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YouCut - Video Editor & Maker MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) 1.610.1182

App NameYouCut - Video Editor & Maker
Publisher InShot Inc.
Require5.0 and up
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Easily edit and share your videos with YouCut, the best video editor on mobile platforms with over 100 million users worldwide.

About YouCut

Have you ever wondered: “How are trending videos on Tiktok or Youtube created?” and “How are they edited?” – It’s actually very simple, I’ll tell you the secret: YouCut app.

YouCut is a professional and powerful video editor for smartphones. With this app, you can cut, merge, edit and create your favorite videos.

Youcut PRO MOD apk download

Why do you need this app?

So why should you choose YouCut over other video editing apps? – YouCut provides you with a diverse and powerful set of tools to create a perfect video. This App has nearly 5 million downloads on Google Play with lots of positive reviews. As you can see, YouCut is trusted by many people. What’s more, it’s completely free and there is no Watermark when you export the video. Not stopping there, YouCut also has a lot of great features, we will explore them together in this article.

Merge videos extremely fast

The outstanding feature of YouCut is video merging. You can easily combine multiple short videos into one longer. To have a satisfactory video, the cameraman has to shoot a lot of small segments. But it poses a problem how to combine segments smoothly. YouCut is the perfect solution. The app allows you to insert multiple videos on the timeline bar for cutting. You also don’t need to worry about the video compositing being raw because YouCut also owns a lot of transition effects – which I will introduce later.

Try using the “Pip” feature on the toolbar, which will help you to combine videos. What’s different about this feature and regular video merging is that the videos you choose will display in different timeline bars. Here, you can easily adjust the visibility layers, place one video on top of the other, and decide how long they are visible.

You can also combine videos into many different frames based on the available template. YouCut’s cropping operation will not affect the quality of your videos.

Cut videos easily

If we talk about merging videos, we cannot ignore YouCut’s ability to cut and segment them. This feature will be of great help when you want to split videos.

YouCut will give you 3 cutting options: Trim, Cut, and Split. With “Trim”, this is a feature that will assist you to shrink videos in real-time. The “Cut” feature will allow you to cut on different segments of the video. Finally, Split is a feature that helps you split your video into several small segments without affecting the original video.

The cut videos are not limited in the number of segments and time. You can also freely split the video into segments as you like. The videos after cutting can be segmented or separated from the original video. From there, you can optionally edit each different segment.

Mix audio for video

Videos without sound would be very boring, wouldn’t they? Let’s edit audio for videos with YouCut.

The App has a huge music store for you to use. The genres of music in it are very diverse such as jazz, rock, hip-hop… and they are all free. You can choose a song with the right style to add to your video. The music YouCut provides is all non-copyrighted, you can use it freely.

You can also manually merge the audio clips into the video as you like. You just need to select the audio file available in the device to add. To add your music, you’ll need to tap the music note icon, then select the “My Music” item. As long as the audio file is stored on the device, you can insert it anywhere in the video. Next is to edit the display time on the timeline bar. Finally, adjust the volume of that piece of music and you’re done.

One smart feature that I really like about YouCut is marking and splitting audio. The app will help you to extract audio from videos saved on Tiktok, Youtube, or bookmark it. From there you can save those audio clips to your device to use for your next videos. Remember that you must already have a video clip saved to your smartphone to use this feature.

Youcut PRO features

Add photos, text, and funny stickers

You can add text snippets to videos. You can also adjust the colors and fonts and add their appear/disappear animations. On the text format adjustment page, you can easily use a lot of fonts according to different schools such as typeface, handwriting, italic… Don’t forget to slightly adjust the color of the letters to make them more prominent!

The “Sticker” section is right next to “Text”. Here, YouCut provides you with a lot of funny emoji stickers to add to your videos. The App also has collections of emojis for you to use. They are all cute emojis and full of interesting themes.

