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Castle Crush:Epic Battle MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 6.3.2

App NameCastle Crush:Epic Battle
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Don’t miss the chance to become the leader of the battles, the creator of the best strategies to win all opponents in Castle Crush. This RPG and RTS combination game will give you feelings you have never experienced.

About Castle Crush: Epic Battle

Compared to the usual strategy game series, Castle Crush stands out and has more attractive features. It is the perfect combination of RPG and RTS. You not only strategize to win battles, but you also have to transform into a character to calculate battle strategies carefully. Moreover, external factors like terrain, nature of opponents, timing, etc., have a significant influence on your battle. If you are not brave enough and do not know how to react quickly to situations, you can easily lose. In short, this is a game with depth and grandeur that you should try once in your life.

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Like real combat games, when participating in Castle Crush, you will control and decide all your character’s actions yourself. From choosing skills to maintaining the power to attack enemies is in your hands. The unique feature of the game does not stop there. Instead of directly fighting, you will control the warriors through the cards. Each battle is a different mission, but they always have the same goal of destroying the opponent’s stronghold.

Each turn, the game will give you five different cards to use. You will see three lines on the game screen. The enemy castle will be at the end of the lane and your court in the opposite direction. All you need to do is summon monsters by sending cards to any path you want. The winner is the first person to destroy the opponent’s castle successfully. The rewards will be gold, experience, diamonds, or new cards. Therefore, you need to strategize to use the cards appropriately to win the fastest.

Tactics are the most important

As a strategy game, choosing and using the right cards is essential. It would be best to focus on understanding the properties of the cards you own in Castle Crush. You have to think about the cards’ suitability, pros, and cons and how to increase their power. You can only use one card at a time. Each card selected consumes the power of the character in the card, a.k.a MP.

Each side will have 3 MP at the beginning of the match. The amount of MP will increase to a maximum of 10 after each card draw. You must be careful when using cards because it will consume the amount of MP based on their strength. Note, no matter how many cards you have drawn from the deck, the game still counts as a draw (receiving one MP).

If you consume all of the card’s MP, you must wait a while for the card’s strength to be restored. Your opponent won’t wait for you to recover. Instead, they will attack until you lose. Therefore, you must open as many cards as possible to get more powerful warriors. The more powerful warriors you have, the higher your chances of winning.

Castle Crush features

Collect cards with powerful warriors

Castle Crush gives you over 40 cards for you to collect and use. Each merchant card corresponds to a warrior with different strengths and characteristics. The game divides cards into two main types of cards, and special cards are:

  • Powerful warriors: you can choose a Royale Golem capable of destroying defenses or a ranged attacking archer to damage the opponent’s stronghold
  • Monsters and spells: you can choose a mage who can use magic to strengthen the squad or heal the warriors quickly. This kind of power is necessary because it helps you reduce the time you wait for MP recovery.
  • Special cards: these cards support advanced attack and damage, helping you kill enemies quickly. Their powers are deadly swords, destructive fire, tornados, freezing, etc.

Depending on your tactics and fighting style, you can choose a corresponding warrior card. Before selecting a character, you need to understand the attack power and the amount of MP it will consume.

Also, you can level up these cards to increase their combat power. Depending on the card level, the upgrade requirements will be different. Also, try to win as many games as possible to unlock more new battle cards. Plus, don’t forget to log in every day to get rewarded with new cards.

Castle Crush Epic Battle gameplay

2D graphics and lively sound

Castle Crush is designed with 2D graphics and vivid sound. The context in the game is epic, with temples and massive battle areas. You not only face fire fortresses, but monsters with strange shapes are also your opponents. Besides, every time you level up, the competition arena is also quite different. It brings you many unique and unforgettable experiences. Plus, the character system is uniquely designed with different shapes. Their battle sounds are also very catchy with beautiful effects.

MOD APK of Castle Crush:Epic Battle

MOD Info

Unlimited Money/ Diamonds

Note: This mod is now out of date, we will update it as soon as it becomes available.


Cards with unique warriors await you to summon in Castle Crush. Download the game to become a talented strategist who offers excellent battle tactics.

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