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WaStat - WhatsApp tracker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.61

App NameWaStat - WhatsApp tracker
Publisher Peanut Butter Inc
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Phone time tracking, targeted WhatsApp account monitoring, and screen time usage in one app is what WaStat Premium offers you. Discover other great benefits this app brings to you now.

About WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

Every time you use Facebook beyond the set time, it will send a reminder message to you. However, Whatsapp is not like that. Users often look to third-party applications to monitor and analyze their internet usage. One of the trusted applications in this regard is WaStat. Not only does it track, analyze, and measure the time you spend using your smart device, but it also reduces your chances of being addicted to it. Moreover, it is a great assistant for parents who always want to monitor their children’s screen time. With the utilities it brings, you can control many things on Whatsapp of many users.

Monitor 10 other people’s Whatsapp online time

If the person you want to follow uses Whatsapp, you can monitor their account anonymously. WaStat will reference the accounts you have selected to track their internet usage. The number of profiles you can track is up to 10. With this feature, you can easily see if they are online or not.

Besides, it automatically analyzes and gives you results about the time they spend online daily. With the analysis results it provides, you can conveniently use it for personal analysis purposes. It is also excellent proof that you can prove the online status of these users when needed.

WaStat - WhatsApp tracker mod apk

Get notified when someone on the list goes online.

Is your main goal when tracking other users’ time online to see if they are online? With the notifier that WaStat provides, you don’t need to constantly wait and check their online status every hour. Every time the person on the list you’ve added comes online, this tool will send you a notification right away.

At this point, you can check their activity and analyze their online visit data. You don’t care about the distance or the work this person is doing. It is convenient and saves your waiting time. It also helps you reduce anxiety and focus on what you’re doing better.

Monitor your Internet usage every day

With the development of the Internet today, it is easy for people to fall into phone addiction. This habit leads to many negative consequences, so everyone wants to limit this as much as possible. However, they do not know how much time they use the phone to reduce. Whatsapp offers a great tracking tool and gives detailed real-time reports on your device.

Its reports are displayed by day and by month for easy viewing. Also, it details how many minutes you spend online each day. If your online time is too high, the color in the report will be red. At this point, you should reduce your online time to minimize phone addiction.

Easy to use interface with simple operation

WaStat simplifies all features and operations so you can use them immediately without spending a lot of time learning. Its features and reports are presented visually for easy viewing and use. Moreover, you need to enter their names and WhatsApp whenever you want to track other people’s internet usage. The tool will then automatically search and track the results. When the goal is achieved with the added profiles, you can delete them to add other ones easily. The reports are also explicitly organized so you can keep track of the details.

Show time intervals in a handy clock view.

The way WaStat displays your online time is quite interesting. It divides the online time intervals and distributes them on a clock. It shows exactly how long you’ve been online and how long you’ve been offline. Each time frame is displayed directly on the watch in the most intuitive way.

Plus, this feature is suitable for parents who want to manage their children’s online time. It makes it easy for parents to choose and set a time frame for their child’s curfew. Besides, it helps track and observe the online time of the people you have added to your watch list.

Analyze data through graphs

The report charts that WaStat provides are detailed with specific colors for easy viewing. It splits into horizontal and vertical columns by monthly and daily time. When you click on the columns, it will display the details of your online time. It counts for every minute you are online. Furthermore, you can choose a 30-day view or a day-by-day view. If viewed by day, it will display according to the time frame. If viewed for 30 days, it will display every day for you to follow easily. Based on this data, you can see your mobile device usage and find ways to limit it.

MOD APK of WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

MOD Info

Premium Unlocked/ Free Subscription


WaStat is a great tool to help you track 10 Whatsapp profiles for free without using 3rd tools. Moreover, it tracks your online time and has reminder notifications to avoid your smartphone addiction. Download this application immediately to monitor the online status of others and yourself conveniently.

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