XiiaLive™ Pro – Internet Radio
XiiaLive™ Pro – Internet Radio

XiiaLive™ Pro - Internet Radio MOD APK (Patched)

Feel the power of live radio at your fingertips.

App NameXiiaLive™ Pro - Internet Radio
Publisher Visual Blasters LLC
MOD InfoPatched
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About XiiaLive™ Pro

The XiiaLive™ Pro application is well recognized as the one that delivers the steadiest and most interruption-free experience when listening to Internet radio. This professional edition of the widely used software is packed with fun extras and contains an enormous catalog of radio stations worldwide. If you upgrade to the PRO edition, not only will you be supporting the developer’s hard work, but you will also not be bothered by banner advertisements.

Explore a Vast Selection of Radio Stations Coming from All Around the World

The XiiaLive™ Pro website provides visitors access to more than 50,000 different radio stations. Users can pick their preferred stations so that they may enjoy listening to them. Each station features its content and aesthetic, making many different and potentially beneficial experiences available to consumers. Using this internet radio, the app allows users to learn about interesting new things from any location.

Don’t Let the Advertisements Disturb You

By excluding commercials from its programming, XiiaLive™ Pro ensures that its audience is not disrupted. Viewers can stream content without disruptions or diversions to their emotional circuits. The application provides users access to a wide variety of exciting radio stations, improving their overall experience and not including any advertisements that may be a distraction.

Presentation of Notifications in a Crystal-Clear Format, in Addition to Enhanced Audio Support for Alerts from Applications

XiiaLive™ Pro clearly displays system alerts and supports them with vibrant sound, which helps users get notifications more quickly. Also, the app offers supplemental audio support for messages coming from other applications—listeners caner sophisticated radio stations, improving their listening experience in general.

Ability to Recover Earlier Backups

If users remove the previews inadvertently, XiiaLive™ Pro enables them to recover earlier backups. Users can create backup copies of their favorite music and show to listen to or watch them again later. The advanced streaming settings option of the application enables the buffer duration to be increased, which provides a pleasant connection that is unrestricted in any way. Users are also able to effortlessly remove their activity history as well as examine it at any time.

Playing and Pausing Automatically in Response to User Requests

XiiaLive™ Pro gives its customers more extensive control over their Bluetooth, allowing them to autoplay and pause media according to their requests. When linked, the application system will play automatically based on the devices that have been chosen, and it will be able to cease playing if the connection is severed. Users can contribute to the depth of the radio channels by adding SHORTCUTS to the main screen.

Adjust the Settings for the Bedtime and Alarm Functions

Users of XiiaLive™ Pro are given the ability to set alarms, which not only assist them in maintaining their schedule but also alert them when it is time to return to work. In addition, it alerts users when it is time to go to bed, which enables them to get a better night’s rest. Customers can send excellent programs to their loved ones so that they may all enjoy them together. The fact that users may customize the app’s performance and that users can update a wide variety of library components makes the app more user-friendly.


XiiaLive™ Pro is an intriguing program that gives users the experience of listening to internet radio without interruptions. Users can enjoy a wide variety of materials and styles thanks to the fact that there are more than 50,000 different radio stations. The application does away with banner advertisements and provides various exciting features, such as customizable streaming settings, shortcuts, and extensive filtering choices. Users can set alarms and sleep functions and share beautiful applications with loved ones. The software has a lot of personalization options so that users may tailor its operation to their specific preferences. Internet radio fans need to have XiiaLive™ Pro because it offers the most natural and practical area for relaxing while also updating various libraries.

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