VivaVideo MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 9.14.5

App NameVivaVideo
Publisher QuVideo Inc. Best Video Editor & Video Maker App
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoPRO Unlocked
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The world is on for art. We are now investing a lot in videos and images that post on social media. It’s easy to start with zero experience when you have such an app like VivaVideo PRO. What does the app offer, and will it be worth having it rather than something else?

About VivaVideo App

QuVideo Inc developed VivaVideo as a video editor on iOS and Android for several years. During the publishing time, the maker has made many fixes and developments by always updating the library. Until now, VivaVideo remains to be one of the favorite video editors with 4.8 stars averaged on Google Play. 

It becomes one of the popular apps for mobile users, thanks to its simple operation and trendy offers. It must be the app that you should try first when you are new to the field. But it doesn’t matter the variety in the app, its selective and modern library is always ready to bring your first shot many views. 

Soon, we will know what the app offer and how to get more from the app. Also, we suggest the MOD version for those who want the free but adequate features. 

VivaVideo PRO features

Special Features by VivaVideo

Features in VivaVideo are self-explanatory. However, we remind them here again with the function you will discover in the app, free or paid subscription. All below are what you can enjoy free, and paid items are only added that you might need to stand your work out. 

Professional video editor

Almost all fundamental editing tools are here in VivaVideo. They are the first steps to do before applying effects or inserting items.

Starting with the app, you can opt for video, picture, or collage making. Yes, this app can be that versatile, but its strength is to make excellent videos. After opting to work with clips, you go directly to the device gallery with all videos available to edit.

The video will present in the continuous flow so you can easily choose a part for adjustment. Users can cut, split, merge or duplicate videos using the simple ruler displayed.

Besides the flow, you can rotate or frame the image in the way you like. It helps merge videos structured either landscape or portrait.

Filters and effects

Speaking of filters and effects, VivaVideo is quite impressive. Effects are divided into five groups: glitch, beats, distort, style, and celebrate. Coming to each group, you find only selective options that can turn your clips into a whole new level.

Filters are no fewer than effects. They range from ordinary to extraordinary film effects. It’s possible to make your clips unique by discovering the free-range. When it comes to Pro, there are more for you to choose from.

Soundtracks with sound effects

You cannot make a good video without using suitable soundtracks. VivaVideo possesses an extensive music library, including hits and classic songs. This list will extend in the long run to provide more and more options. As you know, modern music can help video catch views.

Besides melodies, you can add other soundtracks like weapons, vehicles, or laughter. When you add these factors, the effect behind the video could grow bigger. We see smart using sounds is an essential skill in video editing since it lifts the general value and meaning behind the clip. When you are working in the designing or marketing field, VivaVideo will help you in making unique proposals.

When you cannot find the piece you like, VivaVideo welcomes you to import recordings or music from your offline library. Therefore, you can make long videos with your voice recording illustrated, plus more items to follow.

Decorations for your videos

Catchy stickers, texts, and images could draw more significant attention to your products when posting them on social media.

With beginners, making use of visual effects and editing seems to be out of reach. You can find your tools in stickers and texts to expose a message to the world.

The app offers newly updated sticker collections corresponding to holidays, festivals, or trends. You can quickly try them on the front page of the app. Indeed, all these insertions are eligible for college and image editing.

Frame customization

Usually, videos after editing will go to social media. Considering multiple channels such as Facebook, IG, Tik Tok, or Youtube, we see them differently. When you post something, not in the right ratio, the automatic adjuster will cut the edge or fill in with the ugly plain black background.

In short, it is to help you avoid that awkwardness. It proposes instant cutting with a ratio made for popular social media. You can drag and release to get the vision you like throughout the video. Hence, you don’t lose anything important.

In case you don’t want to trim the edge, the app offers to add a frame to fill lacking space. With black or white canvas, you are free to decorate, cite quotes or add anything you want.

Speed adjustment

It would help if you adored speed effects. In blockbuster or trendy commercials, slow-motion or time-lapse are very eye-catching and mesmerizing. They used to be by professional tools but now, possible with VivaVideo.

Choose a part of the video which you want to adjust speed. Apply slow motion or increase speed to get the effect you want. You can do it several times in the same videos, combined with dramatic effects; you’ll get artwork out of a simple app.

Instant share to social media

When all the steps complete, you have a video ready to share on social media. There are two ways to preserve your work.

Users can export it and save it to the gallery for later sharing. Here, you have options in video resolution, from 640P to 1080P. The pop-up window appears every time you choose to save the items, so don’t worry if you’re not familiar.

The exporting will take time, depending on the quality and your device capacity but not long. After you’ve got it, a list of social apps on your devices and more also pop out, waiting for your act of sharing. You can post them right away by tapping on an icon or upload them to personal storage.

