make a professional video, you need to put on a lot of work, not only filters or effects. Texts, stickers, overlays, or backgrounds are all necessary to work with the mind.

Creativity is yours and Funimate supports you in developing it with the huge resources of elements. You have a thousand options here, in different styles along with easy customization.

What are you waiting for? Explore and make use of such a huge collection!

Tutorial sections

We have mentioned how easy it is to work on Funimate. However, if you remain fearful of not knowing what to do, there are tutorials. The video will guide you on where to tap and what makes what. Soon, you can also be an expert!

Open the Tutorial sections to watch short videos that show you how to use the tools in Funimate. These Videos are provided from official developers. Besides the basic tutorials, you can find lots of how-to guides for advanced features in the app. You will also learn how to combine multiple tools to create unique effects. Video tutorials are updated weekly. If you have any ideas, you can request them to the developer.


APK MOD of Funimate

Funimate is free to download from Play Store. However, like many other apps, it offers in-app purchases. We are talking about PRO membership. You might consider paying as a way to support the developer. Or try another simpler way than using the Funimate mod that we provide in this article.

Pro version of Funimate

Pro Funimate will bring to you even a bigger offer. You can start by thinking about options. There is a monthly or annual purchase. The latter is always the cheaper but it’s smart to start paying a couple of months to see how it is.

When registering for any subscription, you will gain a 7-day trial for free. Therefore, enjoy it to the fullest before making up your mind. If it’s hard to decide but you need some PRO options, do an in-app purchase.

When you are a PRO user, you will have a badge on all posts on the Funimate community. It’s to show people that you are a serious user and having a lot of unique resources in hand.

Clips made with Pro subscribers will contain no watermark and with the best ingredients from the Pro store. Besides, you can have it all done without seeing a second of ads.  

MOD Info

  • PRO Unlocked: This allows you to access all paid resources, remove ads and remove watermark.
  • CPUs Supported: Arm-v7, Arm-v8


Funimate is gaining its professional day by day. We all see it doing very well in the race. More importantly, it contains the element to make you a good video editor.

The app keeps its library and functions updated regularly so that users can keep up with the fashion. If you are interested, you can try the free Funimate right away. But we also want you to know there are many more unique offers when you are the Pro Funimate users.

Download Funimate MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 13.1

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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