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Zombie Waves MOD APK (God Mode, Unlimited Money) 3.4.5

Zombie Waves MOD APK – A Roguelike sequel From Mow Zombies team!Facing endless waves of zombies!

App NameZombie Waves
Publisher Fun Formula
MOD InfoGod Mode, Unlimited Money
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About Zombie Waves

Unsuspecting survivors face peril at every turn in a world overrun by the living dead. Zombie Waves is a post-apocalyptic survival game with you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to face the complex realities of this world as you venture out, where legions of the infected relentlessly chase their insatiable need for human flesh. That’s your job. Learn what caused the pandemic while testing your survival skills against a hostile environment.

Let the Pandemonium Begin with Single-Handed Controls

You, armed only with your steely resolve, face wave after wave of monstrous mutants, and must kill them all before they can overwhelm you. The simple one-button controls in the game make it easy to traverse the dangerous area and kill zombies with pinpoint accuracy. Every action and shot matters as you try to outmaneuver the hungry mob.

Develop Strategies and Release Hidden Powers

It takes more than just strength to make it across the zombie-infested wastes. You may create unique strategies and synergies in Zombie Waves thanks to the game’s wide variety of rogue-lite talents and game-changing ultimate powers. In this never-ending fight for survival, you must employ powerful strikes, cunning tactics, and ingenious combos to win the upper hand. Your ability to shift gears and think on your feet will be invaluable in this battle for the survival of the human race.

Multiple Playing Fields of Harsh Endurance

This will be a realistic, hard-as-nails survival experience that you will want to experience. The game provides a wide variety of increasingly difficult stage situations. You’ll go through various locations, from rundown city streets to barren countryside, each with hidden perils. If you want to increase your chances of survival, you need to be on the lookout at all times, curious about everything, and willing to investigate. You are getting closer to the truth and your objective with each new step you take.

Obstacles in the Form of Fearsome Superiors

Bosses of increasing difficulty will appear as you pass through Zombie Waves, testing your mettle. These hideous monstrosities will do everything it takes to stop you and ensure you die. As you face off against these formidable foes, you can expect spectacular fights. The most robust and resourceful individuals will ultimately prevail.

Stunning Visuals with Pulsating Audio

This game has fantastic visuals that bring the nightmare to life. Images of the undead that look realistic provide a sense of danger, death, tension, and drama to the scene. Each encounter with the creatures will send chills down your spine because of how seriously they were crafted. In the middle of the commotion, your character stands out as a hero thanks to their formidable weaponry and unique personality. You’ll feel absolute satisfaction when you unleash deadly assaults on your adversaries, thanks to the game’s special battle effects. The intense combat noises put you in the thick of things, making you feel part of the frantic fight for survival.

Use Abilities, Acquire Weapons, and Invest in Improvements

The zombie horde is unrelenting, so you’ll need to use all you’ve got to survive. Guns, knives, and tridents are just a few of the many tools and weaponry available from Zombie Waves, each with its advantages. Think carefully about the pros and disadvantages of each weapon before making a selection. You may boost your battle efficiency by upgrading your weapons and tools, allowing you to take on more challenging enemies. In addition, your weapon’s power and your character’s resistance may also be improved using adaptable support effects. Maximize your character’s battle effectiveness by tailoring your decisions to their skills and gear.

Hold On Until the Very End

For those who enjoy a good challenge, the game is the pinnacle for survivalists. Endure to the bitter end, the bloodiest conflicts, the rugged terrain, and the relentless hordes of zombies. You’re fighting for your life, and every second counts as you try to be a ray of light at the darkest hour for humanity. Do you think you have what it takes to win despite all of the obstacles in your way?

MOD APK version of Zombie Waves

MOD feature


1. Mod Menu
2. Unlimited Exp Robot Use
3. God Mode


  • Unlimited Money


Zombie Waves plops players into a terrifying post-apocalyptic world invaded by armies of zombies. Its high-quality images, attention to detail, and realistic presentation achieve the game’s mood of danger and tension. Players may easily traverse the perilous countryside and engage in fierce combat against the undead with the game’s one-handed controls. Players can develop innovative strategies and synergies to overcome challenges using various rogue-lite abilities and game-changing ultimate powers.

Download Zombie Waves MOD APK (God Mode, Unlimited Money) 3.4.5

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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