About VivaVideo Pro

VivaVideo is generous about its free service. You have multiple options in making unique videos. However, you can benefit even more with VivaVideo Pro. At the moment, the paid service is available in three packages.

You can register for the monthly VivaVideo Pro. We recommend this package if you want to explore the app before seriously spending money on it. Or, it’s the most economical option when you want temporary support.

When you decide that you need VivaVideo Pro for more than four months, we recommend the Annual package. It will be a more affordable purchase. With the same advantages, you have a lower rate divided into 12 months. Annual Pro VivaVideo is also the only package that offers a 7-day trial. Hence, you can make use of the free week to enjoy and examine the app. The only disadvantage is that your subscription will not be reimbursed even though you stop using it in the middle.

Only when you’re sure about the commitment with the app, we suggest the one-time purchase. It costs around four times the annual package, but you pay once for a lifetime subscription. It could be the most economical option when you regard the period.

In short, offers the same advantages for subscribers of all Pro packages. Users can use the app without a single advertisement. Best of all, VivaVideo Pro unlocks all filters, effects, and features, and indeed, the current library will continue to extend.

If you are happy with the free offer but not with ads and watermarks, the app offers a one-time purchase to remove these two from your app. There are also effects for retailing if you are not sure that buying the whole package is a better plan.

Advantages and Disadvantages

VivaVideo is on the way to development. Until now, it’s still a prestigious video editing rated 4.8 in Google Play with undeniable greatness. Here is a quick look at what is right and not good yet about the app.


  • Rich in filters, effects, and adjustment tools
  • Free subscription available
  • Easy manipulation
  • Customizable music library
  • Professional offers
  • Available for multiple operating systems
  • High-quality exported products


  • Watermark on products exported from a trial subscription
  • More expensive than most video editors
  • No preview

Rate from us

There are multiple names for video editing besides VivaVideo, such as KineMaster, Viva, or FlimoraGo. The later they published, the trendier they are with filters. It’s hard to say VivaVideo is possessing the most filters or best operation since all are developing every day.

However, VivaVideo certainly performs better in most apps regarding video quality and user-friendliness. It’s made for all those who want to edit videos with or without experience. The interface and manipulation on the app include simple swipes, pinches, and taps. Users even get to see some demo when entering the working window.

VivaVideo is offering videos of the highest quality: HD and 4K. It’s relatively new to the mobile application since the high-resolution product takes time to export. With VivaVideo, the waiting time is as equal as a quick advertisement. However, the exporting speed depends somehow on the device operation and longevity.

If you encounter any difficulty, it must be illustrated while applying effects. Before you save the application, the app allows you to play the video again with the recent changes. It’s fantastic, but you need to remember to click on play first instead of the save button. And with a free subscription, there is no turning back when you save.

Some Alternatives for VivaVideo

Besides, you can try some other video editors like FilmoraGo or Viva. They are popular in making trendy clips for social media with an average complexion.  


It is more reputational to Android users. Like VivaVideo, it’s free to download and includes some in-app purchases. Users can benefit significantly from its editing tool collection, features, and templates. While editing on this app, you can have the clip previewed every time you apply a new effect.

Inshot PRO

The strong suit by Inshot PRO is its huge effect collection. It’s simple for beginners but to make professional-looking products through trendy filters. However, it’s not an app that you choose for curated editing.

Alive Movie Maker

This one proposes the working window close to VivaVideo. You can edit the clip part by part, adding effect separately, and stream it along with editing.


APK MOD of VivaVideo (PRO Unlocked)

As to be said, VivaVideo Pro is at a higher price point considering the same kind. However, you can try VivaVideo MOD with premium features for free. The difference is that you don’t get it from Google Play or App Store but Google.

VivaVideo MOD is like a stranger to your phone and must be through specific steps to install. With this version, all features are unlocked, and you can enjoy them unlimitedly without paying. Besides, there is no advertisement or watermark during the time you work with this MOD.

To get it for your Android device, we prepare here a quick procedure:

First, you need to download the APK file from Google. You can find it from APKmazon- a reliable place for app mods or from VivaVideo Website.

Next, you need to open the file to install after enabling an unknown source from the setting. If you forget to set it up in advance, the system will ask you through a pop-up window.

After that, you’ll soon see the “Install” button in the down corner. Click here and wait for the process to finish.

When the final step completes, the app is now on your mobile with open access to premium features and options. Enjoy!


When it comes to a video editor, VivaVideo will make an outstanding option. Considering that it continues to include trendy filters in the collection, the app promises extended, lasting use. Besides, the simplistic working window opens to us a chance to adjust video curatively. Perfection is from details, and VivaVideo is promoting that idea, even with beginners.

You can discover the free subscription before proceeding with any payment. It’s an open chance for you to try seven free days with an annual package. Remember, the paid ones could be better at making your product stun on social media. Try it now!

Download VivaVideo MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 9.14.5

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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