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Using two accounts simultaneously on one device or installing special apps is often tricky on Android phones. However, this problem will be solved when installing an emulator application called VMOS PRO.

Why is it necessary to emulate the virtual Android operating system right on your Android smartphone?

We all know that Android is an open operating system. It allows users to easily access system services and make changes. Customization on Android is a double-edged sword. It allows users to personalize their devices, but it is also a good environment for malicious code, spyware, viruses, and many other dangerous things. Many users enjoy discovering strange apps not from the Play Store but forget about the security issues they might face. Sometimes a malicious app installed on your Android Smartphone can cause everything in your device to crash.

Besides, many people even want to root their devices to get access to the whole Android system. Basically, root is a familiar and age-old concept. It appeared as soon as the Android operating system was on the market. You can simply understand that a rooted device allows the owner to access, edit and customize everything in the Android operating system. It means that the security wall on the operating system has been broken. Rooted devices are at risk of more security problems than the rest. Besides, there are some really good apps that run only on rooted devices like Game Guardian, Lucky Patcher, App Cloner… When there are security issues on a rooted Android device, it can cause users to lose all data or even destroy the operating system.

Rooting undeniably offers a better user experience, but it comes with risks. So, instead of taking 100% of the possible risks, reduce them to zero. You just need to create a virtual environment on your Android device to do what you like. Android emulator like VMOS PRO allows you to run apps, root your device, jailbreak, or do many other activities with zero risk. Any problem with the emulator can’t affect your device.

In short, when you have an Android emulator on your own Android device, you have a second device to test things out with and keep your real device out of harm’s way.

VMOS PRO Premium MOD APK download


VMOS is an acronym for Virtual Machine Operating System. It is a special emulator software developed as an app based on VM virtual machine. It works as an Android emulator but runs on the Android device itself. This great virtualization tool is suitable for advanced users. You will immediately have a virtual android environment with features that are not inferior to the actual machine.

In particular, its system allows you to install apps that require root in one tap quickly. Besides, you can use multiple accounts or popups to play games while doing other tasks. Its safety and security are high but do not take up too many system resources. Take a look at what amazing features this app brings to you.

Create an Android virtual environment

VMOS PRO provides users with an Android virtual environment that offers many exceptional touch controls. You do not need to register an account to use any of this tool’s services. Once installed and launched, you can interact with the quick floating tools menu. This menu provides the necessary controls for your Android environment. It is similar to your phone’s hardware controls, including the start button, on and off button, back button, etc.

Besides, it allows you to connect to the network and perform operations with other applications, like interacting with the central Android system. Also, you can use Google services, Internet browser, file manager, and several other standard applications. You can quickly go to Play Store to log in to your Gmail account to download new apps.

Copying and forwarding existing applications

This virtual tool supports copying and forwarding existing applications from the central system to this virtual environment in a few small operations. With this copy and move, you don’t need to waste time installing essential apps again. Its touch controls are complete and natural, making it feel like you’re using a second device.

Supports smooth rooting without affecting the central system

If other emulators require complex operations to root the device, VMOS PRO will not. It allows you to freely root on the virtual machine you create without affecting the central system. It is helpful for those who want to run special rooting applications without doing it on the central system. Its rooting speed is relatively fast and smooth, saving your time.

Furthermore, specific functions in different apps will require additional root access. It isn’t enjoyable and requires performing root operations many times. However, you only need to root once to use them smoothly with this tool. It also minimizes the risk of damaging the central system.

Use two accounts simultaneously on one device

Instead of constantly logging out and logging in to social apps for different accounts, you can use two accounts simultaneously in one place. VMOS PRO helps you to log in to two accounts on one device at the same time. You can log in to the primary account on the central system and the second one on the emulator space of this tool. It is helpful because you can easily separate your personal and work accounts while managing them efficiently. You need to install the social application you want on the VM and log in with the account you created.

Moreover, you can directly use social sites in a floating window. It saves you time switching between systems quickly. Also, you can reduce the time it takes to access the same application.

Adjust the resolution

If you are worried that this virtual Android emulator will lower the resolution in the game you are playing, stop thinking that right now. VMOS PRO allows gamers to change the resolution for a smoother gaming experience. You can choose self-adaption, 1080×1920, 360×460, 720×1280, or add a new resolution. Depending on your selection, the resolution will vary in different situations. You can rely on the machine configuration to choose the appropriate resolution.

Use two monitors at the same time

You can fully manage work and games simultaneously with the dual-monitor mode that VMOS PRO offers. It allows you to work in two different applications simultaneously without losing connection. You can watch Youtube, text, or work efficiently simultaneously. Also, this feature is suitable for gamers who love management games. The reason is that you can both observe the game progress and perform other activities efficiently.

Furthermore, running programs can be easily customized as floating windows. You can move and place them anywhere on the screen. In particular, running these two programs will not affect the central system. It is independent and does not interrupt any operations.

VMOS PRO-features

Run Google services on unsupported devices

Google is the father of the Android operating system. They set standards for this operating system; Google services is one of them. These services are available on all Android devices including Gmail, Maps, Google Games, and Play Store. However, in the last few years, many Android devices have not been supported by Google. They are mostly brands from China. A prime example is Huawei, which is subject to a US ban. You cannot find any google services on Huawei Android devices; and also no way to install and use them.

VMOS PRO can help. By running a virtual machine on the device, you have the right to access and use Google services. It allows you to log in to Play Store and download official games/apps.

Configuration required

Running virtual machines always consumes a lot of resources on user devices, and VMOS PRO is no exception. Below is the required configuration for VMOS:

  • Your device is running Android OS 7.0 or higher
  • Minimum 4GB RAM.
  • Stable Internet connection

Why should you use VMOS?

VMOS creates a completely new Android operating system on your device. Everything is kept as per Google standards; includes all skins and features. Now you are having two android operating systems on the same device. They operate independently. You can see that it uses a very simple and clean stock launcher. Besides, the settings and other features are completely similar to a stock Android device. The user experience on this virtual Android device is simple and smooth. It also allows you to Root the device if you want.

Since VMOS PRO has created a standalone virtual Android device on your smartphone, it allows you to do many things on it. You can quickly download apps and install them as tests. It also accepts all Google services so you can sign in with your account. As soon as you encounter any problems on this virtual device, you can destroy it and then install a new one. Everything does not affect your real device.


MOD info

Premium Unlocked: All Premium features have been unlocked. You can access and use them for free.

How to install VMOS PRO

  • Instructions to install vm through zip.
  • Download the one you want, if it’s already a zip file then next step else add (.zip) in the end)
  • Go into adding a new vm, select 3 dot menu and select “Import local rom”, select the zip you just downloaded through file manager.
  • App will install the vm you selected. Enjoy.


Using a virtual android on your android is a fun and beneficial thing that you should try. Download VMOS PRO MOD APK and experience the unique features in this virtual Android emulator now. You will be surprised by the ability to balance and manage between work, study, and entertainment that it provides.

Download VMOS PRO MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.9.8

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  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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