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WiFi Monitor Pro: net analyzer MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 2.6.18

Powerful Wi-Fi analysis tool providing detailed data about wireless networks.

App NameWiFi Monitor Pro: net analyzer
Publisher Alexander Kozyukov
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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About WiFi Monitor Pro

Wi-Fi reliability is now critical for hassle-free internet use in today’s hyper-connected environment. WiFi Monitor Pro and other sophisticated technologies have helped ensure the best possible performance and effective monitoring of Wi-Fi networks. In-depth information on WiFi Monitor Pro’s features and functions is provided in this article for readers’ benefit.

Monitoring and Keeping Tabs on Wireless Networks

As its name implies, this app is a Wi-Fi network tracking and monitoring system. It allows users to examine key network performance indicators, including signal strength, connection speed, and frequency. Its intuitive design makes it simple for anybody to monitor and analyze their wireless networks for optimal performance.

Tabular Format for Easier Analysis

WiFi Monitor Pro separates its functionalities into tabs, letting customers zero in on particular facets of their Wi-Fi networks. The “Connection” tab provides specifics about the active Wi-Fi network, including the MAC address and IP address of the smartphone, as well as the network’s name (SSID) and identifier (BSSID), the router manufacturer, the connection speed, the signal strength, the frequency, the channel number, the latency information (ping), and the available security settings. Subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS address, among other crucial network setup parameters, are also included.

All accessible Wi-Fi networks may be analyzed by their kind, equipment manufacturer, signal strength, and security protocol under the “Networks” page. APs sharing the same service set identifier (SSID) can be compared.

Improving Wi-Fi Performance by Optimizing Channels

The “Channels” tab is your best bet when troubleshooting network interference. It shows the strength of signals in hotspots as a function of frequency. Viewing the signal strength graphically lets Users see which channels have poor Wi-Fi connection quality. Setting up a router and getting the most out of your network require this data.

Measuring Velocity and Strength in Visual Form

WiFi Monitor Pro provides readers with two helpful graphs: the “Strength” and the “Speed” graphs. Users may evaluate the strength of their wireless connections by consulting the “Strength” chart, which compares the received power levels of various Wi-Fi hotspots. A stronger router signal means a more reliable connection.

Data transfer rates inside the network are graphically shown in real time on the “Speed” graph. This function helps assess hotspot traffic and locate bottlenecks in data transmission.

Security Measures and Device Scanning That Work

Users may scan networks in the app’s “Scanning” tab to see what gadgets are now online. This function allows the speedy detection of unwelcome guests on the web by showing detailed information about each device. Users may immediately take steps to prohibit any discovered unwanted devices using the router’s settings, assuring the safety of the network.

Save and transfer data

WiFi Monitor Pro’s ability to save information to a log file and share that file with other programs is a notable feature. Because of this feature, not only can data be managed efficiently, but it can also be easily integrated with other programs. The application’s memory optimization settings and ad-blocking capabilities add to a more streamlined and glitch-free Wi-Fi encounter.

Easy Configuration and Optimisation of Routers

When it comes to configuring and optimizing routers, the program is a must-have. Connectivity, signal strength, and frequency-specific signal levels can be optimized by keeping tabs on them to set up routers better. Customers can quickly analyze their hotspot usage using the application’s straightforward UI and detailed graphs and make educated decisions regarding their network infrastructure.

Highlights and Quick Facts

  • Adjusting the frequency of the router controls the wireless network.
  • Show speed settings to facilitate quicker equipment identification
  • To have better command and safety over data, backup it often and look for virtual connections.
  • Tools that filter out ads and optimize your hardware to boost your internet performance.
  • Power consumption minimization features
  • Slim and lightweight to conserve storage and processing power across several platforms.

MOD APK version of WiFi Monitor Pro

MOD feature



WiFi Monitor Pro is a powerful program that helps people examine, track, and enhance their wireless networks. Signal strength, connection speed, and frequency can all be easily monitored thanks to the app’s extensive feature set and intuitive design. The strength and speed charts offer visual representations of network performance, while the tab-based structure allows for in-depth research and comparison of various networks. In addition, the scanning function aids in locating and fixing any unwanted devices, therefore protecting the integrity of the network. Data backup and export to other programs improve the efficiency and adaptability of network administration. Customers may fine-tune their router configurations using the app’s features for a more robust and stable Wi-Fi signal. WiFi Monitor Pro’s unique features and user-friendly interface make it a vital resource for anybody looking to exert authority over their Wi-Fi networks.

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