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Volume Styles MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 4.4.0

Master Your Audio Experience with Volume Styles MOD APK – Your Essential Android Application for Custom Sound Controls

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About Volume Styles

Have you ever found yourself grappling with a smartphone whose volume levels either blast your eardrums or barely whisper in your ear? Are you tired of the blaring alarm that startles you out of a deep sleep or the frustratingly low alarm volume that fails to wake you at all? Indeed, such issues can significantly disrupt our daily lives and inconvenience many users. In response to this prevalent problem, the Volume Styles app was introduced – a tailor-made solution designed to give you unprecedented control over your device’s volume levels.

Your Personal Audio Manager for Android

Volume Styles is an advanced Android application that empowers you to customize the volume bar for each type of sound and each application on your phone. With Volume Styles at your disposal, you can elevate the personalization of your device, tailoring its audio output to match your specific requirements perfectly.

Customize the Volume Bar for Each App

The disparity in volume levels across different applications is not only a common issue but also one that inconveniences numerous users. For instance, imagine playing a game at a low volume and having to increase the device’s overall sound level to hear the game’s audio. However, upon switching to another high-volume app like YouTube, your device shrieks, causing discomfort. This is where Volume Styles proves to be indispensable, adjusting the volume individually for each application and thus providing relief from the need to control the entire device’s volume.

On opening Volume Styles, you’re presented with a settings page brimming with volume bar options. In the “Applications Volumes” section, you will see all the applications installed on your device. You can select a specific app and adjust its volume level and effects to your liking. Moreover, Volume Styles allows you to create unique volume profiles for different applications, giving you an unhindered and enjoyable audio experience.

Prioritize Your Hearing with Volume Safeguards

A distinctive feature of Volume Styles is its commitment to user safety. The application sends out a warning when the volume exceeds a safe limit, potentially causing harm to your hearing. Thus, with Volume Styles, you can set safe volume boundaries and receive voice alerts or notifications when the volume breaches these limits.

For instance, scientists recommend that a sound level not exceeding 70 dB is safe for your ears. However, when the volume reaches 85 dB, it can cause harm after just 2 hours of continuous exposure. If it crosses the 105-110 dB threshold, your ears can be in trouble within merely 5 minutes. Volume Styles safeguards you from such potential harm by warning you when the sound level crosses the safe limit.

Customize the Interface to Your Liking

Beyond volume management, Volume Styles offers an exciting feature that allows you to customize the interface of your volume adjustments. This adds a personal touch to your volume bar, transforming it from a simple tool into a stylistic expression of your taste.

A Showcase of Styles and Sliders

From the Android 10, iOS 13, and Xiaomi MIUI styles to the Samsung One UI, OnePlus OxygenOS, and thousands more styles in the app, Volume Styles enables you to personalize your volume slider with just a tap. Moreover, the application allows you to decide which volume sliders are shown, and you can even include a brightness slider!

Additional Shortcut Features and Customizations

The application goes a step further, offering additional shortcuts within the volume panel for easier access and further customization options to style the volume panel just the way you want it.


In conclusion, Volume Styles is an incredible tool for those seeking to delve deeper into their phone’s audio system. Packed with myriad features and options, customizing and personalizing your phone’s sound settings is easier than ever. If you’re grappling with audio imbalances among apps or looking for a unique way to jazz up your device, then Volume Styles is undoubtedly a worthy consideration.

For a similar customization experience, you might want to try Speaker Volume Sound Booster, another app that provides advanced controls to enhance your device’s sound settings.

Remember, with Volume Styles MOD APK, you have full control over your smartphone’s audio. So, seize the opportunity and download Volume Styles today for a superior and customized audio experience.

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