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Blue Light Filter MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 4.03.1

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High Energy Visible/ Blue light is a source of direct damage to your eyes if you are exposed regularly. Blue Light Filter is an application designed with useful features, helping you to use your phone without worrying about being affected by too much blue light.

About Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Night Shift

Every day people have to be exposed to a lot of phone screens for entertainment or work. The phone screen contains High Energy Visible which is easy to damages the user’s eyes. So they needed a solution that was simple, easy to install, and didn’t take too long to set up to minimize blue light. Blue Light Filter is an application to filter the blue light emitted from the phone screen. With its amazing functions, your eyes will be protected. At the same time, it also helps your eyes not get tired when using the phone at night or in low light conditions. You don’t need to worry about being affected too much by the blue light from the device. In addition, it also provides you with many other attractive features to improve color mode, sleep, or brightness mode from your device.

Wide range of Color Temperature filters to choose from

Did you know that daylight has a color temperature of 5000K, so the light from your phone screen must have a color temperature of more than 5000K to help you see your phone screen clearly during the day? However, the higher the color temperature, the more blue light it contains, causing adverse effects on the user’s health, especially the retina and circadian rhythm.

Blue Light Filter provides you with filters that turn your phone screen into natural colors. These colors will contain less blue light content to minimize the negative impact on human health. help you protect your eyes and soothe your eyes. Depending on the environment and personal preferences, you can choose one of the Color Temperature filters to suit. The colors this tool provides are very diverse. They are night shift with 3200K color temperature, dawn color tint with 2000K color temperature, candlelight with 1800K color temperature, fluorescent lamp with 3400K color temperature, or another incandescent lamp with a color temperature of 2700K. Each color with a different frequency will help you reduce the amount of blue light significantly.

Easy to use screen dimmer

This light modifier never challenges the user with complicated settings. It allows you to easily adjust the intensity of the blue light using simple slider buttons. When you work with the phone wallpaper blur function, you need to slide it on the toolbar to help protect your eyes. These actions do not only help you reduce the amount of High Energy Visible, but see the phone screen clearly in different environmental conditions. You can see this modifier right at the main interface without looking anywhere else. Just click on your favorite items and you can drag the light adjustment bars right away.

Save your phone battery

Not only helping you reduce blue light, but Blue Light Filter can also help you significantly save your phone’s power consumption. By reducing screen brightness, your battery will be maximized, giving you more time and battery to enjoy entertainment and work from your phone. It’s automatic, so you don’t need to tap anything to enable battery saver mode. Just operating to reduce the light on the phone screen can immediately reduce the battery consumption significantly.

Automatic timer night screen mode

If you often forget to turn on the night screen mode to use the device more safely, you can completely limit the time for these operations to be done automatically. You need to select the time to turn on and off the night screen mode. When tapped, an Auto timer of the Blue Light Filter will appear for you to start adjusting it. This feature allows you to automatically turn this mode on and off every day according to the selected time. Depending on the nature of your work and your schedule, you can book whatever hours you need. This helps to optimize and make your life more convenient. This feature is truly useful for those who often forget to turn on the night screen feature to protect their eyes.

Convenient 60s blue light filter pause mode

One downside of using a blue light filter is that the color of your phone’s screen changes. This is quite annoying because you can’t see the right colors while taking pictures. It results in the color of the finished image not being what you want. However, this tool supports users to see the color of the image better with 60s pause mode. To enable this feature, simply enable it in the main toolbar. Within 1 minute, your phone will return to normal light to help you take a quick selfie without changing the photo’s color. When the time is up to 60 seconds, it automatically returns to the eye protection light without having to turn off this feature.

MOD APK of Blue Light Filter

About Pro version

Some features will be locked in the free version, forcing you to pay to enjoy all the advanced features. Pro is a full version unlocked. It lets you experience all the enhanced colors with the low blue light resolution. Plus, this version also removes all ads and promo tab apps while you work on the home screen. The timer feature or changing themes is also unlocked to enhance the experience and better protect your eyes.

MOD features

All PRO features Unlocked


Blue Light Filter is an application that helps you filter blue light from your phone screen, automatically timer the night mode to help protect your eyes and prevent eye fatigue. Quickly download the application to your phone and experience the useful features.

Download Blue Light Filter MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 4.03.1

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