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War Towers MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) 14.0.16

War Towers MOD APK – Idle tower defense: loot, build wave defense in war tower defense td strategy

App NameWar Towers
Publisher Edenap
MOD InfoUnlimited Resources
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About War Towers

There is a brand new and intriguing addition to the genre of tower defense games, and it’s called War Towers. Set in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland, players of this offline battle tower defense game must defend the last city of civilization from hordes of ravenous scavengers. War Towers is one of the most exciting TD strategy games in 2022 because of its innovative wave defensive mechanisms.

Improved Tower-Based Wave Defense Construction

In this tower defense game, you play the role of the defender and are tasked with fending off waves of foes from attacking your city. These vicious foes will stop shooting once they’ve taken the city. You must utilize your people, resources, and skills to keep the city safe. You must develop an intense tower defense system to safeguard your base.

Workers and blueprints for cutting-edge towers can help you accomplish this goal. Bolts and drops are the cash used to purchase supplies and more troops. You may stop the enemy’s advance by carefully depositing resources into towers and unleashing their strength. The primary goal is to construct buildings specifically designed to defend the city. Can you rise to the occasion and build a legendary fortification that can withstand indefinite waves of enemy assault?

Various Towers with Enhanced Features

Each tower constructed by your workers can be upgraded, amplifying its power and effectiveness in the war tower defense battles. War Towers offers several types of buildings:

  1. A primary tower is an excellent defensive structure to keep your people secure.
  2. Gunner Tower is a tower that can shoot rapidly but doesn’t have a lot of firepower.
  3. The explosives launched from the Bomber Tower may cause widespread destruction.
  4. Use this tower to take potshots at your foes and do maximum damage.

Even if your BTD plan fails, you shouldn’t panic. This turn-based strategic role-playing game may be played numerous times, allowing players to hone their tactics over time.

Constructing Shelters and Stockpiling Nuts

In addition to building War Towers, the game also has components of idle tower defense, such as creating and employing inactive employees whose job is to gather and store bolts from defeated foes. Constructing many huts will give your workers a safe place to keep the bolts. These nuts and bolts lay the groundwork for recruiting more employees and building more towers, which is necessary to take on the increasingly tricky tower action waves ahead.

Featured on the Game

You may improve your game experience with the game’s many options:

  • Recruit people to construct the towers and dwellings.
  • Make your important buildings more lethal by leveling them up.
  • By increasing a tower’s maximum number of workers, you may enhance its damage, range, and health, as well as the health of its walls.
  • Invest in your workforce to boost their speed and plundering abilities.
  • Gain daily prizes by completing tower defense missions.
  • Tower defense games may be played in less time if the wave attacks are sped up.
  • Take advantage of the game’s tower defense mode and the war’s offline playability.
  • Turning music and noises on or off is a great way to personalize your experience.
  • English, Italian, and Spanish are all available as options.

Protecting the Metropolis from Danger

Given the enemy’s ability to regroup and pose a severe danger to the city, your leadership is crucial. Watch for these lethal dumpster divers; they carry nuclear bombs and can destroy your towers anytime. In addition, they are difficult to defeat because of the strength of their trucks and armor.

War Towers’s tower defense and idle gameplay provide a fun and relaxing experience. In the middle of combat mayhem, connecting towers and building new ones is fascinating. Players can exhibit their strategic prowess by using a variety of tactics to win the game.

Building an Excellent Wave-Tower Defense for Your Campaign

As a player in this game’s immersive environment, you must defend the metropolis from ruthless foes. The adversary will do everything it takes to grab power and has already launched many strikes. Use your knowledge, experience, and workforce to secure the city. Your success will depend on how well you organize and implement a tower defense strategy. Players can look forward to a ton of new content as the game’s narrative progresses.

Get to work constructing and organizing the best defense possible

You may build high-tech towers with the help of workers and plans to protect yourself from the oncoming army. You can buy more soldiers and better equipment with the money of bolts and drops. Place your troops strategically on the towers and watch as they valiantly stave off the assault. As the conflict progresses and the enemy’s attacks become more ferocious, constructing defensive buildings becomes crucial. Make full use of your assets to build a solid defense to resist the odds against you.

Put Construction Resources to Use in Your Strategy

Activated and passive tower defense features are perfectly combined in War Towers. Building and using The game is an example of active tower defense, whereas using idle employees to collect bolts from vanquished enemies is an example of passive tower defense. Ensure your workers always have bolts by giving them easy access to many storage sheds. With these bolts, you may build more workers and towers necessary for the late-game waves of tower activity.

Unlock and Improve New Towers

The game’s research system unlocks new towers, allowing players to fortify their defenses in various ways. Research costs increase as you progress, enabling you to build more robust towers to counter the adversary head-on. The buildings each have their special attacks and abilities. Each tower has a unique function that helps the city grow and defend itself from the onslaught of its enemies, whether via active or passive means.

Participate in Everyday Actions and Gain Tremendous Benefits

In addition to protecting the city, gamers can participate in exciting daily challenges presented by War Towers. These threats shift the battlefield, generating new strategies for erecting defenses. Additionally, the prizes are abundant, allowing upgrades that improve the tower’s performance in future clashes.

MOD APK version of War Towers

MOD feature

1. Unlimited Bolts
2. Unlimited Drops
3. Unlimited Badges
*Increase instead of decrease


War Towers is a fantastic tower defense game that puts players in a never-ending fight to protect the city from dangerous foes. The game has clever wave defense mechanics that require players to build and improve towers while employing various strategies to fend off waves of enemies. Players may build an invincible fortress by carefully allocating money, hiring citizens, and strengthening the city’s defenses. War Towers is a fresh and exciting take on the tower defense genre that will keep players engrossed for hours with its innovative gameplay, daily challenges, and deep research system. Get ready for the pinnacle of tower defense challenges as you set out on an epic quest to protect the last city on Earth from the ravages of the apocalypse.

Download War Towers MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) 14.0.16

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