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Wearfit Pro MOD APK (MOD VIP Unlocked) hw_4.7.6

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Wearfit Pro (MOD VIP Unlocked) is an app that helps users manage the resources and features of their smartwatch. More specifically, it will help you manage sleeping, messages, calls, or health problems.

About Wearfit Pro

Wearfit Pro is the leading health monitoring and care app for smartphones. This app works by connecting with a smartwatch to record all your health data. Moreover, it also supports users in managing and making changes to the smartwatch on the smartphone. What a great app!

Let’s discover more about Wearfit Pro with APKmazon in the article below.

wearfit pro mod apk free

Real-time Monitoring

Wearfit Pro will help you track every activity of the day in real-time.

The principle of operation of this feature is quite simple. Smart-watch will track your health information such as heart rate, blood pressure, step count, etc. After that, these data will be transmitted directly to Wearfit MOD VIP to store again. At the same time, they will also be displayed on the app’s main page for users to follow easily. As a result, you can review your health parameters daily, weekly, or monthly at any time.

Enjoy Exercise

Sports training has never been so fun with Wearfit PRO MOD APK. This app will help you record all the training session data. Not only that, but Wearfit VIP APK also allows you to set goals before each training session. Thanks to that, you can easily track your progress day by day.

If you want a healthy body, combine using the fitness app Fitify.

monitoring and exercise wearfit

Devices managements

Manage your smart devices with Wearfit PRO MOD APK VIP Unlocked!

Smart-watch always brings many benefits to users and can even act as a mobile phone. Therefore, more and more people tend to use smartwatches more and more. As a result, they will need an app to help them manage this device: Wearfit PRO.

In addition to receiving the user’s fitness and health data, Wearfit also allows them to change the smartwatch. More specifically, you can change the watch’s display face or the operating modes. Moreover, it also owns an interesting feature that is a self-timer or device search feature. Surely Wearfit PRO MOD will give you the optimal experience with your smartwatch.

Personal Center

With that said, Wearfit Pro MOD VIP is the leading app for health monitoring. The app has a separate page displaying your health parameters, called “Personal Center.” Here, you can review your Fitness record or personal data in the most general way.

At the same time, Wearfit can also act as a social network about personal health. The app allows users to make friends with other people to practice together.

Moreover, the Personal Center is also a place where you can keep track of your achievements. More specifically, Wearfit MOD APK offers personal achievements for users to conquer, such as walking 10000 steps a day, running 2km, and more. You will be rewarded with badges for each achievement you achieve. At the same time, your trophy collection will also be publicly visible to other users.

Health Data Records

Health tracking is probably one of smartwatch users’ most commonly used features. Admittedly, this is a convenient and necessary feature. Thanks to the fitness metrics measured by Wearfit, you can keep an eye on your health.

Moreover, the app provides standard health metrics to compare and better understand issues. In addition, it can also give you suggestions for physical improvement.

Sharing Exercise

Not only is it a personal health monitoring app, but Wearfit also gives those passionate about sports practical exercises. Some of the exercise plans that the app provides are running, cycling, or even climbing or swimming.

Moreover, you can share and use the spears of other users. These exercises are pre-planned regarding distance, average speed, and time for you to perform. Moreover, Wearfit VIP MOD Free also supports users in calculating indicators such as calories consumed, average speed, or estimated time.

personal center and health data record

Some features that Wearfit Pro requires access to

In order to function correctly and smoothly, Wearfit will ask permission to access some features on your smartphone.

  • Bluetooth: Using Bluetooth will allow the app to connect to the smartwatch quickly and stably. Thanks to that, the health data will be controlled more precisely.
  • Health App: Wearfit will ask permission to access health apps on your smartphones, such as Samsung Health, MiHealth, or other equivalent apps. As a result, apps will exchange and backup data to help users track easily.
  • Location permission: This feature mainly tracks the distance of your training sessions. More specifically, outdoor exercises like running, cycling, or even swimming.
  • Smartwatch connection: this is for measuring and recording your health data.

MOD APK of Wearfit Pro

Wearfit Pro is a free app and is also very useful for those who use smartwatches. However, there is also a slightly better version of this app, Wearfit Pro VIP Unlocked. It will provide users with a more optimal experience.

MOD Features:

  • Ads – free
  • Free watch face market
  • Acceleration of old value
  • Daily bonus points
  • VIP distinguished logo
  • More privileges

Wearfit PRO APK + MOD VIP Unlocked is now available on APKmazon.com. You can download it for free right now.

MOD Info:

  • VIP Unlocked
  • Free download on APKmazon.com


If you are a regular smartwatch user, you will need an app to help you manage it. So don’t miss Wearfit Pro – this app can optimize your smartwatch experience. You can manage notifications or quickly change activity modes and monitor your health indicators. Please click the link below to download and install Wearfit Pro MOD APK VIP Unlocked for free.

Download Wearfit Pro MOD APK (MOD VIP Unlocked) hw_4.7.6

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