If you want to make your videos even more engaging, try adding photos to videos. This feature will be in the “Sticker” section, which you can easily find in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The added photos will be in the form of short videos that you can adjust their display time easily. You can even add GIFs to your videos. YouCut provides GIF files with a variety of topics for you to choose from. 

Tips: Check out the “Trending” section to see which GIFs, Stickers, Fonts are trending!

Professional effects

This is probably the feature many people have been waiting for. It’s no exaggeration to say that you can edit videos like Hollywood movies with YouCut. The app provides a full range of filters and effects for you to edit like a professional editor.

FX effects and transitions are varied and smooth. It will help you to continue between videos together in the most natural way. Advanced effects such as fast forward, slow down are also integrated.

Various filters for you to choose

The color filters are very rich for you to choose from. From basic tones such as black and white to warm tones, cool tones… This tool will help you reproduce the most realistic and vivid colors in each film. With the available tones, you can adjust them yourself by clicking and dragging the effect bars that appear. With YouCut, you will enjoy the feeling of working as a professional editor.


Not only a video editor, but YouCut can also help you create beautiful slideshows. All are in the “Slideshow Maker” section. Here, you can choose from hundreds of available templates. After that, you just need to insert images in your device into the slides, add a little sound and transition effects, create a cover for them and you’re done. During the process, YouCut will suggest suitable images, sounds, and effects for you to choose from. Very simple, right?

Adjust video speed

This is indispensable when post-production videos. With YouCut, you can adjust the playback speed of each video as you like. YouCut will assist you to adjust the playback speed from 0.2x to 100x. From there, you can easily make your own fast forward or slow-motion effects. Not only that, but you can also adjust the speed of the filters and effects added to the video. Adjusting the transition speed properly will make your video much more engaging.

Set aspect ratio with YouCut

For the video to be perfect, framing is very important. YouCut has available aspect ratios for you to choose such as 1:1, 16:9, 3:2… Or you can also adjust your own frames. Just use two fingers to zoom in/out the video. App also supports you to align the edges of the frame so that the video becomes the most eye-catching.

Impressive video compression, processing, and export capabilities

What impressed me was YouCut’s ability to compress videos. Long videos will require a lot of memory to store. But with YouCut, the app will automatically compress the video to save memory for your device without affecting the video quality.

*Did you know: You can save 90% of your video’s memory usage by compressing it with YouCut.

YouCut’s video processing capabilities are also outstanding as it can support video output in many formats. Besides popular formats such as HD, Full HD, the app can also output videos with quality up to 4K. Of course, to export high-quality video you will have to pay to unlock the PRO version. But don’t worry, APKmazon has a free YouCut Pro Unlocked MOD APK for you to experience this feature.

What about exporting videos? After choosing the video quality, you just need to wait a few minutes to render it. The results will be saved in your Android smartphone’s gallery. Or you can choose to export it as a .mp4 file to play on your PC. If you want to share the video, you can choose to share it quickly via Messenger, Tik Tok, Instagram in the “share” section that appears.

MOD APK of YouCut

YouCut PRO subscription

YouCut will give you a 7 day free trial of the Pro version, after that, you will have to pay 5$/year to continue using. But we bring you the UNLIMITED and ABSOLUTELY FREE version of YouCut Pro!

Let’s take a look at the outstanding features that the Pro version of YouCut offers:

  • Unlimited access to Premium Fonts.
  • An unlimited number of Import Videos.
  • Unlimited use of filters
  • Unlimited use of effects (color effects and transitions).
  • Access unlimited music store
  • Unlimited use of Gradient Palette.
  • No Ads

MOD Info

  • Pro Features Unlocked
  • AndroidManifest Cleaned
  • AOSP Compatible/No Google
  • Full multi-languages
  • Google billing Disable
  • Free download on


A free video editor on your Android smartphone. It replaces the cumbersome PC and expensive applications. so convenient right? Download and install YouCut now to create amazing videos!

*APKmazon always updates new versions of YouCut Pro MOD APK continuously. Visit our site often so you don’t miss it.

Download YouCut - Video Editor & Maker MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) 1.610.1182

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